Call for participation Summer residence and workshop for cultural workers, Corniolo Art Platform Mugello Valley, Florence, Italy

Karl Seiringer (Wochenklausur)

Decompression Gathering Summer Camp 2013

Radical Intention


Aria Spinelli
Phone: +447935509234

Corniolo Art Platform
via di Mucciano 11
50032 Mucciano, Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)


Call for participation
Summer residence and workshop for cultural workers
August 25th - September 1st 2013
deadline for applying is May 15th 2013


August 25th - September 1st 2013
deadline for applying is May 15th 2013

Is it hard to go back to work after a wonderful summer? Or do you need a break after a long working summer? Within a Medicean Villa in the context of the Mugello Valley, collective Radical Intention presents the second edition of Decompression Gathering Summer Camp with visiting artist Karl Seiringer (Wochenklausur): a week of decompression, communal living and group working at the end of the summertime, before going back to work.

Decompression Gathering Summer Camp is to be seen as a peaceful moment of togetherness, before going back to work. In light of current neo-liberal policies which appear to solely promote cultural forms that are profitable and based on individual growth, Decompression Gathering Summer Camp creates an alternative by trying to answer the following question: can the act of gathering forms the basis for a new articulation of mutual learning, communal living, and group working? The camp will be a space for rethinking the processes of production and knowledge transmission typically used within traditional forms of artistic residencies or workshops. The busy week is dedicated to experiencing theoretical reflections through daily excursions, situations of conviviality and sociability, daily collective tasks that are meant to maintain everyday group life.
The Mugello Valley, a wide area of natural-rural interest in the province of Florence, is seen as the starting point of our artistic experience. The group will take daily excursions to the surrounding areas of the Villa.

Visiting artist of this second edition is Karl Seiringer, an artist part of Austrian group Wochenklausur. Since 1993 the collective 'develops concrete proposals aimed at small, but nevertheless effective improvements to socio-political deficiencies. By translating these proposals into action, artistic creativity is no longer seen as a formal act but as an intervention into society.' With the professor's guidance, the participants will address such issues as social sustainability, community building as an artistic act, the notions of cooperation and group working through readings, film screenings, collective discussions and excursions.

For information on Decompression Gathering Summer Camps' first edition, with visiting artist Brett Bloom (Temporary Services) visit or

For info on the call for participation or any other questions please contact:
Valerio Del Baglivo or Aria Spinelli