Personal report from the NY Art Book Fair/Contemporary Artists' Book Conference/ The Classroom

My weekend began at noon on Friday: Upon arriving,  I immediately ran in to an undergraduate college friend whom I've seen just twice in the last 22 years. We met in the pouring rain as we entered the dome, which became an instrument of the rain.  I almost felt like I was back in Athens, Ohio, listening to rain patter on a tin roof. All apropos: Lindsey Reynold's session was , a discussion between James Hoff (of Primary Information) and Robert Peterson. They discussed their mutual exploration... [more]
Posted by Susan E. Thomas on 10/3/12

Art Zines panel at Contemporary Artists' Book Conference

I'll be on a panel with Jenna Freedman, Alycia Sellie, and Eleanor Whitney Saturday Oct. 3, at the ARLIS/NY Contemporary Artists' Books  Conference in NYC Oct. 3. The Conference is in conjunction with Printed Matter's Art Book Fair. The Conference is at PS-1 in Queens. [more]
Posted by Susan E. Thomas on 8/29/09