k.a. letts


Kansas City, MO
Birth year
Lives in
Ann Arbor, MI
Works in
Chicago, IL
Yale Drama School, 1978, MFA
Barnard College, 1974, BA
Representing galleries
figurative, neo-cubist, imagist, neo-expressionist
  • 20140610172052-annunciation__uh-oh__lo_res
  • 20140627130605-2
  • 20140610173123-we_rise_we_hope__detroit_motto__lo_res
  • 20140526170432-night_at_the_opera1_lo_res
  • 20140219164359-marking_time_lo_res
  • 20140219163833-good_dog_lo_res
  • 20140610172748-hope_lo_res
  • 20140317154351-the_poet_and_her_dog_lo_res
  • 20140317154454-creatures_of_habit_9_a
  • 20140410185825-the_end_of_winter_1_lo_res__revised_
  • 20140410190819-the_end_of_winter_2_lo_res
  • 20140424162511-theendofwinterthree
  • 20130413214356-between_then_and_now
  • 20121205194745-two_faced_odalisque_lo_res
  • 20130113223302-the_toymaker
  • 20121213200009-bird_charmer_revised_for_web
  • 20140219163452-saint_jezebel_at_the_window_lo_res_revised
  • 20131210151123-letts_metamorphosisdaphnelores
  • 20130217210310-showhorse_1_lo_res
  • 20130414135712-letts_showhorse_2_b
  • 20130413213641-letts_show_horse_3_c
  • 20130113223847-picture_object_2_apparition
  • 20121213195309-caffe_streets_for_web
  • 20121004214758-garden_color_study_lo_res
  • 20120921201816-reliquary_drawing_lo_res
  • 20120729211221-timeout_chair_lo_res
  • 20121004215539-beautiful_detroit_drawing_lo_res
  • 20130215202416-jolly_roger_lo_res
  • 20131024201716-tango_lo_res_for_web
  • 20131024202023-balancing_act_lo_res_for_web



To contact me directly about my work email kaletts@arborart.com 

A set and costume designer by training, K.A. Letts brings an unusual skill set to her paintings and drawings.  The artist has absorbed the influence of early 20th century European masters and has combined them with techniques and imagery from aboriginal art, outsider and street art to create a unique visual language. Her erudite yet accessible figurative works are tightly crafted, carefully drawn, deeply felt.

 K.A. Letts is a graduate of Barnard College (B.A.) and Yale Drama School (M.F.A.) She currently divides her time between Chicago and her farm in rural Michigan.

She is an Inter/National Alumna Artist at A.I.R. Gallery (www.airgallery.org) in Brooklyn, N.Y., and has shown her work recently at Hatch Art (Hatchback 8) in Hamtramck, at 555 Galleries in Detroit and at Non-Fiction Gallery (Re:Tale) in Savannah GA.