Lynn Brooks

Harrisburgh Pa
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drawing, photography, digital
Lynn Brooks, In My Heart 7/15/14. digital photography 8.5" x 11 "
Lynn Brooks, Outside My Winow 7/15/14. digital photography 8.5" x 11"
Lynn Brooks, So Perfect 7/14/14. digital phot 8.5" x 11"
Lynn Brooks, Gifts 7/16/14. digital photography 8.5" x 11"
Lynn Brooks, Lily Reflected 7/16/14. digital photography 8.5" x 11
Lynn Brooks, Thursday 7/1/14. digital phot 8.5" x 11"
Lynn Brooks, Reflection in White 7/15/14. digital photography 8.5" x 11"

My "GOLDEN" years have suddenly come upon me.  I've spent my working life dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities.  It was rewarding but difficult work.  With a loss of funding I find myself with time for me for the first time I can remember!  So now I'm doing what I used to refer to as playing!

I was one of the first street artists in San Francisco in the early 70's.  Not the street vender type, I didn't have a license.  The only licenses we had was high speed sprinting to avoid an unwanted ride in a paddy wagon.

I then went on to pottery with a slant toward the ancient Chinese porcelain works and glazes.  After having to make my move to the East Coast with my young family, I worked in watercolors, then learned the art of antique clothing restoration, vintage doll restoration, original porcelain dolls, and eventually a lot of pencil drawings that came to me as earthly mystic beings that somehow look much like a rare photo I have of myself.

If you've never seen my works it is simply because I never put myself out there, so to speak, with other than my close friends, the exception being my pottery. 

I've dabbled in so many art forms I have named only a few.  Now "Golden" and quite silver haired I figure I have nothing to lose but the time on my hands. Now I can return to what I do best and enjoy most.  Does anyone know of a good swing set?  That’s a great way to play also.

I hope you find my playing fun also,



3rd 2014 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner: Dreaming of Paul
4/1/14 digital photography
5th 2012 Showcase Winner: Blue Ice Lake
07/24/2012. digital photography 1600x1200 px
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