New York\, October 1966. At the initiative of artist Robert Rauschenberg and engineer Billy Klüver\, ten artists\, dancers\, and compos ers worked together closely with a group of engineers and scientists to dev elop projects at the interface of art\, theater\, dance\, music\, film\, an d technology. The results of this interdisciplinary collaboration were pres ented on nine evenings.

In addition to Rauschenberg\, other ar tists included Öyvind Fahlström and Alex Hay. Also participating were the m usician John Cage\, the dancers and choreographers Deborah Hay\, Steve Paxt on\, Yvonne Rainer\, and Lucinda Childs\, composer and musician David Tudor as well as Robert Whitman\, known for his theater works.
"At the fir st meeting between the artists and the engineers [...] I told the artists t hat they could ask for anything they wanted\, and I asked the engineers to respond with suggestions on how to accomplish these ideas\, if they could b e realized at all"\, Billy Klüver remembers. The resulting performances wer e viewed by 10\,000 audience members. For the first time\, new technologica l achievements such as the infrared camera and video projection could be pr esented in an artistic context. Rauschenberg continued to be interested in the interdisciplinary exchange between artists and engineers. A year later he and Klüver together founded the organization E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology)\, which aimed to offer artists access to new technologies.

Hamburger Bahnhof presents a documentation of these 9 Evening s in the Kleihues Exhibition Hall. The exhibition is based on original film material\, which remained buried in the E.A.T. archives for decades. Thank s to these films\, which will be alternated on a monthly basis\, it is poss ible to rediscover a seminal event of performance and media-based art from a variety of perspectives. Rauschenberg's works from the Marx Collection wi ll also be presented in a fresh context.

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