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Douglas Coupland's Bit Rot: Trying to Understand Yesterday While Confronting Tomorrow

by Edo Dijksterhuis
“I miss my pre-internet brain,” says the sticker handed to visitors of . The text brings an affirmative smile to faces—or is it more of a smirk? This kind of dry humor with a nostalgic tinge and an air of fatalism is difficult to process without some feeling of ambiguity. It’s typical for life in the early 21st century. Things are moving ahead so rapidly that we’re constantly trying to catch up but never really do. The technology driving us forward grows faster and more complex at an... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 11/16/15

Angela Bulloch: SHORT BIG DRAMA

by Manus Groenen
Angela Bulloch is interested in the systems, structures, and codes present in society, mainly those that tell us about social behavior and control. Yet this description is too frigid; it is too cold for an artist who makes such seductive, rich, and subtle works of art. At first glance Bulloch’s work seems minimalistic and abstract, but on closer inspection it turns out to be quite witty and intellectually stimulating. She is a complex artist whose oeuvre has many different aspects, all of which... [more]
Posted by Manus Groenen on 1/29/12

Cosima von Bonin

by Andrea Alessi
    If German artist Cosima von Bonin were to manufacture furry slippers with the letters S-L-O-T-H printed on the soles, I would totally buy a pair. I feel like they’d paradoxically transform listlessness into a conscious activity, declaring: “I know I’m not doing anything, and I’m cool with that”. Instead I have to covet the plush feet of von Bonin’s giant stuffed bunnies who are currently lying around Witte de With listening to chilled out beats, the proud marks of their lethargy printed... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 11/15/10

Morality's Malleability

by Andrea Alessi
    From October 2009 until Summer 2010, Witte de With is presenting an in depth study on the theme of Morality. The project includes a series of group exhibitions, performances, films, gallery “interventions”, lectures and discussions, a book, and an interactive website. A couple of weeks ago I visited Acts I and II of this project. It has been on my mind since then – yesterday I described something as “morally reprehensible” and immediately rebuked myself for such thoughtless invocation of... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 11/8/09

Wrapped Up in Design

by E-Slant Team
Witte de With and TENT. present Shared Space II, a spatial design on the 1st floor by Rotterdam based designer Sebastiaan Straatsma. Shared Space is a long term collaboration project between Witte de With and TENT. in which designers from Rotterdam are invited to work on an overall concept for the space used by the two institutions. This in-between space on the 1st floor is used by visitors as well as by staff members of both art institutions. The project Shared Space is not only meant... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 4/26/09

Wallace at Witte de With

by E-Slant Team
        Along with Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham and Ken Lum, Ian Wallace is one of the main contributors to the development of conceptual art in Vancouver, an art scene which has drawn world-wide attention since the early 1970s. Wallace's career began in the mid '60s when he took up a professorship at The University of British Columbia, where Jeff Wall was among his students. He continued to teach until the late '90s whilst simultaneously working on his art practice. Wallace is an artist with a... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 1/15/09