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Lion-tamer #1, 2012 Oil On Canvas 61,5 X 47 Cm. © Courtesy of the Artist and Metis_NL

Lijnbaansgracht 316
1017 WZ Amsterdam
October 13th, 2012 - November 10th, 2012
Opening: October 13th, 2012 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Canal Girdle
Wed-Sat 1-6; or by appointment


The Lion-Tamer

"Lions are wild animals, unpredictable and ovem/helming in their behavior.

An animal trainer is capable of keeping upright only by bluifing all the time. My lion-tamers are very close to their animals. it is impossible to see one of the two without feeling the other in the corner of your eye. This is how they converge in one image." Wouter van Fiiessen.

Most of the time Wouter van Riessen in his works - among them photographs, paintings, drawings and prints - he himself is figuring as a clown, as a puppeteer, as an always lying Pinocchio or as himself with the wooden hero on his lap. He plays different roles, sometimes he is the ventriloquist or his puppet, images filled with ioonologic references. In his 'SeIportrait with Pinocchio‘ we recognize a Piéta, or a Virgin with child in his 'Puppeteer'.

Art history themes pictured explicitly in Wouter's work: 'PiIatus washing his hands in Innocence" and in another painting we see a cyclops beeing baptised. The paintings emerge in a slow process, from the determination of the image the composition to the first sketches and in the end the precise execution. A long process of repeated refinement in which the image is reduced to the essence.

Wouter van Riessen the painter as a real lion-tamer who tames his dreams and phantasies into painting.

Leeuwen zijn wilde beesten, overweldigend en onberekenbaar. Een dompteur kan zich alleen met voortdurende bluf overeind houden. Mijn leeuwentemmers staan heel dicht bij hun beesten. Het is niet mogelijk de een te zien zonder de ander in je ooghoeken te voelen. Zo vloeien ze samen in een enkel beeld.