Carol Ladewig

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Frankrijk_alex_2008_070 Congratulations
20131014050935-color_code_1_20x20cm8x8inches_oil_on_canvas_by_painter_coded_ruta_bauzyte-jarosz_2013year Hi Carol,
Just want to thank you for your support to me in this Showcase.Wish you all the best!
nice abstraction
20130325071316-lake_intro Hi Carol..
Really good entry. Interesting with the branch like lines in the red. Happy to vote for this!
20130325071316-lake_intro Hi Carol..
Rreally good entry.Interesting with the branshlike lines in the red. Happy to vote for you!
Me_bio your art makes me think...
hi, Carol. i love your work. you are very talented! you got my vote* i am a Japanese Artist and would warmly like to invite you to have a look at my gallery. i have also got entry my work "YUME" this time. your feedback would be very much appreciated. i hope your life is full of cool blessing. thank you! hiroko
Hi Carol, I like your work. I'd like to see more of your work. Good luck
i like this piece very much. very powerful color!
20131014050935-color_code_1_20x20cm8x8inches_oil_on_canvas_by_painter_coded_ruta_bauzyte-jarosz_2013year Thank you!
Really apreciate your comment and support.Keep on!
20131014050935-color_code_1_20x20cm8x8inches_oil_on_canvas_by_painter_coded_ruta_bauzyte-jarosz_2013year Hi Carol,
Today found your painting,very interesting,proper contrasts between colours,voted for it.Would like to see more your works.If you have some time,pls see my abstract entry.Best wishes.