Fantastisch! Realisme

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Zelfportret met uil, 1911 © Courtesy of Museum Voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (MMKA)
Portret van Estelle Reed, 1933 Olieverf Op Doek © Courtesy of Museum Voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (MMKA)/ Fotografie Peter Cox
Zelfportret, 1939 Olieverf Op Doek © Courtesy of Museum Voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (MMKA)/Fotografie Marc Pluim
Fantastisch! Realisme

Utrechtseweg 87
6812 AA Arnhem
November 19th, 2011 - April 28th, 2013
Opening: November 19th, 2011 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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‘A space for realism’ is the motto of the MMKA. The physical and emotional embodiment of this motto – the core collection – is being displayed in a large survey exhibition at the heart of the museum.

The MMKA believes that ‘the expression of reality’ is a particularly topical task for the visual arts in our very diverse contemporary society with its strong visual culture. The museum has established itself as a catalyst between the expression of the artist and the active involvement of the public. The goal is to inspire the public, to generate reflection and questions about reality as we observe it. Art can amaze us – and, according to the MMKA, realism can do this particularly well.

A museum collection is built up gradually over time, shaped by policy, preferences, economic considerations, and chance. The MMKA is fortunate that its collection of modern and contemporary visual art largely adheres to a fascinating theme: realism, with pre-war neorealism and post-war new figuration as its two pillars. The continued dedication to this collection policy has resulted in the MMKA owning works by the most important Dutch neorealists.

Over a hundred paintings from 1900 to today, from Breitner to the most recent work by internationally-emerging artist Melissa Gordon, are on display chronologically in a salon-style exhibition that occupies two floors of the museum. In addition, the exhibit spotlights fifteen artists and designers who have been of particular importance to the collections of visual and applied arts. They include neorealists like Charley Toorop, Carel Willink, Dick Ket and the post-war artists Reinier Lucassen and Marlène Dumas.

Realism is a less obvious theme in the collection of modern and contemporary applied art and jewelry, of which a hundred small objects are on display. This collection began in 1935 with a bequest by Henri Eilbracht that included early twentieth-century jewelry by Theo Colenbrander for the Arnhem RAM delftware factory. The collection also features glassworks, post-war ceramics, jewelry, accessories, and contemporary design, including pieces by Andries Copier, Etie van Rees and Ineke Hans.

The MMKA invites the public to discover and consider this unique collection of applied art in relation to the works of visual art and vice versa.

Op verzoek van velen pakken we vanaf 19 november groots uit met een vaste collectiepresentatie. Honderden werken uit allerlei perioden, in allerlei stijlen en verschillende technieken worden uit de depots tevoorschijn gehaald. Daarbij leggen we uit waarom we juist deze werken verzameld hebben, waarom ze belangrijk zijn voor de kunstgeschiedenis, en geven we informatie over de kunstenaars en vormgevers. 

De tentoonstelling is een dwarsdoorsnede van onze verschillende verzamelingen van 1900 tot nu, met de nadruk op schilderkunst, vormgeving en sieraden. We geven een breed caleidoscopisch beeld en achtergrondinformatie van wat er zich zoal in onze depots bevindt en schenken extra aandacht aan toppers als:

Jan Mankes, Charley Toorop, Raoul Hynckes, Wim Schumacher, Carel Willink, Pyke Koch, Dick Ket, Edgar Fernhout, Andries Copier, Theo Colenbrander, John Rädecker, Reinier Lucassen, Alphons Freijmuth, Ad Gerritsen, Ineke  Hans, Etie van Rees en Marlene Dumas.