Mladen Stropnik

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“Running to Catch The 664 Train Engine«, 2016 Plastic And Gllass Balls+Wood Stick+Plastic Hose+Spray 15x15x50 Cm
"U A U A", 2015 Foam Balls+Wire+Tread 20x25x13 Cm
fruit talking hahaha, 2017 Light Bulbs + Felt Tip Pen + Canvas 40x10x50 Cm
“družmirje” (“Togetherness and Peace”), 2015 Wire+Paper 30x50x13 Cm
“jerkoff hand«, 2014 Aluminum Stick+Adhesive+Pad, Object Series 2 2 90x10x1 Cm
larch slope play, 2017 Canvas+Acrylic Enamel+Acrylic 30 X40cm
the silverware almost half-disappears, 2017 Drawing, Paper+Felt Tip Pen 30x20cm
vast, 2017 Object, Cardboard+Wood+Pink Pong Ball 30x10x30cm
what is this? (holder for everything), 2017 Object, Wood+Fabric+Akril Emajl+Pant 75x15x10cm
where’s the blue jacket? (the question is directed at the owner), 2017 Canvas+Acrylic+Glitter+Felt 80 X30cm
monkey business, 2017 Canvas/Acrylic Enamel/Spoon/Glue 70x70x20 Cm © yes
yesno, 2017 Canvas/Mirror/Metal Hinge/Glue 30x40x2 Cm © yes
alone, 2017 Canvas/Mirror/Metal Hinge/Glue 25x43x2 Cm © yes
swallow us , 2017 Stone, Plastic And Paper On Paper, Stone And Plastic 10 H X 20 W X 14 Cm © yes
hey Cat!, 2016 Plastic, Paint And Spray Paint On Canvas And Plastic. 24 H X 30 W X 11 Cm © yes
wasp attack, 2016 Oil And Paper On Canvas And Paper 30 H X 24 W X 21 Cm © yes
K.O.S., 2016 Paint And Wood 14 H X 20 W X 14 Cm © yes
cheetah run, 2013 Gouache On Paper 25 H X 17 W X 1 Cm © yes
rabbit ears (dicks), 2017 Video 29sec © yes
“dah, dah”, 2017 Video Series 5 5 1min 3sec
KNOW, 2017 Video 17sec © yes
riching, 2017 Video 1min 14 Sec © yes
first snov (first snow/matter/dream), 2017 Video 41sec © yes
talkin donuts, 2017 Pencile, Crayon 27x21 Cm © yes
glasses my ass, 2016 Enamel, Textile, Acrylic, Plastic 24 H X 45 W X 5 Cm © yes
clowns eating sound, 2017 Painting 40 H X 50 W X 20 Cm © Mladen Stropnik
Quick Facts
Slovenj Gradec
Birth year
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Academy of Fine Academy of Fine Arts and design Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2001, MFA
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still video-art, image, motion, images, drawings, video-art
Biography / Mladen Stropnik

Seeking for freedom. That I think is art.

...what is actual truth, fucking, rock and roll, life in a future, sleeping outdoors, wealth, enjoying rest time, aroma party, a violence of authority, perseverance and fighting spirit and physical endurance, odds and ends ...  

I live in a place where people hang out together in peace. I am looking for moments that does not matter much in plain view, but I simply can not forget them. It does not matter if I am awake, dreaming or imagine it. Everything is happening just now, and there is no space or time. Music and water are important. A clear idea is an art. Everything that is simple is good. 

I try to be raw with the material. I get the hint, then I think, write and do. I examine the concept through various media as far as I am able. Once completed, the work has a sense of simplicity about itself. It bears the basic simple, raw and funny information. When looking at it, it has to be seen as it was done "just like that". I show what you see. There is no story behind. 

The image is shortened duration of piece of art. Long duration art is manipulated and too far from real now/moment. Because there is just now. Endless things, procrastination, and enjoyment, yet staying prepared and moving towards a goal which resembles rebirth. How we live now and in the developed future. 

Life is a ride and then you go to sleep. I do it constantly and pick myself up to improve stay and lust. Do it easy! Give & Get.  2017

Born in Slovenj Gradec 1977 and raised in Velenje (Yugoslavija). 
Live in Ljubljana, Slovenija-EU. 

2003 MFA Exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts in Muenchen, GER
2004 Master's degree studies - Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, SLO 

2002 Not-Oreste Festival (art-video presentation), Montescaglioso, ITA 
2009 International Studios for Curatorial Program, New York, USA 

Artist working with 
Nataša Skušek, Robert Jukič, Klemen Klinc-Ziebane, Marko Tadić, Alfio Petrini, Scott Lawrence, Mateja Bučar, Ajda Valcl, Stojan Knežević 

Prizes and awards 
2001 Prešernova Award for Students - Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, SLO 
2008 OHO Award, Gallery and Center p74, Ljubljana, SLO 
 Artslant 6th (drawing), 7th (new media) and 8th (abstract) Artslant Prize Showcase Winner, Los Angeles, USA 

Solo  exhibitions 
2002 Gallery Velenje, Square, Velenje, SLO 
2003 Galerie Jaspers, Open Art 2003 Muenchen, Muenchen, GER 
2009 Galerija Gregor Podnar, fuckin' hanging, Ljubljana, SLO 
2012 InternationalCentre of
Graphic Arts, sofa, Ljubljana, SLO 
2013 Galerija Gregor Podnar, LET GO, Ljubljana, SLO 
2014 Gallery ŠKUC, night train (who's there?), Ljubljana, SLO 
2015 Gallery Apoteka, under the counter, Vodnjan, CRO 

2005 The 12th Biennial of Young Artists From Europe and The Mediterranean, Naples, ITA 
2006 Emergeandsee, EU 2006
Ttour, Berlin, Budapest, London 
2009 Gallery ISCP-NY,
geris magic acid bar, New York, USA 
2011 29th Graphic Biennale in Ljubljana, fuckin rabbit, Ljubljana, SLO 
2013 Gallery ŠKUC, THE PLEASURE IS MINE, Ljubljana, SLO 
2014 International
Centre of Graphic Arts, Crossings, Ljubljana, SLO 
2015 Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Crises and New Beginnings: Art in Slovenia 2005–2015, Ljubljana, SLO 
2016 The Centres of Printmaking: At the Intersection of Knowledge,
Learning and Cooperation, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana / Belgrade / Philadelphia, SLO / SRB / USA 
2017 Temporary Encounters, Galerija Galženica, Velika Gorica, CRO
SintArt 07: Marko Tadić - Man standing in a Museum looking at something, Collection Richter, Zagreb, CRO

International Centre of Graphic Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Gallery Velenje, SCCA Collection, Krušec Arhitektura ,KD group, Galerija Velenje, Galerija ARSIN, MO Velenje, MO Slovenj Gradec, Vzajemna Ensurance, Galerija P74, Boniteta, ESTOTECH, Formitas, Ljubanovič-Todorovski, Runjak-Grebenšek, Taxgroup, Uranjek IRWIN, Žibret Law Office, Skušek Jewellers, Markoja, DANS Architects, Dešman, Pirkmajer 

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