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Round Three Closes May 20

The ArtSlant Prize is a Showcase Series designed to exhibit and promote talented artists from around the world. The Showcase consists of 6 Rounds.  Artists may enter one image per Round and compete for different stages of winning status. Categories include Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Video/Computer Art. There is an entry fee of $2; Premium Placement fee of $20 is required of Showcase Winners to go on to Juried Selections.  

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Congratulations once again to all the Juried Select Winners in Round # 2! A reminder that Juried Winners from all rounds will be eligible for the big trophy at the end of the tunnel – an exhibition with all the bells and whistles at Aqua Art Miami! This is also a reminder that there are 6 rounds in total, and that means you have 6 chances of making it to the Juried Select circle and final competition.

Round #2 Juried Select Winner Virginia T Coleman currently is in a group show at Istvan Gallery. Adding to her repertoire and skillset, the mixed media artist recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend welding school. Coleman's varied background includes design, architecture, painting and now welding. Her work combines the use of architectural linearity and  deceptive foreshortening to create an expressive form of constructivism.

Image: Virginia T. Coleman, Linear Deception of Space, 2012. Courtesy the artist.

Round #2 Juried Select Winner, Veronica Brucejust had some excellent work in the group show Reality Slips at Robert Bills Contemporary. The Chicago artist recently completed artist residencies at threewalls in Chicago and the Bundanon Trust in New South Wales, Australia. Next up for Bruce is another group exhibition of small works on paper at The Nevica Project, opening in June.

Image: Veronica Bruce, Every Time You Think You've Got Something, 2012. Courtesy the artist.

There are 3 ways to win for each participating artist:

SHOWCASE WINNER - In each of our 6 rounds, the ArtSlant Curation Team selects about 1/4 of the best artists entered in that round to be awarded Showcase Winner status. Being a Showcase Winner means you can move into the jury selection process for Juried Select Winner status. Showcase winners are given maximum exposure on ArtSlant through our Homepage display, our Artshow display and in our e-Publications.

JURIED SELECT WINNER - Our Review Panel of international galleries, curators and artists will go through the Profiles of each Showcase Winning artist. From this review, they will select the top 10 Juried Select artists in each round. These 10 artists will automatically go into our year-end voting for the ArtSlant Prize exhibition and cash awards.

NEW - One Juried Select artist in each round will be granted a $250 cash award.

ARTSLANT PRIZE - Three artists will be selected as our final ArtSlant Prize winners from the pool of 60 Juried Select artists that have been assembled during the year. Our ArtSlant Prize winning artists will receive:

1. Exhibition: In a top art city or art fair

2. Cash Prizes: Over $20,000 in cash and cash equivalents

3. Exhibition Stipend: Cover shipping & other exhibition costs

4. Purchase Awards: The chance to be part of the ArtSlant Emerging Collection

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The ArtSlant Curation Team assembles a Review Panel for each round of the Showcase Series. This Panel reviews the Showcase Winners and determines the Juried Select winning artists. Our panels include international galleries, curators, artists and critics. In the past we have had such people as these serving on our Review Panel:  


Abigail Satinsky, Director, threewalls, Chicago

Katarina Sjogren. Co-Director, Crystal Contemporary, Stockholm

Lesley Heller, Director, Lesley Heller Workspace, New York

Helen Brown, Curator, Berlin

David Castillo, Director and owner of David Castillo Gallery, Miami

Danielle Horn, Director and owner of NETTIE HORN, London

Chuck Mobley, Curator, San Francisco Camerawork, San Francisco

Odile Ouizeman, Director and owner, Galerie Odile Ouizeman, Paris

Michel Allen, Director, Allen Projects, New York

Sree Goswami, Director, Project 88, Mumbai

Anat Ebgi and Annie Wharton, Co-Directors, The Company, Los Angeles

Eleanor Harwood, Director and owner, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San Francisco

François Ghebaly, Director and owner, François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles

Jette Rudolph, Director and owner, Jette Rudolph Gallery, Berlin


The ArtSlant Prize: The ArtSlant Curation Team along with a select group of reviewers will determine the 3 Top Winning Artists for the ArtSlant Prize exhibition. The ArtSlant curators and the winning artists work together in designing the exhibition and deciding which artworks to show. Cash awards and exhibition fees provided prior to the show. Purchase Awards for the ArtSlant Emerging Collection are announced during the exhibition.  

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