Upstream Gallery proudly presents Crossing the Threshold\, the second solo exhibition of Izaak Z wartjes (b. 1974) at Upstream Gallery. 

In his show Dutch sculptor Izaak Zwartjes investig ates the twilight zone between art and reality. He plays with the capacity to believe in a spiritual world. For him\, being an artist is a means of es tablishing contact with this other realm. Here\, the distinctions between t he artist and the work grow indistinct. Izaak Zwartjes couples his own ‘vis ion’\, intuition and behavior to the existence of a universal source from w hich evolve images that are inseparable from the human subconscious. He com bines the urge to discover this deeper reality with an interest in the theo ries of evolution\, psychology and religion. The result is magical\, bizarr e and intangible.
The mixture of modernity\, mythology and religion in Izaak Zwartjes’ work evokes a wide range of associations. His new life-size sculpture ‘The Rape of Dithyrambos’ consists out of 3 three m ythical creatures composed of manure and leather\, iron wire\, burlap and w ood\, horse blankets\, kapok and rags\, of sisal rope and beeswax. Izaak Zw artjes has no pity on the matter nor the spectator\, his work is primarily a brutal confrontation sensation\, a shock. The group 'The Rape of Dithyram bos' from 2012 embodies impotence\, corruptible flesh and pain and it shows the disfigured victims and / or perpetrators.
The central figure is Dithyrambos\, he could be Bacchus or the artist himself. The god of the grape\, fertility and drunkenness is out of control. In front stand s a warrior fleeing into the apparent escape of the ratio. The central Dion ysos or Dithyrambos is called ‘him of the double door’ by him. Like a vine a woman\, his muse\, is winding herself around the centra l figure. It embodies a suffocating temptation\, the animal instinct of pas sion.
Further Zwartjes is showing some scale-models intend ed as a zoom out on the mythical landscape in the form of a tower and a spa ce scale-modified to a cathedral. Also new is the mysterious Astronaut\, a traveler past the double doors.
Iz aak Zwartjes (1974) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 20 08. In 2009 he filled the 500 m2 ground floor of the Cobra Museum for his s oloshow ‘Exodus’ with a monumental installation. In 2010 he filled Upstream Gallery with his installation ‘Rudiments of Territory’ which best can be c haracterized as environmental\, the podia on which episodes of a narrative take place. Part of this installation was shown in an exhibition with new a quisitions at the Margulies Warehouse in Miami from November 2011 through A pril 2012.

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