My Name is Arik Levy

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My Name is Arik Levy

Pelsestraat 13-15
5256 AT Heusden aan de Maas
September 12th, 2010 - October 10th, 2010
Opening: September 12th, 2010 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Other (outside main areas)
+31(0)416 663234
Wed-Sun 1-5 and by appointment. The gallery is open by appointment only from July 7th to September 1st.



My name is Arik


Hi, welcome home
Want a drink?
Let's have dinner


This is the bedroom, this is the bathroom…

How have you been?
Nice to meet you

HEUSDEN AAN DE MAAS – From the 12th of September till the 10th of October 2010 Priveekollektie will present the first solo exhibition of Arik Levy (1963 Tel Aviv, Israel) in the Benelux: ‘My name is Arik Levy’. Arik Levy’s work will be shown in a new and unique way:  the gallery will present his pieces of art in an emphasised context also featuring recent works by Arik, such as drawings, paintings and photographs.

Being an artist, designer, technician, photographer and filmmaker, Levy's skills are multi-disciplinary. His work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Earlier this year Priveekollektie presented his work at Object Rotterdam and Art Amsterdam, where Levy was selected to join the new feature of Art Amsterdam: the No Holds Barred area. His Personality Disorder Social Codes, an installation containing multiple axes, was very well received.

In September the gallery spaces will be used in a unique way. As the private spaces and exhibition areas happen to be in the same buildings, Priveekollektie will open them up in an even more transparent way. The domestic rooms will be showcasing different themes. This concept perfectly suits Arik’s approach: ‘This exhibition and the gallery setup are a unique opportunity to get a direct contact with no firewalls or time laps. My work is about people and so is the world… Connecting to people in a very direct way, expressing my ideas and reflections is like opening a direct communication channel.’

The themes in the notions he investigates and in his oeuvre are diverse, but connected to one another: ‘Identity disorder, social codes, relationships, genetics, intimacy, osmosis, love counts, absent nature, out there logging, prehistory of the future, the “other” and so on… The projects are all tied together to create one life in a non-controlled yet over-supervised environment.’ His work is a reflection on human behaviour in general, but it also takes inspiration from his intimate life and personal experiences…‘So I am standing in front of you today… strong and yet vulnerable’, says Arik Levy.

Among the works that will be shown in the gallery are pieces from Levy’s Rock universe, such as Big Rock. These mirror polished stainless steel sculptures combine the rough image of rocks in nature with a refined mirroring surface, actually bringing the outdoor inside and vice versa: Levy also places his sculptures in the exterior - in this case the gallery’s gardens – creating a reflection within the green surroundings. Placing these objects in unexpected environments gives them – and the space – a whole new meaning. This matches the artist’s notion of life: ‘Life is a system of signs and symbols, where nothing is quite as it seems. ‘Rock Shelves’, functional art, a bookcase of abstract blocks holding bookshelves, and ‘SliceLog’ wall piece, a sculpture that can also be read  as a mirror, both contain blocks in similar Log shaped forms. The pieces of the Rock series provide a visual rebound to their surroundings, this gives a fragmented vision of the space they are placed in.