The Irrational Subject

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The Party's Not Over, 2009 Oil On Canvas 100 X 120 Cm © Locuslux Gallery
The Irrational Subject

Brouwersgracht 151
1015 GG
September 18th, 2009 - October 31st, 2009
Opening: September 18th, 2009 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

+ 31204227656
Thu-Sat 12-6; and by appointment


The Edge Of Knowledge

The artist has created an alter-ego, The Irrational Subject, through whose eyes he sees. The works presented in this, the artist’s first one-man show, are an overview of his free-ranging approach to visual culture. He addresses the last 20 or so years of painting and asks ‘where do we go from here?’ Graffiti makes a comeback; forms that were locked in the cupboard or put on the shelf are taken down again and re-examined. Do they still have something to offer us?

Why were they suppressed? When we start to question the canon of art, and of knowledge in general, against which we constantly compare ourselves, where does that lead us? I’m talking about the wild, explosive power of paint and its relation to the subject. The subconscious forms of resistance and différance, reemerge in an art that seeks to deny limiting factors such as History and Aesthetics. It is the art of an angry child that does not and cannot understand the world. The art presented here is the flipside of all rational approaches to understanding contemporary visual culture. It exists almost in its own world – a rhizomatic growth at the edge of knowledge.

The 35 year old Anglo-American artist (1973, Amersham, UK) has lived and worked in several countries worldwide and shown in numerous group exhibitions from London to New York and San Remo to San Francisco. He is an eclectic and an explorer. He spent most of his 20s traveling in India and Australia and settled for a while in San Francisco. He considers himself selftaught despite having earned a Masters Degree in Fine Art from St Martins in London.

This solo show comes hot on the heels of residencies this year in Berkeley and Berlin and will include works from both of these. Travel for this artist is very important both on the physical and the mental plain. There is so much ground to be covered and so little time.