Portrait: Tomás Saraceno Wants to Fly While Keeping His Feet on the Ground

by Freunde von Freunden x ArtSlant
Freunde von Freunden. Art and science are often described as two opposing disciplines. Looking at the practice of the Argentinian artist and trained architect Tomás Saraceno, such a differentiation is quickly disproved. Climbing one of his larger-than-life installations feels like becoming part of a scientific speculation about alternative habitats—one senses the often disregarded correlation of the human body and its environment in a new way. Be it his Cloud Cities, spectacular... [more]
Posted by Freunde von Freunden x ArtSlant on 7/10

Paul Sunday Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
  What are you trying to communicate with your work? The unspeakable. What is an artist’s responsibility? To go relentlessly into one’s own world, to never stop learning and experimenting. Show us the greatest thing you ever made (art or not)? One of my favorites is this encaustic painting. It resides in a beautiful Long Island home in a room where the only other artwork is a Richard Serra drawing. Serra is one of my heroes, so when I discovered this it felt like an... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 7/10

Under the Radar: Ventiko | Mitchell Winthorpe | Kelly Kristin Jones

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Ventiko – Brooklyn Mitchell Winthorpe – London Kelly Kristin Jones –... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 7/8

Greg Ito Offers a Pictorial Language for Our Dreams

by Alex Anderson
Using icons and imagery from childhood fairytales, anime, and classical western art, Greg Ito paints unique moments that form a larger narrative around psychology, love, and life. Each economical vignette evokes a sense of wonder, magic, loneliness, and an underlying darkness characteristic of the contemporary human condition. With diagrammatic precision, Ito gives form to the intangibility of affect as it relates to the lived and imagined worlds we experience when we inevitably fall into his... [more]
Posted by Alex Anderson on 7/7

Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Monia Ben Hamouda

by Christian Petersen
Milan-based artist Monia Ben Hamouda may not seem like a “web artist” in the traditional sense because her work isn’t primarily about or made to be specifically displayed online. But it’s also true that what constitutes a net, web, or new media artist today is increasingly hard to define. Ben Hamouda’s work has an almost intangible quality that evokes similar feelings to art more traditionally deemed “internet art.” While much of her work could be considered sculptural in the strict,... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 7/5

The ArtSlant Prize IX: Announcing the Round 5 Juried Winners!

by The Artslant Team
Check out the Round 5 Juried Winners below! Round 5 is now open! Apply today for your chance at $5k in prizes! To apply, go to your ArtSlant profile and click enter contest.   ROUND 5 JURORS:     Alex Paik is an artist, director of Tiger Strikes Asteroid and curator of Satellite Art Show in Miami. Will Hutnick is an artist and curator. He is the co-director of Ortega y Gasset Projects and the Residency Director of The Wassaic Project. Polina Stroganova... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 7/4

Ella Goerner Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
  What are you trying to communicate with your work? Geophilia.  What is an artist’s responsibility? No other than everybody else’s.  Show us the greatest thing you ever made (art or not)? To contribute to meditations on the inhuman:    Nuggets, 2016, UV-print on wood   Tell us about a work you want to make but never will: To write a novel through which we can gain great empathy with stones.  Who are three artists we should know but probably don’t?... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 7/2

Under the Radar: Sophie Kahn | Christopher T Wood | Richard Silvaggio

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Sophie Kahn – New York City Christopher T Wood – Philadelphia Richard Silvaggio – Carrara,... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 6/30

Imperial Bedrooms: Liz Markus’ High Satire

by Bradley Rubenstein
There was a time before trigger warnings and safe spaces when it seemed the best way of addressing hypocrisy, lies, and, most of all power, was to find a way to undermine the authority of whatever it was you were pissed off at by getting into it, subverting it, and most of all, participating in the dialogue of culture. It might be called irony, satire, or parody, or, for lack of anyone ever defining it, “The Poetry of Hating Shit.” Some of our cultural institutions, like , Punk Rock, and the... [more]
Posted by Bradley Rubenstein on 6/28

Portrait: Kuwaiti artist Monira al Qadiri on Japanese cartoons and the body as art

by Freunde von Freunden x ArtSlant
  “A lot of my work is about becoming your art,” says Monira al Qadiri. “I’ve had that ever since I was a child. If I really like something, I want to become like it.” Giant noodle bowls and fried shrimp add an extra dash of absurdity to the whole thing, as do molded replicas of her own face. In bringing these cartoons to life she has exaggerated the strangeness and artificiality of their forms. The artist, who is currently based in Amsterdam as a resident at the prestigious... [more]
Posted by Freunde von Freunden x ArtSlant on 6/27