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San Francisco

George Lawson Gallery

Sep, 2015 Sara Bright - frescoes
Sara Bright
Jul, 2015 Younger Than George - 12 Painters in their 20s and 30s
Sara Bright, Amanda Curreri, Rebekah Goldstein, Michael Kindred Knight, Erin Loree, Katrin Maeurich, Heather Gwen Martin, Jacob Melchi, Jenny Sharaf, Brandon Shimmel, Laina Terpstra, Zhiyuan Wang
May, 2015 John Meyer - diptychs
John Meyer
Mar, 2015 NANCY HAYNES: four paintings
Nancy Haynes
Mar, 2015 GARY STEPHAN: selected paintings
Gary Stephan
Feb, 2015 TAMA HOCHBAUM: silver screen
Tama Hochbaum
Feb, 2015 ERIN LAWLOR four paintings: london fields
Erin Lawlor
Nov, 2014 selected paintings
Michael Voss
Oct, 2014 Aggregate Exposure
Phil Chang, Heather Cleary, John Houck, James Hyde, Klea McKenna, FABIOLA MENCHELLI, Carrie Pollack, Mariah Robertson, Kunie Sugiura, Sara VanDerBeek, Hannah Whitaker, Letha Wilson
Sep, 2014 Short Ride in a Fast Machine: New Paintings
Clem Crosby
Oct, 2013 Alma Chaney: new paintings
Alma Chaney
Sep, 2013 u.x: recent photographs
Susan Mikula
Jun, 2013 Sara Bright and Andy Byers: same song: new paper and ceramic works
Sara Bright, Andy Byers
May, 2013 Marie Thibeault: funtown: new paintings
Marie Thibeault
Mar, 2013 John Millei: recent paintings
John Millei
Mar, 2013 Stephen Beal: whites and linens
Stephen Beal
Feb, 2013 Linda Vallejo: make 'em all mexican
Linda Vallejo
Jan, 2013 Alan Ebnother: recent paintings
Alan Ebnother
Jan, 2013 Donald Martiny: recent paintings
Donald Martiny
Nov, 2012 Masaru Kurose: mudai, recent paintings, and in the middle gallery, Ward Schumaker: dumb boxes
Masaru Kurose, Ward Schumaker
Oct, 2012 Recent Paintings
Erin Lawlor
Oct, 2012 Recent Paintings
Nancy Haynes
Sep, 2012 Jacob Melchi: new paintings, and in the middle gallery, Alma Chaney: namesless spaces: recent paintings
Alma Chaney, Jacob Melchi
Aug, 2012 Paper
Lorene Anderson, Judith Belzer, Sara Bright, Richmond Burton, David Eddington, Roger Herman, Tama Hochbaum, Linda Jacobson, Masaru Kurose, Jacob Melchi, Michael Moore, Marie Thibeault, Jennah Ward
Jul, 2012 Turbulence
Angela Baker, Sara Bright, Stephan Fritsh, Erin Lawlor, Julia Schwartz, Marie Thibeault, Catherine Tirr
May, 2012 Nano Rubio: Vectors, Recent Paintings, and in the rear gallery, David Eddington: Ontology, Recent Paintings
David Eddington, Nano Rubio
Apr, 2012 It Takes a Train
Tama Hochbaum
Apr, 2012 Tama Hochbaum: Recent Photographs, and in the rear gallery, Patti Oleon: Selected Paintings
Tama Hochbaum, Patti Oleon
Mar, 2012 CLEM CROSBY: Recent Paintings and Drawings & in the rear gallery, JENNAH WARD: Recent Photograms
Clem Crosby and Jennah Ward
Feb, 2012 Seven Young Los Angeles Painters I like
Jonathan Apgar, Sarah Awad, Rema Ghuloum, Christopher Kuhn, Anne McCaddon, Jacob Melchi, Nano Rubio
Jan, 2012 Fifty Vellums | Selections from the Series, Recent Paintings on Paper
Tad Wiley
Nov, 2011 Los Angeles Paintings
Richmond Burton
Oct, 2011 American Bond, Recent Photographs
Susan Mikula
Mar, 2011 Marie Thibeault: new paintings
Mar, 2011 selections from American Vale: recent photographs
Susan Mikula
Jan, 2011 Tama Hochbaum: recent photographs
Tama Hochbaum
Jan, 2011 Ward Schumaker: selected paintings from the composer series
Ward Schumaker
Jan, 2011 Stephan Fritsch: selected paintings
Stephan Fritsch
Jan, 2011 a wall of paintings
Roger Herman
Nov, 2010 Stephen Beal: recent paintings
Stephen Beal
Oct, 2010 Stephen Westfall - the rome prize: recent paintings
Stephen Westfall
Oct, 2010 Clem Crosby: new paintings
Clem Crosby
Sep, 2010 Judith Belzer; order of magnitude: recent paintings
Judith Belzer
Sep, 2010 Nina Zurier; conditions and connections: recent photographs
Nina Zurier
Jul, 2010 California Summer - selected works: bay area and los angeles artists
Lorene Anderson, Angela Baker, Judith Belzer, Nan Grand-Jean, Roger Herman, David Maxim, Chris Ashley & Ann Mcconville, Ward Schumaker, Marie Thibeault, Jennah Ward, Nina Zurier
Jun, 2010 room for painting 18 - Tad Wiley: selected paintings
Tad Wiley
Jun, 2010 front gallery 18 - Ron Gorchov: recent watercolors
Ron Gorchov
Jun, 2010 rear gallery 18 - New York: encore selections from gallery artists
Richmond Burton, Nancy Haynes, Susan Mikula, Stephen Westfall
May, 2010 room for painting 17 - Masaru Kurose: recent paintings
Masaru Kurose
May, 2010 rear gallery 17 - Nancy Haynes: selected paintings
Nancy Haynes
May, 2010 front gallery 17 - Alan Ebnother: selected blue paintings
Alan Ebnother
Apr, 2010 room for paper 16 - Judith Foosaner: night flight, collage drawings
Judith Foosaner
Apr, 2010 room for painting 16 - Roger Herman: flora, selected paintings
Roger Herman
Feb, 2010 room for painting 15 - Ward Schumaker: fashion and logic, recent paintings
Ward Schumaker
Feb, 2010 room for paper 15 - Susan Mikula: american device, recent photographs
Susan Mikula
Jan, 2010 room for painting 14 - Angela Baker: trace, recent paintings
Angela Baker
Jan, 2010 room for paper 13 - David Maxim: solstice, selected works on paper
David Maxim
Dec, 2009 room for painting 13 - Evergreen: green paintings
Chris Ashley, Judith Belzer, GINA BORG, Clem Crosby, Michael David, Alan Ebnother, Lynn Glaser, Nan Grand-Jean, Marie Thibeault, Alan Treister, Tad Wiley, John Zurier
Dec, 2009 room for paper 13 - Charlotte Cain: the light of India, works on paper
Charlotte Cain
Nov, 2009 room for painting 12 - Stephen Bambury: recent paintings
Stephen Bambury
Nov, 2009 room for paper 12 - Jude Rae: recent watercolors
Jude Rae
Oct, 2009 room for painting 11-Richmond Burton: tarp painting and selections from the seasons
Richmond Burton
Oct, 2009 room for paper 11- Tama Hochbaum: road grids, composite photographs
Tama Hochbaum
Sep, 2009 Transfocus
Tama Hochbaum, Keira Kotler, Susan Mikula, Jennah Ward, Nina Zurier
Sep, 2009 room for painting 10 - Clem Crosby: recent paintings
Clem Crosby
Sep, 2009 room for paper 10 - Tad Wiley: waterlog, recent works on paper
Tad Wiley
Sep, 2009 front room 10 - Transfocus
Tama Hochbaum, Keira Kotler, Susan Mikula, Jennah Ward, Nina Zurier
Aug, 2009 room for painting 09 - Lorene Anderson: invisible cities, recent paintings
Lorene Anderson
Aug, 2009 room for paper 09 - Quentin Morris: black drawings
Quentin Morris
Aug, 2009 front room 09 - Selected Drawings
Chris Ashley, Roger Herman, David Maxim, Ward Schumaker
Jul, 2009 room for painting 08 - Alan Ebnother: recent paintings
Alan Ebnother
Jul, 2009 room for paper 08 - Rachael Jablo: under a circus sky: recent photographs
Rachael Jablo
May, 2009 room for painting 07 - Marie Thibeault: when worlds collide, recent paintings
Marie Thibeault
May, 2009 room for paper 07 - Stephen Westfall: recent gouaches
Stephen Westfall
Apr, 2009 room for painting 06 - Nan Grand-Jean: recent paintings
Nan Grand-Jean
Apr, 2009 room for paper 06 - Susan Felter: clowns & divas, photographs 1981-1985
Susan Felter
Mar, 2009 room for painting 05 - Michael David: field paintings
Michael David
Mar, 2009 room for paper 05 - Natalie Obermaier: indehiscent fruit, recent photographs
Natalie Obermaier
Feb, 2009 room for paper 04 - Kim Smith: an autobiography in collage
Feb, 2009 room for painting 04 - Amy Sudarsky: naked, recent paintings
Amy Sudarsky
Jan, 2009 Chris Ashley: blue & green paintings
Jan, 2009 Scott MacLeod: drawings 1960-1962
Nov, 2008 room for painting 02
Joseph hughes
Nov, 2008 room for paper 02
Nina Zurier
Nov, 2008 Joseph Hughes, Nina Zurier
Oct, 2008 The Inner Life of Trees: Recent Paintings by Judith Belzer / Composite Trees: Digital Photographs 07>08: Work by Tama Hochbaum
Judith Belzer, Tama Hochbaum

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