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Santa Fe
by Madeline Eschenburg
Apartment of Dreams Come True
On Tuesday, December 2, Beijing-based artists Song Xi (宋兮) and Yang Xinjia (杨欣嘉) received notice that their apartment complex,... [more]
by Danna Lorch
The Egyptian Revolution incited an outpouring of graffiti, most of it politically motivated and aimed at an audience of ordinary... [more]
by Yoanna Terziyska
The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) have taken on a novel approach to programming in the last year... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
Peckham's Arcadia Missa, founded by Rozsa Farkas with Tom Clark as assistant director and head of publishing, and Tenderpixel, founde... [more]
by Brad Phillips
I remember when I first moved to Vancouver, and told people I was from Toronto, the venom and animosity for my hometown astonis... [more]
by Danna Lorch
In much of the Middle East, graffiti is regarded as a form of vandalism—a subversive crime to be scrubbed away or painte... [more]
by S V Kim
Allora & Calzadilla at Philadelphia Museum of Art
“Intervals revels in the unknowable as essential to human experience. The exhibition bears witness to incomplete presences and resonant rema... [more]
by Edo Dijksterhuis
Galerie Bart Amsterdam: Bart Invites
An empty wall to fill but on a tight budget? Looking for an original Christmas gift? Or are you just an avid bargain hunter?... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
Raven Row
Opening this weekend at Raven Row London is a series of events about the intersection of literature and art called Plastic Words... [more]
by Deepika Sorabjee
Kochi-Muziris Biennale
The story of the first Kochi Muziris Biennale could quite well have been a Bollywood film plot, so melodramatic was its Decem... [more]
by Char Jansen
Tom Friedman at Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
900 sculptures of everyday objects that together comprise the work Up in the Air by Tom Friedman have arrived at the Tel Aviv Muse... [more]
by Paul Hanford
"Why are young black men 20 times more likely to be shot by the police than young white men? Especially while only 13% of th... [more]
by Thogdin Ripley
Bob Cobbing at CHELSEA space
On the wall of the gallery space at Chelsea College of Arts there is a screen on which a monochrome film plays out. It’s... [more]
by Char Jansen
Paint, in its ancient origins, was made from available materials: egg yolks to bind, sand, soil, plants, and so on for pigmen... [more]
by Caroline Picard
Sarah Belknap & Joseph Belknap at Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)
The ways by which men arrive at knowledge of the celestial things are hardly less wonderful than the nature of these things them... [more]
by Priyanka Sacheti
Recently exhibited at Galleryskye, New Delhi, Avinash Veeraraghavan and Pieter Schoolwerth's works, We Don't See What Things... [more]
by Eva Recinos
With a flurry of activity already under way in this year’s Miami Beach Art Basel, it’s no surprise that some artis... [more]
by Joel Kuennen
Material can be transcendent. Postmodernism is failing. History is a spiral. These three assumptions underlie Oren Pinhassi’s... [more]
by Joel Kuennen
A word forms a concept of its own object in a dialogic way. —Mikhail Bakhtin, Discourse in the Novel, 1941 Adam Douglas... [more]
by Rob Goyanes
The increase in events, exhibitions, one-offs, happenings, parties, cultural gatherings, informal mixers, themed bashes and netw... [more]
by Allyson Parker
Pedro Reyes at Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami
The Institute of Contemporary Art hosted its inaugural show last night to a fanfare of eager art world denizens. Following its st... [more]
by Stephanie Cristello
Aqua Art Miami
Luxury is so often determined by a price tag. But commerce is rarely how we interact with the phenomena of high-end merchandi... [more]
by Rob Goyanes
Last night, the poignancy of being a local for Art Basel Miami Beach was acute when talking to Kyle Chapman, an artist who grew... [more]
by Caroline Picard
Anastasia Samoylova does not go out into summer fields when she begins a new work of landscape photography. She goes online, haunting p... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Olu Michael Odukoya is an art director, publisher, and curator who has founded two independent art magazines—Kilimanjaro,... [more]
by Char Jansen
Parisian-born, Puerto Rico-based Charlotte Dutoit is a jet set curator working with some of the hottest tipped new names in the la... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Art Basel Miami Beach
Positions, one of Art Basel Miami Beach's nine sectors, was conceived as a platform for established gallerists to present to o... [more]
by Edo Dijksterhuis
Tony Oursler at De Oude Kerk
True to their sometimes petty nature and deep-seated adversity to change the town folk of Amsterdam were up in arms last year whe... [more]
by Paul Hanford
In late October, a YouTube video for a hotel in Copenhagen went moderately viral—you may have seen it. Filmed using the glossy... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
From Emma Watson's recent "game-changing" UN speech, to Petra Collin's banned-from-Instagram bikini line debacle, gender equa... [more]
by Monica Torres
Graffiti was born in protest. Recalling this origin, street, graffiti, and mural artists in Miami are standing up for social... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
It's an understatement to call Art Basel Miami Beach an art world event: it's a phenomenon. Organizers reported some 75,000 attendee... [more]
by Edo Dijksterhuis
New World Center
The current art market status of video art is comparable to that of photography in the early nineties. Back then photography wa... [more]
by Keren Goldberg
A few years ago, I was working for a not-for-profit art space in Tel Aviv. One of the most successful shows there was a group e... [more]
by Manus Groenen
This weekend Amsterdam's prestigious Rijksakademie opens its doors for the annual RijksakademieOPEN, a perennial highlight of... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
SAIC Secret Admirers was started in March of 2013. The Facebook page for anonymously posting amorous yearnings quickly took off, garnering likes from over 50% of the School o... [more]
by Guy Parker
The moving image has a long-standing relationship with trickery: deceiving the eye, suspending disbelief, displaying the impos... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
The job of artist’s assistant has a confusing reputation in the press. Articles about the ongoing saga of Jasper Johns'... [more]
by Emily Greenberg
Earlier this month, London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz made headlines with his 3D-printed "nano" sculptures. Each sculpture is ap... [more]
by Char Jansen
A group exhibition opening this week at EOA Projects London—a 400 square metre commercial space in London dedicated to M... [more]
by Char Jansen
"That's not real. Tell me that's not real. Is it?" "This is the worst thing I've ever seen :(" "FUCK THAT." "Whack." "Die.... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
I recently came across Matthew Collings’ mid-nineties book Blimey! From Bohemia to Brit Pop, a no-holds-barred, bystande... [more]
by Edo Dijksterhuis
GEM, The Hague
To be talked about—positively or negatively, it hardly matters—is the principle aim of every art prize with an exhib... [more]
by Char Jansen
Hip Hop and capitalism could be said to share the same ideals. American Hip Hop and the American Dream promote the same goal of self-made... [more]
by James Loks
Jonathan Jones writes an art blog for the Guardian newspaper. I read his column with the same morbid fascination I used to reserve for those times when I’d come across... [more]
by Andrew Berardini
Picasso’s oft quoted “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” is one of those dubious chestnuts likely repeated in the ha... [more]
by Andrea Zlotowitz
Making the art world accessible to anyone with an internet connection. —Artsy Visual art is rarely understood unless it is reck... [more]
by Paul Hanford
It has been announced that fans of Damien Hirst describe themselves as moody, love TV's Ross Kemp, and eat vegetarian bangers a... [more]
by Bea De Sousa
Christopher Kulendran Thomas is an artist/art strategist whose approach I have long admired. When I invited him to realize a pr... [more]
by ArtSlant Team
Legendary performance artist Marina Abromovic announced today her next public workshop aimed at helping others push beyond their o... [more]
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