The Cornaro Residency program, Cyprus

The Cornaro Institute
23 Mehmet Ali Street
6026 Larnaca

Tel. (+357) 2425 4042

Application deadline: 1 August 2012

The Cornaro Institute invites applications from practising artists for the Cornaro Residency, a three month program based on the European island of Cyprus, starting September 2012.

The Cornaro Residency is a three month residency for artists, running from 20 September to 20 December annually. It is held in the village of Lempa, two miles north of Paphos town on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and is offered by the Cornaro Institute in association with the Cyprus College of Art and Symvoulio Lempa.

Artists are invited to spend a three month residency working individually or collaboratively to produce a body of work reflecting their personal artistic interests and possibly the influence of being in Cyprus on their art practice. This is then shown at an exhibition staged in mid December in Cyprus, either at the studios in Lempa or other locations in Cyprus, with the aim of standing out as a major cultural event in the Cyprus art calendar. The location is simple and comprises studio space, living accommodation, and internet access. Other tools and equipment are supplied by artists taking part in the program.

This is an opportunity for artists to spend an extended period of time concentrating on their studio work in an environment that is rich in ancient art, history, and culture. Cyprus is a stunningly beautiful island in terms of its natural environment too. Most people taking part are painters or sculptors, but we do not place restrictions on the type of art practitioner who can join the program. However, please be aware the simple, low-tech facilities of Lempa might make some practises more difficult to fulfil than others.

Fee paid by artist: 1000 EUR

Fee includes: studio space, use of the library, tutorial feedback (if required), and other studio facilities. Fee also includes the basic costs of staging the end of program exhibition and certification as a Fellow of the Cornaro Institute (upon successful completion of program). Travel to and within Cyprus is not included. Those using the rent-free accommodation are jointly responsible for the cost of utility bills for the accommodation.

The accommodation is self-catering, and artists supply their own art materials. Simple living accommodation is available rent-free at the studio site, along with an art library and art materials store. The village of Lempa also has its own supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, but it is a small and simple village community.

In 2012 Cyprus holds the Presidency of the European Union and the Cornaro Fellowship exhibition in December 2012 will form part of the cultural celebrations for this.