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On the tip of the tongue...

by E-Slant Team
Feeling the stare from behind. On the tip of the tongue. Say something or not?  Say nothing... ...want to say. Want to kiss. Run away. Pulling hair. Biting nails.Wanting to know.  About the other.That's a boy. Hidden behind his unkept hair and his clothes.  His portrait gazes from a six square meter canvas.  Next to him, a girl, frivolous, kissed, ready to jump. Injured.These images are from her: Heike Kati Barath. She often stands before them, looking, assessing their gaze. Or she happily reencounters the familiar faces when she sees them at one of her exhibitions.Oil, lacquer, acryl... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 6/1/09

Last House on the Left

by E-Slant Team
A strip club in an ugly building in the middle of an empty parking lot. A desert motel with a bloody room, something resembling a body under the swimming pool cover, and a neon sign with a flashing "o" that alternates between Motel Hello and Motel Hell. These are just a few of the sculptures in the exhibition ‘Dirty Pretty Things'. Why does Tracey Snelling build these places? Though always attracted to the mundane architecture that litters the US and abroad, Snelling is especially interested in the places that people want to avoid and overlook. Adult bookstores, strip clubs, and clan... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 4/26/09