Please join us for an artist t alk by British artist Giles Round on \;Monday 23 February at 7pmin  \;the gallery. Round&rsquo\;s work \;Untitled\, 1943/1944 (SORRY!)< /em> \;is the second in the series ofSPACE billboard projects on the co rner of St. Clarens and Bloor Street West.


Giles Round looks to the language of modernism to explore the history of ideological positions that proposed methods for new modes of living and production\, and the influence these have had on how we live in the presen t. His works trace alternative histories of British modernism &ndash\; thos e that are often overshadowed by the canonical modernist narrative and part icularly those relating to the decorative or domestic. As such\, his work e ncompasses sculpture\, architecture\, typography\, furniture and functional objects. Through these various forms he engages with the discourse and ide as that dismantle the hierarchies between applied and fine arts and merge a rt and life. There exists an allusion to moments of collectivity\, inherent within the history of modernism itself\, hinting at past\, present and fut ure euphoria. Since 2011\, he has been working on three conceptually driven long-term and large-scale projects\; The Coniston Secession\, The Grantche ster Pottery and THE SCHTIP. The Grantchester Pottery mimics the structure of historic artist decorative arts studios such as Omega Workshops and Hamm er Prints Ltd\, to embrace and elicit collaborative anonymous artist design \, producing utilitarian ceramics\, alongside other decorative household it ems &ndash\; such as printed and woven textiles\, wallpaper\, painted furni ture and hand painted murals. Developed in close collaboration with Grizeda le Arts\, Cumbria\, The Coniston Secession\, is a long-term project and met a-structure in which to produce works &ndash\; Grizedale Arts acts as produ cer and skilled artisans as manufacturers. THE SCHTIP is a collaboration be tween two artists\, Giles Round &\; Sarah Staton. Founded in April 2013\ , THE SCHTIP is mutable in form and has to date operated as gallery\, archi tectural practice and artist.

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