Special Edition: Berlin Art Week - Aysel Gözübüyük

Aysel Gözübüyük, Zeitgest, 2012, oil on canvas, 120x100cm.


Aysel Gözübüyük

Paintings of Identity

Aysel Gözübüyük discusses fundamental problems of humanity such as race, gender and class discrimination within the boundaries of social criticism. In her expressionist paintings she uses human bodies with dramatic and helpless facial expressions. Detached from their surroundings, her lonely and unhappy and as much anxious figures seem to tell their stories, which may be describing anyone. The artist stands for libertarian gender equality without political arguments or references to the obsolete political orthodox feminism of the 1960s. Like the German Expressionists of 1910s, Aysel Gözübüyük's figures look distant and inanimate and seem to be in an effort to be realized despite losing their hope for overcoming obstacles that life throws at them. The expressions of their faces and their bodies are quite successful in making the viewer feel as a part of their troubles.

The faces in Aysel's paintings, reminds us the provocative attitude of the 'avantgarde' movements of the early 20 century. These distant, unhappy, and ugly faces strengthen the expression that the artist is trying to convey through her paintings.

--Hüsnü Dokak (excerpted)


Aysel Gözübüyük, Purity, 2012, oil on canvas, 120x100cm.