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20140328084852-nina_elder2011_ore_arsenic_acryliconpnel24by24 Mining Northern New Mexico: Human-made Tools to Solve Human-made Problems   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Jonathan Blaustein, Nina Elder, Debbie Long at Harwood Museum of Art February 22nd - May 4th
Posted 3/28/14

In the stark, grandiose landscapes of Northern New Mexico, it is easy to see the human element as small. Significant to be sure, but comparatively outweighed by the beauty and immensity that radiates so gracefully and quietly from big-sky vistas. Compared to the dramatic landscape, the human presence is more akin to interference, a disruption of the Wild West. The byproducts of this human disruption therefore mar the land more visibly and more violently against the backdrop of high desert and moun... [more]

20140220184325-icepop_a5t2158 Santa Fe's Own Art World Outsiders Bring Us Into the Realm of Ice and Art   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Crockett Bodelson, Sandra Wang at Center for Contemporary Art January 24th - March 30th
Posted 2/20/14

Although collaborative artist duo SCUBA arrived in Santa Fe relatively recently in 2011, it seems about time they participate in a major solo exhibition. Comprised of Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson, the collaborative partners have become the darlings of the Santa Fe emerging artists scene, bringing playful and accessible innovation to the all-too-often stuffy offerings of Santa Fe’s conventional art market. The pair met in San Francisco in 2007, and formed SCUBA in 2008. Shortly after... [more]

20140123170314-snow_poems_instal_2 Rooted to the Landscape, Commited to the Community: Santa Fe in 2013   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 1/23/14

Art is felt to be Santa Fe’s lifeblood, both in terms of economic prosperity and in the more abstract sense of cultural capital. Thus, visual creations creep their way onto every available surface, and this is part of the city’s charm: art is not restricted to the gallery and the museum. In the City Different, hit exhibitions take place in widely varying venues, from restaurants and cafes to makeshift studios and auto mechanic garages; visual expression just runs that deep. There is a d... [more]

20131213150132-barrymore The Stereo, the Type   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
cannupa hanska luger at Museum of Contemporary Native Arts August 16th, 2013 - December 31st, 2013
Posted 12/13/13

The words “Native American ceramic vessel” most likely bring to mind images of earthy red clay painted with elaborate patterns in black and white, or perhaps incised. The images the words conjure, it could be said, are stereotypical. However, the ceramic vessels created by contemporary Native American artist Cannupa Hanska Luger are stereotypes of an entirely different order: for one, they are actually stereos. Specifically, they are sculpted boomboxes adorned with “Indian&rdqu... [more]

20131115162257-01_beznau_l “The Push of a Button”   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Rankin & Dub Ainu Band, ChimÎPom, Peter Cusack, Nina Elder, Eric Lusito, Vanessa Renwick, Bettina Samson, Jim Sanborn, Claudia X. Valdes, Greta Young, Luca Zanier at Center for Contemporary Art October 11th, 2013 - January 5th
Posted 11/15/13

Santa Fe is situated approximately thirty-five miles southeast of Los Alamos, New Mexico, birthplace of the atomic bomb during World War II. Despite or maybe (subconsciously) in spite of this proximity, the two locations couldn't be more different. Santa Fe is a Southwestern mecca of arts, culture, and tourism, offering up countless spiritual traditions, speckled with alternative health and wellness options, and fiercely loyal to its charming adobe style. Just up the hill, tucked away on the mesa... [more]

20131011073246-floyd_newsum_i_know_the_grackle___but_you_don_t_know_me As Patterns Emerge   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Floyd Newsum at Wade Wilson Art Santa Fe October 3rd, 2013 - November 11th, 2013
Posted 10/11/13

Floyd Newsum's paintings convey a deeply personal, nuanced, and optimistic expression of historical change and motion. Newsum was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where he had first hand experience observing socio-political and cultural change take shape in the 1960’s. As an adolescent he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. alongside his father, a local firefighter. Newsum received his BFA from the Memphis College of Art and his MFA from Temple University in Philadelphia. He has been a professor... [more]

20130922083655-dsc_1773 The Pearl of Memory   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Enrique Martínez Celaya at SITE Santa Fe July 13th, 2013 - October 13th, 2013
Posted 9/26/13

It is curious how memories from childhood have their own specific barriers to being completely restored. They are not only hollowed out by the distance of time, but also altered fundamentally as psychosocial development takes its course. The result is a slippage between history and its many emotional associations; what’s left are mixed feelings of remorseful nostalgia and relief that bygones are indeed bygone. In The Pearl, Cuban American artist Enrique Martínez Celaya takes up the d... [more]

20130627145248-luncheon After Dark   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Fay Ku at Eight Modern May 31st, 2013 - July 14th, 2013
Posted 6/28/13

Asa nisa masa, a phrase from Fellini’s 8½, is an incantation recalled from the childhood of the film’s protagonist, Guido. In the film we see a young Guido utter the phrase repeatedly while wildly jumping and flapping his arms in the hopes of summoning a painting on his bedroom wall to come to life. The current exhibition on view at Eight Modern gallery by Fay Ku owes its title to Guido’s memorable hymn. When you remove the second syllable of each word in the phrase asa nisa masa, what is left is... [more]

20140130160702-angledview Material World   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
at Red Dot Gallery May 24th, 2013 - June 28th, 2013
Posted 5/30/13

Materials are often an afterthought in the artistic process; something to be snatched up in an art supply superstore from fluorescent-lit shelves of chromatically organized jars and tubes. Among artists who hunt for and process their own materials, however, medium becomes an inevitable focal point of the work. The romance of mixing minerals with egg yolk or spreading a tea stain across a blank page can become its own intriguing story, independent from the subject of the final piece. In Rare Ear... [more]

20130427170934-o Caught in the Web   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
David Leigh, Larry Bob Phillips at Munoz-Waxman Gallery April 18th, 2013 - May 5th, 2013
Posted 4/27/13

The Big Hoot, a new installation currently on view at CCA, is a towering and tangled sight to behold. The ceiling-high piece dominates the entire peripheral area of the warehouse-style Munoz Waxman Front Gallery. The work is made up of interconnected segments of wood; acrylic paint in psychedelic colors decorates the rolling surface of the interconnecting parts; cartoonish figures thrust out at the viewer from various angles, pulling you into a visual roller coaster that moves up and down a ser... [more]

20130329085808-_dsc0052__640x427_ Tell Me Something Good   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
at University of New Mexico Art Museum Center for the Arts (Main Campus) March 1st, 2013 - May 4th, 2013
Posted 3/29/13

Driving to Albuquerque from Santa Fe in March is like propelling into the future by about a month or so. Santa Fe, while having begun its spring thaw, will continue the slow crawl out of winter for some time to come. In Albuquerque, however, chartreuse buds appear at the tips of branches, hyacinths sway in the balmy breeze, and flocks of students drape the patios of outdoor bars along Central. Spring representing a fresh start, I thought it befitting to cover Speak to Me: The 19th Annual Juried Exhib... [more]

20130124135626-making_light_of_it-michelle_blade Until The End of the World   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Michelle Blade at Center for Contemporary Art January 18th, 2013 - February 17th, 2013
Posted 1/24/13

Just before 2012 gave way to 2013, we saw another end times prediction come and go. As the Mayan calendar drew to a close, the world kept on turning, and as far as I can tell no massive shift of consciousness took place. This most recent brush with doomsday anticipation now sits neatly at the end of Wikipedia’s list of “dates predicted for apocalyptic events”. Each prediction on the list has of course been repudiated by the world’s pesky habit of sticking around. Perusing this catalogue of grim... [more]

20121205101824-0 Deep Space   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
at New Mexico History Museum September 30th, 2012 - February 10th, 2013
Posted 12/5/12

There is a fascination with yards in New Mexico. Standard, square swaths of green grass are virtually out of the question for everyone except the most devout turf tenders in our parched environment. As an East Coast transplant I remember all too well the angst that can be associated with lawns. Let it go wild, and overgrown and you might as well announce aloud to the entire neighborhood that you are a sex-addicted psychopath. In New Mexico, however, in the absence of greenery and the psychoanalysis... [more]

20121121083509-cca2 The Plush Life   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Tamara Wilson at Center for Contemporary Art October 26th, 2012 - December 9th, 2012
Posted 11/21/12

I recall a space I used to rent in leaner times—a 200 square foot postage stamp of a dwelling. It smelled deeply of cigarettes and oil, a stench that no amount of sage burning or febreezing on my part could ever lift. There was a tiny kitchen, so narrow that my elbows would bump against the wall when I cooked. The carpet was brindled with mysterious stains. The space was empty of furniture save for an old hospital bed I inherited from the previous tenant and an ugly ottoman embroidered with pea... [more]

20121010062203-inside_the_outside_2 Turn on the Bright Lights   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
SCUBA at Caldera Gallery September 1st, 2012 - October 23rd, 2012
Posted 10/10/12

Recently, on an almost-chilly evening in late September, I parked my car outside Caldera Gallery. The sun was setting for a drive-in viewing of E.T. Twilight lingered on yellowing leaves as the zesty smell of green chiles roasting perfumed the air: staples of Santa Fe’s autumnal exuberance. In the downtime before the start of the movie I stepped inside Caldera to look around. The shop in the back is full of cheerfully colored ceramic figurines and teacups, decoratively adorned wooden blocks, mi... [more]

20120913163351-mwone Market Watch   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 9/13/12

I learned of the grand opening of a new OmegaMart branch store in Santa Fe on the company website. Splashy ads in primary colors flashily heralded its arrival. I found the market occupying a corner in a half-deserted strip mall in South Santa Fe. From the street it looks unassuming, like the last store standing in a tumbleweed strewn ghost town. A young woman greeted me as I walked in the door with frosty robotic enthusiasm. Japanese pop plays soothingly on the loud speakers. In the back of the o... [more]

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