Take Five: Series 4

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Vista 4, 2012 Hand Dyed And Sewn Fabric, Upholstery Foam, Chair 32 X 23 X 16 ½ Inches
Das Illuminati, 2011-2013 Das Illuminati, Ink, Pencil, Acrylic And Ventilation Tape On Acid Free Paper 42 X 72 Inches
Vista 5, 2013 Hand Dyed And Sewn Fabric, Upholstery Foam, Carpet 72 X 42 X 7 Inches
Take Five: Series 4

8687 Melrose Ave.
Space B226
90069 West Hollywood

July 20th, 2013 - August 2nd, 2013
Opening: July 20th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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+1 (310) 922 3885
Mon-Fri 10-6


AndrewShire Gallery is pleased to present Take Five: Series 4.   The fourth exhibition in the series will feature works by Tanya Brodsky and Allen Tombello

 This series of two and three-person exhibitions feature Los Angeles-based artists and the improvisational interplay of their artworks.  Although the exhibitions are not thematically based, there is an interesting exchange between the artists and their works.

 Southern-California based artists Brodsky and Tombello will each present new works for the exhibition.  Their works are highly experimental in material, and in process.  The works have a tactile and physical quality that draws the viewer in, encouraging further exploration.

Tanya Brodsky has created a series of sculptural objects and drawings that continue her ongoing exploration of landscape as a protagonist in a historical and mythological narrative.Brodsky’s latest body of work is inspired by the moments of wonder and make-believe that are mediated through the ascribed potency of relics, shamanistic objects and mythologized land formations. The sculptural works in the exhibition came about as the result of a meditative and experimental process. Materials like spray foam, fabric and carpeting, as well as the imprints of the artist’s hands were used to suggest interaction with the human body.

 Allen Tombello premieres a new body of work in Das Illuminati. Over the last year, Tombello has been working on a suite of large illuminated panels that push even further, the boundaries between of tapestry, painting and representation. The panels employ black ink on white paper with a labor-intensive application of silver tape woven across the surface. The tape interactswith the black and white areas, weaving an image of “glowing” lace. The suite is inspired by the ordered randomness typically found in nature, i.e. plant clusters, fractals, or microscopic photography, and can be approached as a mosaic, an illuminated manuscript, or an aerial landscape.  The work seems to love the half-light and near-dark, embracing a rich, personal experience, as the light reflected from each piece generates an intimate optical experience for the viewer.

 AndrewShire Gallery is dedicated to the development and exhibition of innovative contemporary art works by international and local talents.  In addition to its Los Angeles location, the gallery established an alternative space in Singapore in 2006.  AndrewShire continues to push the international envelope while remaining an integral part of the local community.  

The gallery is located at 3850 Wilshire Boulevard #107, Los Angeles, CA  90010. AndrewShire Gallery, Singapore, is located at 63 Hillview Avenue #10-13, Lamb soon Building, Singapore, 669569.