Evi Vingerling: Painting

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Evi Vingerling: Painting

Rozengracht 207 A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
January 8th, 2011 - February 26th, 2011

+31(0) 20 530 4994
Tue-Fri 11-6; Sat 1-6; 1st. Sun. o/t month 2-5


The exhibition examines and explores the structures and patterns that form the world around us; the forms are stripped of their context and reevaluated. Vingerling’s paintings are gouache or oil on canvas. In most works much of the painting is left in the prime stages with deliberate minimal brush marks in lines or patterns. Vingerling works to describe the fundamental characteristic and eradicate all parts of the context of forms found in her daily surroundings.  The distillation is an attempt to grasp the existence of the natural world. The paintings seen together reflect a world reminiscent of the one we know, but where meaning or historical reference has been discarded.  The work process is systematic but intuitive, sometimes resulting in a sense of frustration at not being able to seize hold of the moment completely, because reasoning gets in the way.

A selection of Vingerling’s latest paintings and related gouaches on paper is on view in her 2nd solo show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects.

Evi Vingerling was educated at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague (1998-2002) and at the Rijksakademy in Amsterdam (2005-2006). In 2011 she will take part in the residency program at ‘Wiels’ in Brussels.  In 2006 she received the Buning Brongersprize for painting, in 2008 she was nominated for the Wolvecampprize, and in 2010 was nominated for the Thieme Award and the Royal Prize for Painting. Recent exhibitions include: Kate Werble Gallery New York; “l’Exposition Continué” (echo), at Cneai in Chatou FR; a collaboration with Wim Kok in ‘PUSH PULL’ Rijks Museum Twente; and ‘New Minimalism’ at Duende Rotterdam. In February her work will be part of an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch ‘Reposte’ examining new views on abstraction as well as at the Kunsthal Rotterdam as part of the Caldic Collection’s show ‘I Promise to Love You’.

The Gallery will be present at Art Rotterdam 10 – 13 February