Alex Goga

Alex Goga, The Horses of Babel, 2010, oil on canvas, 64x88.


ALEX GOGA (Alexander Gogiashvili)

Alex Goga is a contemporary artist, who lives in Georgia, in Telavi. He works in a private studio in Telavi. Alex studied drawing, oil, and sculpture in his grandfather's, Miron Urtmelidzes, studio in Telavi. Then he continued painting in Moscow at the end of the twentieth century in the studio with Irina Meshcherakova. Enjoying a renewed interest from the public for art Alex's influences are wide. The art of Gauguin and Matisse made a deep influence on Alex's oil technique. His oil paintings capture the emotive quality of his subjects, sometimes peaceful, sometimes dynamic, with fluid brushwork and a sensitivity to color relationships. His oil paints are influenced by the art and philosophies of the past and present. Aslo the old Mesopotamian art made a deep impression on his small sculptures. And we can find old Georgian ornaments in his contemporary paintings. For more, please visit: Alex Goga.