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Ours is a City of Writers exhibition on view from February 5 thru March 26, 2017
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, 90027
February 5th, 2017 - March 26th, 2017
The Foreign Correspondent: Your Man in Los Angeles
Public Fiction
749 Avenue 50 Los Angeles, California 90042
March 1st, 2013 - June 15th, 2013

Andrew Berardini is a writer living in Los Angeles, who has worked for the Armory Center for the Arts and LAXART as a curator and at Semiotext(e) Press as an editor. He currently holds positions as Los Angeles Editor for the Milan-based bimonthly art magazine Mousse, Contributing Editor at Momus, and Deputy Editor for Artslant. He is also a co-founder and editor at the Art Book Review. 

He has published articles and essays in Frieze, Mousse, Fillip, Artforum, X-TRA, Artnet, Paper Monument, Art Review, Rolling Stone, Public Fiction, Modern Painters, Afterall and regular contributes to the LA Weekly. Recent book projects include a collaboration with Brian Kennon published by 2nd Cannons titled Get In, a monograph on the work of Richard Jackson published by the Rennie Collection, and a contribution to the 2012 Whitney Biennial. His research focuses on the permeability of imagination and reality and cultivating the practice of art writing as an aspect of literature. He's aslo a faculty member at the Mountain School of Arts. 

Andrew joined ArtSlant in 2009 as the West Coast Editor covering Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest editions. In 2011 Andrew became the Deputy Editor of ArtSlant.
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Posted: 11/18/14
Picasso’s oft quoted “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” is one of those dubious chestnuts likely repeated in the halls of art schools enough to be painted over the doors. William S Burroughs’ notion of language as a virus presupposes that nothing or little of what we say is original—everything starts out as a borrowing, a theft. Theft, forgery, fakery,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/30/14
What literature is to words and music is to sound, dance is to movement. Refined into a language—from the cosmic shimmy to the mash-potato, Viennese waltzing to a raver’s speaker humping, and of course, that formal staging from ballet to music videos we call simply Dance—we take movement and communicate joy or boredom, despair or titillation, or if good, all of the... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/21/14
  The above headline from an article on Al-Jazeera America started circulating online through my social media in the past week. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of CalArts alumni, staff, and current students sounding out in solidarity with the student, now a sophomore at the Institute. In response, the school sent out an email outlining its policies and its efforts to make them... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/21/14
Have you ever fallen in love? Her face is open, unselfconscious, laughing. Framed by wash of blonde hair, the light sheen of sweat settles on her skin and both eyes beam, full of trust and free of tension. Here is unalloyed happiness on the face of a full-grown woman, a joy one rarely sees in adults. Of course, she’s looking at her love, the man holding the camera. As a love-story between... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/9/14
A copper pyramid skeleton on a white square contains a mirrored firepit with a purple flame. The subtle elements of Kathryn Garcia's sculpture in the courtyard of the newly opened Harmony Murphy Gallery downtown uses subtle, elementary materials to craft a metaphysical gathering place, borrowing aesthetically from the basic materials of minimalism with a presence drawn from the ethereal end of... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/5/14
This is just for you. If every outfit you owned were cut to your body, every shoe shaped just for your foot, all the doorways in the house adjusted perfectly for your height. If in the fridge, your favorites things to eat filled the shelves, rare culinary delights and hearty comfort foods, prepared especial, ready to be placed directly into your mouth to let their deliciousness spread through... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/4/14
The long languor of summer never truly fades in Los Angeles, but the heat simmers down just enough for the long sunsets to subside into cool nights, when prodigal travelers hurry home from sunstroked beaches and slaving artists vernissage across the city. Autumnal LA, though it certainly colors, hardly chills. Art exhibitions thickly dapple across this considerable town: Giuseppe Penone at... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/8/14
Surely black, but so lively one cannot catch its true hue. Volcanic glass cooled too fast to crystalize, scientists never can quite call it a mineral or capture its color too closely. Depending on the angle of shimmer however, approximates exist.   Named by Pliny the Elder as Obsius Lapsis, after a dubious claim that it was discovered by a Greek of that name, the gem gained its "d" from a... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 4/8/14
“You will hear people say that poverty is the best spur to the artist. They have never felt the iron of it in their flesh. They do not know how mean it makes you. It exposes you to endless humiliation, it cuts your wings, it eats into your soul like a cancer. It is not wealth one asks for, but just enough to preserve one's dignity, to work unhampered, to be generous, frank, and independent.... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/25/14
Who needs the sun? The dappling of sunlight through the branches of trees plays on pavement with incredible beauty. The shifting leaves shift light and the ground brightens and shadows with each rustle like the ambient waves of a gentle lake reflecting a midday sun. Coming out of photography, artist Anthony Pearson here etches plaster to mimic the play of light. He used to... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/8/14
On a large circular rug in the yawning atrium of the brutalist Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, they are playing a game. A sign welcomes you on the carpet though it requests you take off your shoes.  It’s not too hard to figure out, but the MC pads across the carpet with bare feet and whispers to you the rules. Most but all wear white sleeveless sheets belted over their... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/25/14
Los Angeles, Feb. 2014: We begin with color, the composite of visual reality, refracted through a camera lens, a computer screen; its possibilities seem almost limitless in what it can capture, manipulate, reveal. But not its colors. The combinations are limited, it can be coded. And John Houck has. The combinatorics, a four square of color possibilities reiterated in grids, make for a string of... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/28/14
Polar vortex is only a distant poem to Los Angeles. Uttered on the news by harried meteorologists with names like strippers, the weather here is droughty for caring locals, simply sunny for everybody else. Yes, one of the many good reasons we live in Los Angeles is the definite lack of polar vortices. Not a few of the farflung, chilled by arctic weather, flock to Los Angeles this weekend, for one... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/22/14
This interview was originally published on ArtSlant Los Angeles in February 2010. Venice, CA, 2009: An inveterate punk, aesthetically and politically, the contemporary art world has adopted Raymond Pettibon, LA’s native son for any number of polemics, exhibitions, and critiques. And for good reason, the iconic work of his pen and ink drawings capture a epic range of human emotion and... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/8/13
A white mannequin lounges stiffly on two saw horses, naked except for a blue-and-white gingham cloth, carefully placed.   Mannequin doesn’t quite capture the pure whiteness of the skin, how careful and articulate are the details or how idealized his looks. Like some Greek statuary temporarily taken down from its pedestal to be cleaned. It’s not Greek though, too particular.... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/6/13
Long-necked blue cranes lurch over ancient churches filled with forged relics. Stiffly clothed bourgeois stroll under weeping Chinese maples, leaves burned and creamed, and past high-booted prostitutes shivering in the autumn chill. A woman in a distant window waves to an unseen lover. The symphony of umbrellas opening as travelers step out from the underground. Click, whoosh, click, whoosh,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/31/13
Words like psychedelic get trotted out by acid amateurs at every flickering bulb and swirl of color. Real psychedelic experiences are punishing in their power: a nauseating kaleidoscope; a universe decentered and dismantled; still things gyrate and dancers stay still in a blurry wash of purest energy; atoms are split inside your skull and come bursting through glassy eyes; other humans dissolve... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/28/13
A single splash in an ocean of invisible waves, the spectrum of visible light hints just enough radiance to tease the rest. Outside our paltry paintbox of chroma hide rays gamma and long, thermal and micro, radar and TV, radio both AM and FM depending on the shimmy of the music or the monotone of the talk. All this invisible radiance penetrates buildings and molecules, tables and oil tankers, you... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/10/13
Autumnal heatwaves in Los Angeles never fail to diminish the refreshing thrust of new energy breezing from art spaces around the city. Summer wilts galleries into group shows and makes museums ever welcome air-conditioned hideouts for long-installs. But the fall, hardly ever cool in September, still brings in new skin for the old ceremony, fresh air before the mildish winter chills, not only in... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/9/13
  It's just outside the doors.   A long horizon line striping gray through most of those oblong holes, though there's a spot of green streaming the bottom over there. Maybe it's underworld strata, blocked off by the purity of its chosen color, a nice foundation, a firm earth to craft other planets, other doors out to them, into them. Doors are always body-size, even the doubles, like... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 6/10/13
Though a non-descript, signless space, bricked and fortified with bars, she looks soft inside, the toughness dropping away. Opened now­—wide by hand—she's entered into with cautionary eagerness. Inside her arrangement appears fixed as if one mussed her carefully constructed visage it would be righted magically to how it began.   Her bare walls provide room for thoughts to bounce toward and from... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 6/4/13
I've always wanted to make a light that looks like the light you see in your dream. —James Turrell, excerpted from James Turrell: A Retrospective   Art is always stumbling into someone else's dream. At LACMA, be warned of lines and guards; turns out someone else's dream forces you to book a place months in advance, pay $45, sign a waiver to lab-coated girls in exchange for ten or so... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 4/24/13
It all ends in sex or death, usually. Both even. I think I've been writing about shadows on bedroom walls and tangled sheets all of my life. These will, with some likelihood, be my last thoughts as well. The sheets, the crisp unloving whites of a hospital bed, the shadows dancing on the eggshell walls of an antiseptic ward. But there have been other walls and other sheets. I think it... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 4/6/13
I want all of Sam Gilliam's paintings here to be book covers. Perhaps it's because their flatness and angles handily resemble package design of a certain era. I've always felt similarly about Ellsworth Kelly's bright, cheerful paintings that look like they'd been stolen from the detergent aisle and had their explosively optimistic names removed. Gilliam’s paintings on view at David Kordansky... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/24/13
There's hope this might be seen, yet a humbling acceptance of the vast loneliness of space. It is a gesture. A last love letter from a sunsetting civilization, a temple left on an abandoned planet, a spare record jettisoned into the cosmos whispering its enigmas through these worn remnants. Do words fail? Maybe. So do civilizations. After a people’s peak troughs, do objects reclaim their lost... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/3/13
Georgia Fee has been and will forever be the most important person in my professional life. I owe all these words, and all the words that come after these to a woman I had the happy accident to meet one day on Craigslist. I love that lady and miss her painfully. Every trenchant phrase and heartfelt plea, every joke and every song, every review and every poem has Georgia's fingerprints on... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/1/13
Let's be honest here. Fuck art fairs. Long live art book fairs. This weekend Printed Matter opens the first ever LA Art Book Fair. This is important. I want you to go. Art books are generally everything you wanted art to be but you can actually afford it. I don't know how much Laura Owen's paintings are going for, more than I make a year or five it's safe to assume, but her book, Fruits and... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/24/13
Perhaps the art fair brought you to LA, or maybe you live here but are looking for a little international flavor from the coterie of foreign art dealers caravanning in art from far-flung lands. There is a certain, dynamic allure to any assembly, party, fair. But in the end, nobody really loves an art fair. There's the art fairs in the Grand Palais in Paris, whose beautiful glass dome certainly... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/28/12
I almost want to fuck him. Is this John the Baptist? The big JC's notable cousin, claimed second-coming of Elijah and pre-ambler to the messiah, the fiery Jewish prophet, whose head a mere few paintings away gets plattered for the sexy, slithery, fourteen-year-old sexpot Salome? This pale northern European beauty never burned in a Judean summer or strained too strenuously under an imperial Roman... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/28/12
"Don't take it personally," a backhanded cliche only firing bosses and leaving lovers sink to say. Failure, success, love, sex, politics, the environment. These are not vague abstractions. Or at least, they don't have to be. Take all this personally. Lisa Anne Auerbach does. An erotic sweaterist, a reclaimer of torn porn, cycling zinemaker, artist. In sizable prints, shredded S&M porn... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/5/12
To be honest, I'm not very good at preparing for things.  I do manage to pack socks and a toothbrush, though the only items I figure to be truly indispensable are a passport and maybe some pants.  Everything else can be reckoned with.  I aspire to detail-oriented readiness, long for the interest and ability to compose excel sheets that excel and enumerate neat lists with reassuring checkmarks... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/18/12
I have never seen a real, archeological hoard. I’ve read about them in books, with full-color jewels splayed out on neutral backgrounds laid carefully in protective casings, stacks of silver and bronze coins embossed with Roman emperors, coiled gold snakes for nameless warrior queens. The internet provides hours heaped upon hours of “research” a procrastinator can dig into for the sake of pure... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/18/12
So almost every week for the three wintry months these last two years I’ve participated in an ongoing art project that involved taking off my clothes with strangers, crawling into a mirror-covered, egg-shaped steam chamber, concentratedly sweating until I could no longer take the heat, and then slithering my wet body back into the cool air. Rinse, repeat. Clement Greenberg never did this. I did... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/5/12
Motorbike to cemetery, Picnic on wild berries... We'll come back for Indian Summer We'll come back for Indian Summer We'll come back for Indian Summer Cover me with rain. Beat Happening, Indian Summer Dip your fingers into the Southwestern paint box and if you run them through the sky across a smeary summer, you'll leave a trail that leads straight to autumn. Rust reds and creamy... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/1/12
It’s leftover memories hauled off in a battered boxed, thin with water damage, to the local thrift store and dropped at the backdoor. An abandoned baby, lovingly clad in taffeta and enshrouded in a knit blanket, with nary a note. What, if anything, can be found in the kitsch of capitalism, the leftover detritus of a disposable culture, a transient society? What initial hopefulness and final... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 6/23/12
Let us examine the rainbow.  A radiant bend of light that gives pause to even the surliest of sailors, the direct route to concealed honeypots glutted with gold, a divine message to Noah that the rinse cycle was completing its global soak, the rainbow is such an easy handle for spectral forces, sublimity and facile poetry that it may even be too obviously beautiful for us to concoct anything... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 6/10/12
For the 3rd time, Art Basel has something this year called Art Parcours Night. It's not de rigeur to admit aloud that you don't know something, but I had to look up the definition of  "parcours." I asked my good friend/slave-driving nemesis -- the Internet -- and according to wikipedia, a "parcours" is "a physical discipline and non-competitive sport which focuses on efficient movement around... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 4/25/12
Henry Darger, R. Crumb, and George Grosz all found themselves, elbow-to-elbow, drinking hard at the same shitty bar. “Ach! This place is such a stinking pit of depravity!” said Grosz. “Nothing but the most nauseating perverts and prostitutes, corpulent capitalists assfucking priests and army men. Disgusting.” He growled and then took a deep draught of his golden beer, licking the foam off his... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/25/12
After reading over eighty years of articles about the Whitney Museum of American Art's series of annuals and biennials, one almost wonders, "Could they actually have been that bad?" Exempting this latest edition, the Whitney has, so as we can tell, the longest ongoing tradition in contemporary art of people really, really hating it. In an act of rebellion, we've decided to love the Whitney... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/24/12
It is a game made with beautiful hunks of glass and written with chalk on the floor, some kind of conceptual art hopscotch. One probably shouldn't hop though. Each arrangement is a different play on numbers and markers, of how space works in fantastically simple reduction, a theory of sculpture, or so the title implies. I see it, and then I read it. Then I compare what I read to what I see. This... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/26/12
In one of his notebook entries, [Bas Jan] Ader jotted an idea for a postcard: "Greetings from Beautiful Ader Falls." More ominously, he wrote, "All is falling." --Bruce Hainley, “Legends of the Fall,” Artforum, March 1999 In the far western hinterlands of old New Amsterdam, just past the fraying edge of the California sprawl, languishes the twilight township of Ader Falls. A phantom truck stop... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/23/12
Yes, we made that. Together and apart, under a spectral influence. There was one soul who started it and another and another, all of it combining and agglomerating, collected compassion, unabashed sentimentality, gratitude and grief. Neither elitist nor crass, all at once scruffy and cleansing, soft and hard. A shrine, maybe, even if it enshrined would handily sneer at his affiliation with such... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/16/12
So you're probably there, in Madrid, for the art fair. You quite possibly live there already with a rich and fulfilling cultural life in the Spanish capital, eating lots of tapas and various parts of pigs (like Jamon Jamon Lays potato chips, so porkful in Spain they have to say it twice). But it's likely if you're reading this, it's because of ARCO, one of the grand old art fairs and one of the... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/31/12
I’m not sure that anything ever looks like the thing you’re supposed to be looking at. Looking at the paintings of David von Schlegell (1920-1992) I know I can’t be seeing what he saw, though there is no way truly to be sure. Monochromes that fade from corner to corner along a diagonal crest with ragged edges of picture plane pooled with paint, sometimes edged with warm grain of smooth... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/18/12
The climax of all this Pacific Standard Timing is here. Funded (like much of PST) mostly by the Getty, the PST Festival of Performance and Public Art stretches an official ten days (January 19-29) from the beach to Pomona and many environs in-between. Like all festivals, there’s always more than you could possibly see. And like all festivals the demand to make a schedule is paramount and... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/10/12
Yes, the walls were moving. Not the four holding up the ceiling, but some other walls in the room, fugitive, unstuck, wandering the space freely. You’re not supposed to touch art (at least in the white cube-ish rules), but they’re walls so maybe you turn your back to it, and then maybe, as happens after so long standing, you maybe start to lean. So maybe you just lean ever so slightly against the... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/3/12
1: The Lonesomest Moai in Los Angeles On top of a hill in Glendale, there's a cemetery special in the world, not only because it inspired Evelyn Waugh to pen a comic novel about it ("The Loved Ones") but because it has turned the theater of death into a distinctly California creation. Besides the largest painting mounted on canvas in the world with its own mock-church viewing theater and sundry... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/27/11
 Art critics are never quite shilled in the same way as critics for other avenues of culture. Yes, our reviews likely get listed on CVs and not read, adding some vague imprimatur to an artist's career that might help move some product, but we're never exploited in quite the same way, as say, the movie critic, whose thoughtful well-composed reviews (okay not always) get diced into a few... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/19/11
1 LighterAngeleno people, North AmericaPlastic, metalPrivate Collection   The lighter’s considerable wear and tear is an obvious sign of intense use. Often, as a result of continuous handling, the translucency of the lighter darkens over time and receives a deep, glossy patina through scratching associated with overuse. Lighters were frequently acquired at local locations by its original owner... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/12/11
One solution is as good as another; if it’s even a puzzle or needs explication, which remains debatable. Possible Uses of the Design in Question:a) A proto-DARPA experimental device developed by top engineers under the influence of LSD to channel orgones into potent ”love bombs” which when deployed on the populace of an enemy state caused all those exposed to strip and engage in mass orgies.... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/21/11
A shirtless boy stands in front of a dilapidated house, his face blank, clutched in one hand a doll, in the other a disembodied arm arced as if the adult to whom it belonged had suddenly disappeared. A skull looks over him up near the front column, a mannequin head pokes out of the unkempt grass just a few feet away, another strange weed in this wild garden. What is that in the bush to the left,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/15/11
Chimera gets close to capturing it. Not in that figurative sense of the impossible wished for thing, but in the old, weird Greek definition of chimera: a fire-breathing female monster, part lion, goat, and serpent, combined together in ways that are invariably wonky, the goat's head poking out of the lion’s back or the lion's head poking out of the goat’s neck, the snake lending itself formally... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/7/11
The hotel is empty today. It’s empty almost everyday. Sunlight shines over the wood panelling and empty mail slots of a perfectly preserved but unmanned reception desk, the rounded lettering announces the normal functions of a hotel: Cashier, Reception, Concierge, a typography moderne in the 60's but now seems quaintly retro-futurist. Lamps like oriental birdcages hang over the clean lines and... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/21/11
Coming into the museum after midnight made me a little nervous. I gently pushed open the door, half expecting it to be locked even if the glass entryway was boldly marked “24/7” in vinyl. A gracious woman, perhaps sensing my trepidation welcomed me in, pointed toward the entrance and mentioned a few highlights, things tucked away that we might miss and we went in, feeling mischievous and... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 8/15/11
32 Soup Cans. This is it. The beginning of Andy Warhol as we know him. Many might say that Warhol being so goddamned influential it might be the beginning of an era. Or, it seems to me less the Warhol era as much as Warhol was perhaps the best at reflecting it. What an era. Though emergent from the '60s, Warhol I think is more of an emblem of the Reagan '80s than a child of that other, more... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/26/11
Time, time, time: the bastard just doesn’t stop. Time is of course one of those mind-bogglingly ginormous things that’s exceptionally difficult to wrap one’s head around. Even quantum mechanics and other well-degreed and deservedly smart physicists have an exceptionally tough time with it as well for all the right reasons. It’s perhaps best just to show up when your dentist tells you to and try... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/19/11
Most wars are started in the summer. It’s true. Most quotes one finds about summer are about how great summer is. Rarely does one find quotes about how horrible summer is. How long, how hot, how interminable the sweaty days, how much worse work feels under the yoke of summer. Most people who are quoted on summer must be aristocratic poets penning their verse with long lazy loops in leather... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/5/11
Alright, let’s go. I’m ready. I’m pumped.Right foot, left foot. Clap, clap, shake it off, shake it down. Alright, really I’m ready. Let’s do this. Now. Alright, go. Go!In terms of feats of physical prowess, writing is about as lame and lazy as it gets. Though out of disability as opposed to laziness, Jean-Dominique Bauby wrote The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (albeit only a short book) by... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 6/28/11
Sisyphus, the poor bastard. Sent to hell, he was doomed to roll a boulder up a hill over and over again, the sucker slipping away as soon as he got to the top. This penalty wasn’t for murdering house guests (one of the shittier things he’s rumored to have done), but simply for thinking himself more clever than the gods.Some time later, the dashingly chain-smoking Frenchman Albert Camus wrote,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 5/31/11
It’s not easy to write about landscape photographs anymore. This is not even getting into too deeply the various degrees of high and low from leftist editorial to large-scale color pictorialism to the plethora of photo magazines littering the stand at your local Barnes & Noble with titles like “B&W Photography,” the kind with copious ads for super pro-camera gadgetry. With a note or two... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 5/24/11
I’m packing my library to move. Yes, I am. I get to handle each of the thousands of books I own, the dust coating my hands, the acrid smell of bookstores and thriftstores and basements and the bright scents of fresh ink and the perfumes of the people who have owned them before me caught in between the yellowing pages, called “sunning” in the trade. Some I’ll turn over in my hands over and over... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 4/11/11
Is there a better way through doors? The wrist flick of the knob turn, the coldness of the thing in your hand. For some, there’s the acrid paranoia of germ warfare and persistent sickness. Then, there’s the pull back, arm reaching around the door as a hand lets go and then you step forward. My shoulders always gracelessly bump against the jamb; even after all these years, I still have problems... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/21/11
I drive by the Olive Motel at least once a week, sometimes daily depending on where I’m living in Los Angeles. I’ve been kicked down Sunset from East Hollywood to Silver Lake to Echo Park to Chinatown, any further and I’ll go skittering over the river. I used to drive by it everyday when I lived in Silver Lake, and always dreamed of what it could be.   The Olive Motel is a squat one-story... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/15/11
The door falls somewhere in the cyan range of the blue-green spectrum, two-panelled, basic; you think maybe you’ve seen it somewhere, maybe it was your door, or even in the trash, on the side of the road in a rough neighborhood. In East Hollywood, there’s a stretch of Normandie between Hollywood and Sunset where I’m positive cheap furniture from all over the city comes to die. My doors these days... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/15/11
A late night drive to a midnight movie, or the conversation overheard somewhere of someone waxing rhapsodic about John Waters, leather-coated would-be greasers at coffee shops in the hip part of Omaha or at the trashier gay bars in Wisconsin.  Someone tells you about John Waters and they off-handedly reference him in that way that makes you feel that if you haven’t actually heard of him, you... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/1/11
This is not a review of any exhibition in particular, but a response to some images that seem to come squarely under the rubric of “Worldwide.” Photographer Jon Rafman has pulled from the deep trove of  Google Street View’s photographic archive a number of strange and wonderful moments in the history of modern life, all caught with the supreme deadpan eye of Google’s cameras as they attempt to... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/1/11
Of all the places to pass by on a road, crossing the country perhaps, from here to there, you look out the window and there’s something so distinctly pure and youthful. The rural play of teenagers, hikers taking a lark after long trails, a swim at the watering hole. Though I feel like I did pass this waterfall once, or at least one like it, long ago. This is just the hazy memory of a scene... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/25/11
Pretend this is not an article that you’re reading. Pretend the lights are off and you're tucked in your soft, worn sheets, body cuddled up into itself, your head just right against the pillow. But yet, you can’t sleep. This has happened before. One more leap, let’s put you back in high school, a time of insomnia for too many, and you’ve got this little clock radio with red digital fingers... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/21/10
      Ambling through gallery after gallery of photographs snapped by William Eggleston’s Democratic Camera, I realized that I really like to stare at people. Generally speaking, I’m too well brought up to engage in such a scurrilous behavior as openly gawking at strangers, but being naturally curious, I look just a beat or two longer than I ought. It’s difficult not to be in... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/21/10
            William Eggleston’s photograph’s have the strange, meandering feel of a good American ballad. The long loneliness of this big place, a warm, friendly strum, the weird ability to capture the practice of everyday life in these states, the broken-hearted hope of relentless American dreamers. It’s no surprise then that musicians (not all American, not... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/21/10
            William Eggleston’s photograph’s have the strange, meandering feel of a good American ballad. The long loneliness of this big place, a warm, friendly strum, the weird ability to capture the practice of everyday life in these states, the broken-hearted hope of relentless American dreamers. It’s no surprise then that musicians (not all American, not... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/16/10
Los Angeles, Nov. 2010: Brian Bress manages to master the strange addictive quality of television with delightfully nonsensical games played by characters (almost always the artist himself) trapped in repeating circuits of comic madness. The comedy is that kind, perhaps, where a spectator may not even laugh, as no punchlines are forthcoming. But the whole morass of strange behaviors, tics, and... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/8/10
Anyway, It’s always the other guy who dies. - Marcel Duchamp, the epitaph he wrote for his own grave   I wanted, but failed to want enough, to write this using the I Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes that divines through complex recipes for chance) as Cage did to compose his own words upon the death of Marcel Duchamp. The I Ching holds too many Eastern promises for me. “I don’t believe... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/8/10
                John Cage’s complex body of work is always an invitation to listen.  Not unlike Marcel Duchamp, Cage performed the radical gesture of actively inviting us to participate in the realization of the work of art. Like Duchamp’s jokes, Cage’s music, as he points out in this interview, is to give us profound pleasure without... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/10/10
        Taryn Simon’s catalogue of photographs “An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar” is a fascinating book. Large and expensive looking as it may be, the tome is a compendium of strange and unusual places around America that we wouldn’t normally have access to: the point where the trans-Atlantic cables connect (three cables, each maybe a few inches in... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/10/10
      On a blood red field, gold scrollwork unfurls around a window (perhaps a mere picture or a simple opening?), the framing of which has emblazoned the words in Latin, Ars Gratia Artis, Art for Art’s Sake, and is otherwise stripped of language or logos. The lion roars, he turns his head, he roars again, he turns his head, roars again, ad infinitum. As familiar as this... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/28/10
        1. Another Circle Two ballerinas (or rather one ballerina projected twice) pirouettes in an endless cycle in the awkward room, the intimacy of a motel office of Chinatown's unexpectedly iconic Moytel, a former inn converted to apartments. With gray painted floors, the office has been white-cubed as much one can actually convert the former motelier’s quarter’s (or... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 8/17/10
        Late into the night, after the first flush of events of a long weekend of performances in Chinatown for the annual Perform Now! festival, a small crowd lounged on the back patio of Human Resources, sipping the cool, fruity dregs of a welcomed sangria. Two musicians, Emily Lacy and an accompanying violist, Ezra Buchla (formerly of 'Gowns' and 'The Mae Shi') warmed... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/19/10
  All the diligent historians of the world, or at least most of them, bend and curse over their papers, aspiring for the most precise and infallible histories that their faulty pens, typewriters, and computers can possibly muster. With loving use of footnotes and primary sources, these stalwart and striving historians try to pin down the surging forces of history. History (slippery fucker... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 6/8/10
          My personal cosmology of Conceptualism starts with snakes...Tony Oursler on David AskevoldAn empty room. The paint still fuming with freshness, the gallery is just finished and looks it, brand new. The crowd mills around drinking beer, chitchatting. In the back next to the table laden with food was a bucket bursting with ice and beer.  The covers of mostly... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 5/4/10
          I've had a few jobs that felt like dull gulags, rife with empty bureaucratic busywork and gray depressing stasis with the same stale hopeless flavor as the uncirculated air. But no matter how suffocatingly boring the routines, or tyrannical the bosses, or poorly lit the interiors, none of them were actually located in Communist Eastern Europe. I could easily quit and sometimes did,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 5/4/10
"I prefer the word movie because it means move."- Ryan Trecartin at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada, March 23, 2010 found in Canadian Art   For his current exhibition at the Power Plant in Toronto, a rather prosaic, but gushing review in a newspaper called Eye Weekly, describes Trecartin as " the first YouTube art star." I don't mean to pick on the writer of said article, David Balzer, he's... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 5/3/10
Los Angeles, May 2010 - Remember the street where you were once hit by a car, a red Chevy near the flickering streetlamp two doors down from your grandmother's, the skid-marks scarred the asphalt for nearly a year. The bookstore where you met the boy you very almost married, he was in Anthropology you were in Literary Non-Fiction perusing a dog-eared copy of Joan Didion, feeling cool and West... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 4/6/10
        Bruce Conner narrowly avoided becoming known as the “panty-hose artist” at one point in his long career because of his obsessive use of the common (though not unalluring) material in a series of iconic assemblages. Robert Melee narrowly avoided such a fate himself (one Leigh Ledare likely has to contend with as well) when he did an extended series of works about his rather peculiar... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 4/6/10
                        Collaborator. One can almost hear it hurled like an insult, tossed at the accused like a rotten egg, a Molotov cocktail, a paving stone. Collaborator. I picture the ladies of Paris who’d copulated with their Nazi occupiers for love and money, being marched through the streets with shaved heads, a few bearing their fate with deadened stoicism, many more weeping... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/2/10
One wonders how an artist can so firmly seem to enter history and yet so quietly seem to leave it. The late Robert Mallary, the current subject of an exhibition at The Box, seems to be just such an artist. Some of his contemporaries were more lucky in their late recoveries, like Lee Bontecou, who lived to see her own reconsideration. Unfortunately Mallary, who died in 1997, did not survive... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 3/1/10
            Forgive the prosaic opener, it gets a little sexier later on. Two years ago I had a job in Milan writing scripts for documentaries. What happened to those scripts was impossibly complex, but let’s just say the scripts focused on art and urbanism. The scripts required at the very least a speakable knowledge of the subject you were writing about, this required a lot of inventive... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/23/10
Venice, CA, 2009: An inveterate punk, aesthetically and politically, the contemporary art world has adopted Raymond Pettibon, LA’s native son for any number of polemics, exhibitions, and critiques. And for good reason, the iconic work of his pen and ink drawings capture a epic range of human emotion and experience that's distinctly dark, literary, and American. Besides the official art... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/23/10
    Travel accounts always account things seen, advice delivered from the first hand experiences of a world-weary globe trekker who actually visited all those rotten discos in Vladivostok to tell you which of three is the most tolerable. In my recent trip to Spain, I missed all kinds of things: things I wasn’t able to trick my way into, things that I wasn’t supposed to know about, things... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/22/10
Faxes always bear the marks of transit. Though only data transferred through phonelines, faxes always come out looking like banged up suitcases, damaged from distant travel. With the ink-faded printout of a fax machine, over twenty letters on display at the Reina Sofia document a kind of a journey. These letters, ostensibly by artist Mario Garcia Torres, lay tilted in a long vitrine,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 2/1/10
      A few obvious observations, forgive me. The world is a big place. And then again it isn’t. I run into people I know rushing through airports in Nairobi, Los Angeles, London, Paris. Faces in the street in exotic cities turn up old friends met unexpectedly. The art world is particularly strong in this regard, though I imagine international leather-goods manufacturers sometimes run into... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/19/10
    Though sometimes we’ll grill the gallery or the artist in between gulps of cheap white wine at crowded openings for their take on their work, more often than not the press release gives at least one version of meaning. A little background is never a bad thing, the press release in some odd way becomes a part of the exhibition, an extension of the presentation, a part of the charade. Us... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/19/10
  Two glossy posters hang in the 2nd Cannons vitrine: a yellow poster with yellow cartoonish font that says “Foolin Around’” and a red poster with yellow writing that says in a mustardy squirt “Waiting…” Deadpan, simple, obviously pop, but vague in specific reference, without knowing these two films, as I didn't, the works are stripped of meaning in a way where we could fill in the blanks,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/18/10
Los Angeles, Jan. 2010 Andrew Berardini: Yes, this is a digital tape recorder. Speak loudly as this microphone is not as strong as I had thought. Does it look like it's on to you? So let me start then. Firstly, I'd like to say that I've never been to this Starbuck's before, it has a very desperate actor vibe to it. But that might just be because of those clones I see in line, is that Richard... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/5/10
Art critics are never quite shilled in the same way as critics for other avenues of culture. Yes, our reviews likely get listed on CVs and not read, adding some vague imprimatur to an artist's career that might help move some product, but we're enver exploited in quite the same way, as say, the movie critic, who's thoughtful well-composed reviews (okay not always) get diced into a... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 1/5/10
Art critics are never quite shilled in the same way critics for other avenues of culture. Yes, our reviews likely get listed on CVs and not read, adding some vague imprimatur to an artist's career that might help move some product, but we're never exploited in quite the same way, as say, the movie critic, who's thoughtful well-composed reviews (okay not always) get diced into a few words... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/15/09
The paintings of Dianna Molzen are only paintings if we stretch the words further than the usual limits of canvas over bars. At first glance (and too quick a glance at that), I nearly dismissed the wall works as the garden variety, common mill of early twenty-first century (through retro –modernist) abstractions. But, upon closer examination, strange and subtle narratives began to reveal... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/15/09
Art criticism is, always, in crisis. Shortly after the first scribblings about art were likely made by the first scribbler, he or she likely wondered all too deeply if it at all mattered. Art, and writing about art by turn, has a value that’s hard to nail down, and therefore, always in question. Artists wonder if they’re meaningful, so do art critics, only more so. This is not a short essay... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 12/6/09
Whadjasee? Whadjasee? Full immersion. The airplane was populated with artists, curators, and collectors, all talking shop leaning over each other in narrow airplane aisles…all pondering the imponderables of the week in Miami, the schedule to maximize the immersion. The hotels are all dubiously purported to be “art” hotels. None of them have Allen Ruppersberg working at the desk, at... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/24/09
        MoCA’s current exhibition of its permanent collection proves that the museum isn’t just a vital institution for the city in its relationship to this place and its artists, but also to the history of art. A bold statement to be sure, but when the Centre Pompidou did its landmark exhibition of art in Los Angeles, Birth of an Art Capital, it ended in 1980, just as MoCA was... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 11/24/09
San Francisco - It begins with a fake baby harem dance party and ends with a disembodied head. Given those two rather strange polarities, this interview with San Francisco-based artist Desirée Holman seems surprisingly linear. Make-believe as a phrase has a childlike innocence, but in the hands of Holman it takes on qualities of obsession, longing, and the grotesque. Her work takes the form of... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/26/09
        For the last six months, Jeffrey Vallance has been asking me (along with hundreds of others) to become a member of one of various online Facebook groups. Though the groups vary in impulse and scope, many of them are marked “Organizations - Religious Organizations,” and surround semi-mystical, definitively Vallancian objects: Sheep Bung, Polynesian Butt Plug, and the Noid... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 10/26/09
        Just this last weekend, the commercial galleries around Chinatown did a test-run of a new experiment: many will now be open on Sundays. Around the kegs and beer buckets of openings, this change has been chewed on by the hoi polloi to various results with some calling it a weak ploy to get the handful of LA collectors to actually come east, while others trumpeted it as a way... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/27/09
Marcel Duchamp may be the first to drag things out of the garbage, but his act was one of aggression; so bold and daring he didn’t even put his name on it. He was merely asking us to reconsider the object of art. Many artists since then have been plying simple objects, putting them forward for artistic purposes. The artists of Arte Povera were trying to make art in the scale of life,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/27/09
Oh pop art. What have you done to us? What have we done to you? We were thrilled when the popular and the common was displayed without the hokiness of regional art, but with the cool imprimatur of downtown intellectual chic. But as time passed, the simple soup can became insufficient. If mythology and history were the fodder for an elite of painters long past, then television and cinema... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/27/09
Ry Rocklen is a humble celebrator of the forgotten, a poet of the trashed, an elevator of the ruined, the scrapped, and the otherwise junked. Rocklen gives the second-hand a second life. In this exhibition, it is not the simple reclaiming of the trashed but a reinvention of them. A tattered sweatshirt found outside on the pavement, so smashed and gray it looked as if it were trying to become one... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/27/09
Quick survey: Which building in Los Angeles would you like to have demolished? 1)    Disney Concert Hall 2)    The Pacific Design Center 3)    Staples Center 4)    Broad Contemporary Art Center 5)    Rodeo Drive Boutiques 6)    Kodak Center Somehow you feel like it’s a test, a test that will reveal a secret about yourself, about your city, about, at the very least, what one small segment... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/27/09
      Voices include those of Desirée Holman, Chris Perez, Anthony Meier, Rena Bransten, Larry Rinder, Constance Lewallen, Chris Kubick, Kevin Killian, Chris Perez, Claudia Altman-Siegel, and Steve Seid     I’ve been to San Francisco more times than any other city I’ve not actually lived in. Growing up in LA, it’s where my acne-scarred, Kerouac reading, Dead Kennedies listening,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 9/17/09
Sept. 2009 -  ArtSlant's Senior Editor, Andrew Berardini, had a conversation with Ari Marcopoulos about his exhibition Within Arm's Reach at the Berkeley Art Museum (Sept. 23, 2009 - Feb.7, 2010) and other projects.  The following exchange came from that conversation. I'll be your mirror Reflect what you are, in case you don't know I'll be the wind, the rain and the sunset The light on your... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 8/23/09
Los Angeles, Aug. 2009 - I hate superlatives. But at twenty-four-years old, French-Algerian artist Neil Beloufa has made with his work, Kempinski, 2007, likely one of the best pieces of video art I may have ever seen. Dubious superlatives asides, his work has circled both the film festival circuit and gallery exhibitions collecting dozens of awards and vociferous praise. Working in the... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 8/3/09
Rarely, in recent history, has an artist distinguished him or herself as primarily a printmaker (or at least none jump to mind, like might happen with say painters or photographers), especially in terms of art after conceptualism, where the medium was rarely, if ever, the message. As Sol Lewitt wrote in Paragraphs on Conceptual Art, “Any idea that is better stated in two dimensions should not be... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 8/3/09
“Robert Frank, Swiss, unobtrusive, nice, with that little camera that he raises and snaps with one hand he sucked a sad poem right out of America,” wrote Jack Kerouac about Frank’s landmark photo essay, The Americans, a selection from which is currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art at California Plaza. Initiated by curators Rebecca Morse and Corrina Peipon in honor of... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 8/3/09
While cavorting around Europe and going to various conferences and festivals for a week and a half last summer, I quickly realized that I was on a brief leg of the Hans Ulrich Obrist tour. I saw him three times in totally different locations across Europe, and the in-between time, he was in New York, Reykjavik, and Granada (well-documented in pictures by A dream project of mine is... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/6/09
Simon Forti has danced through the last forty years of contemporary art like a Zelig of modern movement. After studying with Anna Halprin, Merce Cunningham, and Martha Graham and becoming a pioneering member of the Judson Dance Theater, Forti went on to become a rare choreographer who’s variety of activities led to her contributing to Artforum, performing Dance Constructions in Yoko Ono’s loft,... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/6/09
Rather than dive headfirst into troubling eyewitness accounts of the punishing social dynamics of the art world, I thought we’d begin with a little etiquette lesson. Recently I was asked by the daring and creative editors of Paper Monument to contribute to a handy pamphlet they were publishing on etiquette in the art world, the pamphlet is in the offing and I offer this as a sneak preview on one... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c
Posted: 7/5/09
At its modern inception, the relationship between text and art is wrapped up in revolutionary politics (Futurists and Surrealist manifestoes regularly hurling their defiance at the stars) and literarature (Breton, Tzara, Stein, all breaking, bending, and finding writing to respond or sometimes help invent trends in visual art). Language breaks down and become the shattered Dada collage of... Read-more-graphic-3b0e37e73c1426b2a5c5599da232620c