Joel Kuennen


La Crosse, WI
Lives in
Chicago, IL
Works in
Chicago, IL
Cal State, Hayward, 2010, MA
University of Wisconsin, 2007, BA
Justus-Liebig Universitaet, Giessen Germany, 2005
digital, conceptual, video-art, installation, sculpture

Joel Kuennen has a background in English Literature, German, Critical Theory, and Anthropology. His work has spanned such diverse practices as critical and creative writing, painting, installation, metalsmithing and digital video manipulation. He has published in America and the UK and was selceted to participate in the Arts Writers Grant Workshop, 2012. He is a contributor and on the editorial board of The Contemporary Visual Studies Reader which will be published by Routledge in late 2012. His thesis at the School of the Art Institute Chicago explored conditions of subjectivity as constructed through spatial relationships. He has shown work at i^3 Hypermedia, Concertina Gallery, Mvsevm and New Visions Gallery though mainly devotes his time to arts writing and editing. He is the Director of Operations and a Senior Editor at