The AGH is the fortunate recipient of many gifts of art. Spe cial donations and grants also allow us to make important purchases. This e xhibition highlights our recent acquisitions of historical and contemporary art\, revealing the collecting mandate of the gallery\, as well as the tas tes of our local\, regional and national donors. Collecting decisions are g overned by the AGH Acquisitions Committee as well as curatorial staff\, and together we are pleased to offer the public a first viewing of some of our most exciting and engaging new works.

Works by local\, nation al and international artists\, including Fiona Kinsella\, David Milne\, Jos eph Hartman\, John Hartman\, Katherine MacDonald\, Eldon Garnet\, Anne Sava ge\, Frederick Verner\, Leon Kroll\, Claude Tousignant\, David Merritt\, an d Louis de Niverville make for a fascinating and varied presentation of art past and present\, and serve to give an essence of how the permanent colle ction has been enriched in recent years.

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