Pushing boundaries\, testing l imits: this powerful exhibition from the Barjeel Art Foundation\, Sharjah\, UAE runs the gamut from photography to installation\, sculpture to paintin g\, and more. Experience the work of 12 Arab artists who examine how privat e life is shaped by current political events.


Featuring some of the most exciting contemporary art coming out of the Middle East and North Africa today\, the works in this exhibition are united by an awareness of struggle &mdash\; the struggle to cross geopoliti cal borders\; the struggle to forge an identity in an ever-shifting world\; and the inherent struggle of being an artist.


Home Ground: Contemporary Art from the Barjeel Art Foundation  \;is remarkable in its variety. Khaled Jarrar&rsquo\;s Volleyball offers a poetic response to conversations held with children playing by th e separation wall near Ramallah. Manal al-Dowayan&rsquo\;s ephemeral instal lation \;Suspended Together \;addresses the position of wo men in contemporary Saudi society. Adel Abidin&rsquo\;s video \;Mem orial \;explores how ordinary life is violated by war. Raafat Isha k&rsquo\;s Responses to an Immigration Request from \;One Hundred a nd Ninety-Four Governments \;serves as a witty but poignant testam ent to challenges experienced by many immigrants and to the creativity of a rtists worldwide. These and other works in \;Home Ground: Contempor ary Art from the Barjeel Art Foundation \;comment on the impact of crossing borders\, both political and personal\, in the 21st century.

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