FRESH 2013: Annual Summer Show

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Behind a Little House (A), 2008 Pigment Print © Manuel cosentino
Mountain I, 2012 Pigment Print © Peter Croteau
Six Thousand Impressions of Times Square, 2013 Pigment Prints Adhered To Canvas © Chang Kyun Kim
Dada Ajaooba and Dadi Aaji, 2012-2013 Pigment Prints © Priya Kambli
Size 7 Floral, 2012 Pigment Print © Maxine Helfman
FRESH 2013: Annual Summer Show

89 Water Street
11201 Brooklyn

July 17th, 2013 - August 10th, 2013
Opening: July 18th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

+1 212 796 2070
Gallery Hours: Wed — Sat, 11am — 6pm and by appointment
figurative, landscape, photography, conceptual


KLOMPCHING GALLERY is pleased to announce FRESH 2013, the gallery's annual summer exhibition, showcasing new voices in contemporary photography.

There will be an Opening Reception on Thursday, July 18, 6pm to 8pm.

FRESH 2013 is co-curated by the distinguished collector/curator W.M. Huntand Klompching Gallery owner Darren Ching. Together, they have selected the work of five exciting new photographers, from an international open call for submissions.

Manuel Cosentino’s Behind a Little House is an exploration of how photographs are presented, interacted with and consumed. Eight modest, sequenced photographs, lead the viewer from a position of spectator to that of participant. 

With his Mountain series, Peter Croteau brings order to spaces of waste that result from urban sprawl. With these large-scale color photographs, the artist touches upon the way people shape land and its use, as well as the ideologies that define the way we understand natural forms.

Photographs of boys in dresses, by Maxine Helfman, appear to be uncomplicated–almost whimsical–studio portraits. However, they bring to our attention the double meanings that emerge from something as simple as a piece of clothing.

Priya Kambli re-works black and white historical family snapshots, that have been previously altered, through perceptively violent incisions. Inspired by the aesthetics of those physical marks, her own alterations are intended as modifications of their original narrative.   

The subconscious state in the formation of certain memories, forms the subject of Chang Kyun Kim’s unique artworks, consisting of photographic fragments adhered to canvas. He questions the individuality of memory and whether it could, in fact, be collective. 

FRESH 2013 expands across the wall, the page and the internet—by showcasing the five photographers in the following ways: 

Exhibition at the Klompching Gallery, July 17—August 10, 2013

Published in BLINK Magazine, Issue #25 2013

Showcased on At Length Mag, Summer 2013 


In addition to the exhibit, Klompching Gallery is showcasing photographs, by the following 10 short-listed FRESH photographers, on the gallery’s website: Julie Brook Alexander (USA), Mary Ellen Bartley (USA), Zhenjie Dong (USA), Kenneth Golden (USA), Camillo Echavarria (Colombia), Bill Jackson (UK), Clay Lipsky (USA), Robert Moran (USA), Ilona Szwarc (USA), J. Scriba (Germany).