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  • 20150419093936-the_magician_tournament_v_definitive_version
  • 20150414091130-the_magician_tournament_iv
  • 20150411092614-the_magician_tournament_iii__the_eye_of_magic_storm_
  • 20150405110636-the_magician_tournament_ii
  • 20150404095653-the_magician_tournament
  • 20150320104623-with_passion
  • 20150315074457-solar_clash
  • 20150309112619-the_island_of_serenity
  • 20150223173712-quest_for_fire
  • 20150222175848-kabuki
  • 20150222180019-your_own_way
  • 20150223173504-don_t_give_in_to_the_temptation
  • 20150307170010-african_dream_part_one
  • 20150307170654-african_dream_part_two
  • 20150109193349-the_forbidden_fruit
  • 20141219215156-ta__sabaki
  • 20150104140051-fluidity
  • 20141219215118-osmosis
  • 20141219215037-fire_surfer
  • 20150314085403-city_in_the_quicksands
  • 20150312044131-townlight
  • 20150312044515-107_city_in_the_war__somewhere
  • 20150112182642-urban_legend_two
  • 20150330204631-beirut_by_night
  • 20150107193840-castle_in_the_moor
  • 20150222180308-the_deadly_wave
  • 20150312044006-53_eye_of_the_horse
  • 20150116204913-war_wounds_do_not_heal_with_time
  • 20141217203757-adr_naline
  • 20150312050645-hell_of_dante
  • 20141213055300-enter_the_dragon_1973
  • 20141219215057-luxure_part_one
  • 20141219215106-luxure_part_two
  • 20120706190200-img_1943
  • 20120701042521-french_can-can
  • 20150118190658-a_certain_vision_of_the_olympe
  • 20141201212229-lyric
  • 20120706041352-ballet
  • 20120706041015-img_1930
  • 20120706041211-img_1932
  • 20150312042854-fresque
  • 20150312043035-antartica_huile_sur__toile_80x80
  • 20150312045726-french_touch_1
  • 20150312045830-d_termination_ast_80x65
  • 20150312051437-29_ia__do_la_voie_du_sabre__martial_abstract_1__ast_100x100
  • 20150312043904-21_budo_kado_the_way_of_flowers_ast_70x60
  • 20150312044310-93_flashing_ast_120x90
  • 20150312044422-106_urban_legend
  • 20150312044613-le_forgeron_huile_sur_toile_110x85
  • 20150312044718-ronin_huile_sur_toile_95x70
  • 20150312044822-the_bushido_huile_sur_toile_120x85
  • 20150312044933-broceliande_s_forest_huile_sur_toile_100x100
  • 20150312045146-54_symbolic_ast_120x90
  • 20150312045305-byblos_harbour_sat_85x70
  • 20150312045427-7_warrior_of_the_light_ast_120x100
  • 20150312045949-57_cycle_ast_120x90
  • 20150312050117-68_at_the_beginning
  • 20150312050259-red_sun_huile_sur_toile_110x75
  • 20150312050352-shodan__martial_abstract_5_
  • 20150312050959-angels_pursuit


All my works are signed Herco.


Lives and works in Ile-de-France. A one-time workshop in Career-sur-Seine 78 (www.carraracity.fr)
- Year and place of birth:
France in 1965
- Training:
- Exhibitions:
2009-2013: Beirut Lebanon Teliene Restaurant, Cafe Linas Downtown, Chahine Gallery, ABC MALL Hamra
2013: private exhibitions at home.
2013: Brest Binz Market (2 days).
2013: Ile-de-France: European Heritage Days (Carrières-sur-Seine 78)
2014: Paris 15: Artitude Gallery (1 year) (Director Jean-Pierre Lorriaux)
2015: Center for Art and Creative Franco-Chinese Aulnay-Sous-Bois (1 week)
2015: Paris Gallery Thuillier
2015: Mona Lisa Paris Gallery
- Technique: oil and acrylic on canvas and wood / various manipulations, spatula, scraper, paper and hardened sponge.


I am an artist of many cultural and family backgrounds. I resumed painting in 2009. I lead my life under the sign of the action in all its forms. Sports and Martial Arts brought me versatility and richness that allow me today to express myself completely through my paintings. To accomplish the Warrior, had to try several disciplines or fields, like the Samurai, getting involved in the battle Art, the Art of Calligraphy, the art of tea, or the flowers Art ...

He will receive timely discipline that will match his best personal aspirations. Human existence is based on four principles and concepts that shape each individual journey, the Birth, Family, Life and Death. Thus, everything can change in a second, while imposing challenged recurring queries and unexpected changes. Trying to keep or regain its place in a world almost new then becomes a OBSTACLE COURSE. THE INITIATION OF WARRIOR RUN, defeats VICTORIES OF FACT AND CAN THEN BEGIN.

Almost simultaneously, I have lived these four cases closer and now think I have learned the necessary lessons, at least those in which I find myself. It is more than likely that without this alchemy, I would have never touched a canvas. A new fight begins for me where spatulas and other materials naturally replaced swords, while the canvas is my opponent and my ally, as a real fight with imaginary opponents.

 Each creation is an eternal calling above all humility, selflessness and sacrifice.


Self-taught artist, I am first and foremost a follower of Abstract Painting, combining rigor and flexibility. I'm not a fan of the brush and my preference is more to the spatula scraper or squeegee I work with oil as acrylic.

Always in search of evolution, nothing is static (always the research of movement, action and innovation), I do not want m 'locked into one particular style. I so fond of several trends and current artistic, Lyrical Abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting, Art Informal, or Minimalism with artists with strong personalities, sometimes controversial course, but never criticized (Vassily Kandinsky, Georges Mathieu, Karl Otto Götz, Pierre Soulages, Franz Kline, Hans Hartung, Robert Motherwell, de Kooning Wllem Karel Apell, Jean Degottex, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still or ...)

Life being as it were essentially of paradoxes, like Yin and Yang, I pin my work cultivating the notion of opposites and opposition between Movement and Non-Movement, dark or light, curved or Right ... In martial arts, the art of balance is intrinsically linked to that of Imbalance, my creative research leads me naturally and freely switch from one to another.

"When you learn a move or technique, you must first feel rather stubbornly seek to understand rationally. Conversely, you will pass next to the essence of the movement and heavenly splendor. " Playing of an urban landscape with an explosion of colors in perpetual motion, I continue my journey by exploring all paths FOR FINDING THE WAY IN THIS CASE MY OWN WAY. Thus, explosiveness and speed of execution I try to instill in my work are confronted with serenity and calm transposed these abstract figurative cities anywhere outputs.

"We live in a world of concrete, frozen materials, static, yet do live and have reason to be that through our actions and we made an endless movement. Without stillness, movement is not and vice versa. Urban towns and landscapes and are the second line of work of the artist. Why judge a work or seeking to enter the rational side while the irrational can better smell! Abstract art can scare as it plunges us into a universe created from scratch, which, if it can cause fear, does not leave us indifferent, because it leaves short thoughts. Art has no limits as that artist wants to set well, thus making it accessible, unattainable and sometimes imperceptible.

My painting is neither more nor less than a blend like the world around us in which nothing is fixed. A mixture of cultures, emotions, colors, rhythm (intuitive gestures, but still controlled explosive instinctive associated with moments of serenity, preparing or not an action), styles and trends of intensity. But a mixture that sometimes tends to find its equilibrium, as the oil takes place at the surface of the water. Natural takes his place. Overall, the artist feels free spiritually and gestural, otherwise art would not be what it is. A freedom that only the limits of a framework could alienate. See, see, or simply feel. What should we see in abstract painting? All or nothing !! The paroxysm of abstract would it not reach if all or nothing that does not exist! These two concepts are intangible in fact only the fruit of this Human Thought, rich indeed, but sometimes so unnecessarily complex! My paintings have a clean soul from birth. Beyond what I want to express myself, it is the viewer who, without shackles, may hate, criticize or appreciate or identify with what he sees.

Welcome to my world


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