ArtSlant - Recently added en-us 40 Stephan Martiniere - Pop Gallery - September 2nd - October 31st <p style="text-align: justify;">Futurescapes by Stephan Martiniere</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">New to Santa Fe's diverse and eclectic art community is Stephan Martiniere, an internationally acclaimed Science Fiction and Fantasy artist. In the past 25 years he has become known for his talent, versatility and imagination in every entertainment fields including feature films, animation, video games, theme parks, editorial, commercial and book covers. Martiniere will unveil new works on canvas summer 2016 exclusively at POP Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. An artist reception will be hosted during annual Wine &amp; Chile Fiesta week Friday September 23rd. <br /> <br /> His clients include ILM, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks. Stephan Martiniere has worked on movies such as Tomorrowland, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, 300: Rise of an Empire, Total Recall (2012), I, Robot, Tron: Legacy, Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3, Star Trek (2009), Knowing, The Fifth Element, Virus, Red Planet, The Astronaut's Wife, Sphere, Titan A.E, and Time Machine, as well as the upcoming The Fifth Wave, Independence Day, Resurgence, The Suicide Squad and Solutrean.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Stephan was the Art Director for the visually acclaimed game Rage for ID Software. He was the Visual Design Director responsible for the games URU: Ages beyond Myst, URU: The Path of the Shell and Myst 5. He worked several years as Visual Design Director for the game Stranglehold in Chicago for Midway games and later as Creative Visual Director of the concept department for other Midway games including Black Site Area 51, Blitz, Ballers, MK vs DC, Wheelman and several un-announced titles. One of his most recent projects, Suicide Squad, will be released nationwide August 2016. <br /> <br /> Full Bio/CV:</p> Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:29:10 +0000 Joel Nakamura - Pop Gallery - September 2nd - September 30th <p style="text-align: justify;">New works 2016<br /> The Fundamental Issues: Life, death, sex, drugs , seafood and cellular phones: show opens Sept 2nd-30th. Artist reception during Wine &amp; Chile Fiesta weekend, Friday September 23rd 5-7pm.<br /> <br /> Award winning Santa Fe artist &amp; author, Joel Nakamura is known for his unique style: a blend of folk art and sophisticated iconography rendered in a neo-primitive technique. He is chosen for many of his commissions for his knowledge of tribal art, mythology, and for his ability to convey stories and information in an intricate and engaging manner.</p> Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:27:10 +0000 Daniel Martin Diaz - Pop Gallery - August 18th - November 5th <p style="text-align: justify;"><br /> Explore new works by Daniel Martin Diaz during August 2016. Meet the artist Friday August 19th, 6-8pm.<br /> <br /> About Eternal Universe:<br /> I believe art is a reflection of ourselves, the story of humanity, and a quest to understand the physical and metaphysical world. As we try to understand our place in the universe, art can be an important part of the dialogue we can create and share with each other. In my work, I seek to reveal the mysterious with arcane imagery and techniques that make sense to me on a deep level that words cannot quantify. In "Eternal Universe," there is an underlying dichotomy of the power of technology and our quantum connection to it and our Universe. In this work, I present the questions of how might our use or mis-use of technology permanently alter the future of humanity and what is our personal responsibility for our effect on the world and each other? It is my attempt to capture the complexity and beauty of the underlying mechanisms that bind us in an emotion. - Daniel Martin Diaz</p> Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:24:10 +0000 Brent Learned, Bunky Echo-Hawk, Debra Pappan, Greg Deal, Joe Hopkins, J Nico Hatfield, Ryan Redcorn, Steven Grounds, Steven Paul Judd - Pop Gallery - August 5th - August 30th <p style="text-align: justify;">#nativepop showcases today's top Native American street, progressive, contemporary, and pop artists from around the country. This show will highlight a new path for Native American art featured in Indian Country as well as continue the dialogue that "we" as native people are still here. As society changes art reflects that change. This exhibit evidences how Native Americans also change with the times. <br /> <br /> Showcased during the Annual Santa Fe Indian Market, #nativepop features Brent Learned, Bunky Echo-Hawk, Debra Pappan, Greg Deal, Joe Hopkins, J Nico Hatfield, Ryan Redcorn, Steven Grounds and Steven Paul Judd. Artist reception Thursday August 18th 6-8pm.</p> Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:22:30 +0000 - Manitou Galleries - October 7th - October 31st <p style="text-align: justify;">The Classic Collection at Manitou Galleries is proud to exhibit the incredible realist paintings from Instructors and Alumni from Studio Incamminati.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">For more than a decade, Studio Incamminati has been in the forefront of the burgeoning contemporary realist art movement. Founded by Nelson and Leona Shanks, it is now recognized nationally and internationally for its rigorous curriculum, accomplished instructors and diverse outreach efforts.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The school, modeled on the traditional Italian academia and French atelier, is committed to the belief that mastery of technique is essential to creative expression. Its innovative curriculum fuses classical traditions of the Renaissance era masters, luminous color of the Impressionists and a fresh, contemporary sensibility. Its goal is to produce highly skilled artists who call upon their training and abilities to create art with depth of purpose. Its artists, faculty and alumni have been featured at numerous prominent venues including exhibitions at the National Arts Club, NYC; S.R. Brennen Galleries, Santa Fe, and Philadelphia&rsquo;s Comcast Center.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Even the school&rsquo;s name is filled with symbolism. In Italian, &ldquo;Incamminati&rdquo; means &ldquo;moving forward&rdquo; and invokes the spirit of its namesake studio founded by the Renaissance artist, Annibale Carracci. Studio Incamminati, one of the few schools of its type accredited by the National Associations of Schools of Art and Design, fulfills its vision in a number of ways. In addition to its core Advanced Fine Art Program, the school offers workshops open to the general public both in Philadelphia and with the In Your Town programs nationwide. Other programs serve school-age artists and art educators. The Integrated Art Studio major, offers the opportunity to earn a liberal-arts degree at Chestnut Hill College while taking studio classes at Studio Incamminati.</p> Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:17:22 +0000 Jeff Cochran - Manitou Galleries - September 16th - September 30th <p style="text-align: justify;">Jeff Cochran grew up in a small town in Indiana and won an art scholarship to attend college. He began is art career as an illustrator for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, and by the age of 20 he sold his first painting.</p> <p class="pullquote" style="text-align: justify;">He began is art career as an illustrator for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, and by the age of 20 he sold his first painting.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Cochran has a house and studio in Taos, New Mexico, along with 5 acres of organic gardens. In winter, he spends his time in "a funky little tin-roof cabin in Costa Rica that is fairly close to the ocean."</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Much of Cochran's early success and renown came from his large paintings of Chimpanzees. "I started painting them in college and right away I could see that people liked them and connected with them - they're almost self-portraits of some sort. It's a fun mental game too, because it's like the chimps are human without being human, and I think that makes it easier for viewers to put themselves in the painting when it is a chimp than if it were a portrait of just some non-descript human." Cochran's dinner with Jane Goodall came about when he found out that the Jane Goodall Institute's annual fundraiser. Uninvited, he sent them a four-foot chimp painting. Goodall loved the painting so much that she didn't want to auction it off but wanted to hang it in her office. So Cochran sent a second painting to donate to the auction, and later attended Goodall's 70th birthday party.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">In addition to painting, Cochran is an organic farmer, selling vegetables at farmer's markets, as well as opening his farm to young people interested in gardening and farming. Cochran thinks of his farming as art, and that what he is really doing is creating a giant land sculpture. "The different colors of plants and soil and mulch contrasting with furrows and beds are like a three dimensional painting."</p> Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:17:26 +0000