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How to Depict the Invisible Man?

by Andrea Alessi
One of the most remarkable images in the Jeff Wall exhibition currently at the Stedelijk Museum is the constructed photograph (1999-2000). Ellison’s nameless protagonist sits in his underground hideaway, surrounded by 1,369 light bulbs illuminated by currents rerouted from Monopolated Light & Power. To counter his invisibility he surrounds himself in light. And if the world doesn’t want to see him, he’ll exploit that, thumbing his nose at the authorities, stealing their “power” without... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 7/2/14

Confrontational Cynicism

by Nicola Bozzi
Those who had the chance to peek into curator Yun Cheagab’s Korean Pavilion at the last Venice Biennale might have their memory triggered while visiting Cynical Resistance, Cheagab’s group show currently divided between Nieuw Dakota and Canvas International Art. Upon entering the venue in Amsterdam Noord, Lee Yongbaek's monumental Pieta installation, which featured prominently in the Biennale, is definitely an eye-catcher: two oversized mannequins stand in a plastic pose, one poised to punch an... [more]
Posted by Nicola Bozzi on 10/22/12

David Lindberg, Standard Options

by Nicola Bozzi
David Lindberg has been living and working in Amsterdam Noord for many years now, and his solo show at Nieuw Dakota – which includes works dating back as far as 1993 – celebrates this long-lasting relationship. The exhibition features a variety of sculptures, ranging from site-specific installations to more bi-dimensional works. Lindberg's research is all about the materials, with an abundant use of epoxy resin in which he wraps everything – from plastic scraps to newspapers and food. He uses... [more]
Posted by Nicola Bozzi on 7/25/11

Pieter Lemmens: Quality, Politics & Society

by Nicola Bozzi
Before visiting his solo show at Nieuw Dakota, tucked away from the fancy city center in the postindustrial NDSM area in the Noord, I had heard Pieter Lemmens' name more than once. In the past few years, the Dutch artist has been targeting local art institutions like the Stedelijk with guerrilla actions and counter exhibitions, namely his 2007 campaign advertising a fake solo show at the famous contemporary art museum and the more recent institution of an alternative personal museum – the PIMA... [more]
Posted by Nicola Bozzi on 2/8/11

The Smooth and the Striated

by Andrea Alessi
    The Smooth and the Striated, a dual-sited art exhibition presented in the context of the Third International Deleuze Studies Conference, doesn’t require intimate knowledge of the French philosopher’s theories. I’m no Gilles Deleuze scholar myself, though I’ve read the essay (written with Félix Guattari) from which the exhibition derives its name. I found I appreciated the project more as an exploration of communicating and quantifying space (as the exhibition text suggests), rather than... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 7/13/10