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Welcome to  In the ArtSlant world, you will find all sorts of art, art people and art places.  In fact we're all about ART. We invite you to cruise around the neighborhood.  Learn the streets.  Find the landmarks.  Meet the locals... and have a peek at our upcoming events.  There's never a dull moment.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help:


How do I register on ArtSlant?

How do I subscribe to ArtSlant e-newsletters & publications?

>MY PAGE (Your Account Page)

What's My Page? How do I change my basic settings?

What is the difference between My Page and My Profile?

Account and registration troubleshooting


Subscriptions - What's free? What can I pay for?

Basic Membership - Sign Up & Benefits

E-Publications - Weekly & Special Edition Sign Up

Compare Professional Profiles Features: Free | Standard | Premium 

Selling Art on ArtSlant

ArtSlant Prize Series - Sign Up & Benefits

Advertising & Branding - Sign Up & Benefits


How do I create my Basic Professional Profile, or claim my existing Profile?

I Googled myself and found my ArtSlant Profile. Who put me in ArtSlant?

How do I connect with ArtSlant members?

What do I do if I find multiple Profiles with my name?

How do I change my Profile, add images, blogs, etc?

Profiles for writers, curators and arts organizations

Troubleshooting Profile problems

How can I link previous reviews to my Profile?

HINTS - How to create a successful Profile

How do I maximize my visibility on ArtSlant?

What is the Emailer promotion tool? How do I send my announcements and newsletters?


Customizing with my Standard or Premium Profile Package

What are my MyPage tabs?

How do I remove artists, venues or exhibits that appear in my Network connections?

What is the Artworks Manager?  How do I get Collections on my Profile?


What is the Artworks Manager and how do I use it?


Showcase Series & ArtSlant Prize. What are the Prizes? How do I apply?

How Do I Extend or Cancel My Premium Placement?

Showcase Troubleshooting

How Do I Categorize My Work for the Showcase?

How Do I Change/Replace a Showcase Winning Image for My Slideshow or My SalesRoom Gallery?


What Venues do you allow in ArtSlant? How do I apply for the Basic Free Membership?

How do I create my Venue Display, or claim my existing Venue Display?

I am an artist, can I have a venue?

What do I do if I find multiple displays for my venue?

What's a key venue? How do I apply?

I found my gallery listed on ArtSlant, Who added it?  How do I get control over my venue's listing?

How do I edit or change the info on my Venue Display, add images, exhibitions, etc.?

How do I promote my exhibitions, events and artists using ArtSlant?

Troubleshooting Venue problems

How do I remove my venue from the ArtSlant network?

HINTS - Maximizing Exposure for Exhibits & Venues


How do I add a slideshow to my Profile or Venue Display?

How do I get images into my Exhibits/Events?

How do I edit, tag, change or remove my images?

Why are my images rotated incorrectly?

How do I change the order in my image slideshow?

How do I add images to my blog articles or reviews?

How do I add my personal picture on my Profile?

Troubleshooting images

>USING THE RICH TEXT BOX: Creating and Editing Descriptions on all Profiles, Exhibits or Articles

FAQ ON RICH TEXT EDITOR (learn how to use the rich text box on your Artist Profile, Artwork´s description, Venue Display, or for exhibits, blogs and reviews)

Includes information on:

  1. The control panel
  2. Cutting, copying and pasting
  3. Changing the style of your text
  4. Changing the alignment of your text
  5. Changing the font and size of your text
  6. Choosing colors
  7. Adding links
  8. Inserting images
  9. Inserting Videos
  10. Other features including lines, indents, foreign characters
  11. Remove formatting and the "undo" button
  12. HTML editing
  13. Finishing up and changing your article after it's saved



How do I get my exhibits/events into ArtSlant?

There is a mistake on my exhibit - how do I change it?

I just noticed my exhibit is in twice - what do I do?

How do I get my exhibit in the Calendar, Exhibition display?

I want to advertise a call for artists.  Do I add an exhibit to do that?


When should I add an exhibit or event on my profile?

How do I add my exhibit or event onto ArtSlant?

I made a mistake on my exhibit - how do I change it?

I accidentally added an exhibit for each of my images instead of putting them in my slideshow.  What do I do?

What do I put as the Venue?

My exhibit is in the wrong city/neighborhood - what do I do?

I'm in a group show.  Should I add the other artists' names?  What if I don't know who else is in the exhibit?

I added my exhibit and now it is gone.  What happened to it?

Why didn't my exhibit link to my Profile page?


The SalesRoom Basics - What is the SalesRoom?

The Basics for Purchasing Art in the SalesRoom: Tips & Benefits

Benefits of Selling in the SalesRoom

How to Become an ArtSlant Seller

How Do I Price My Work?  Suggestions for Pricing

What size is my image? How do I get a bigger image?

How Do I Get Paid When I Make a Sale? Why Do You Need a Social Security Number?

What is the Digital Editions Print Program?  How do I offer works for sale as prints?

How do I sell Limited Editions through the SalesRoom?

What Type of Printing Process & Inks are used for Prints?

What is the Original Works Program? How do I offer my original work for sale?

ArtSlant Art Sales Terms & Conditions

How do I upload my images into the SalesRoom?

What are the requirements for my images?  Why are images rejected?

Tips for Photographing Art Work

What Do I List for Medium? Medium Category?

How Do I Provide Measurements? What about Circular or Shaped Work?

How do I delete or change an image in my Sales gallery?

How do I resubmit an image that has been rejected?

How do I remove works that have been sold?

What shippers does ArtSlant recommend? What countries does ArtSlant ship to?

Artist Payments - How do I get paid when I sell something?

How do buyers find my work in the SalesRoom?

How do I maximize my visibility in the SalesRoom?

What's the Emailer promotion tool? How do I send my announcements and newsletters?


What is the ArtSlant Watchlist?  How do I find it?

  • To add an artist to your watchlist
  • To see all activity by artists on your watchlist
  • To see all the artists on your watchlist
  • To remove an artist from your watchlist
  • To see who's watching you
  • To block someone from watching you
  • To allow everyone to see your watchlist



How do I add a job, internship, grant or call for artists?


What is the ArtSlant Calendar?

How do I find an exhibit/event in the ArtSlant Calendar?

How do I remove or change events in the Calendar?

How do I plan a gallery tour using the Calendar?

I want to invite friends to my show.  How do I do this?

How do I recommend an exhibit?  Where do recommendations show up?

Why isn't my exhibit listed in the Calendar?


I want to write for ArtSlant.  What opportunities are there?

What are Rackroom Interviews?  How do I suggest someone?

ArtSlant Magazine - How do I get my show reviewed?


How do I write a reader review on a show?

Where do my reviews show up on ArtSlant?

How can I get my reviews on my Profile?


Email This Artist, Comments, The Watchlist?  How do I use them?

Someone emailed me from ArtSlant.  How do I reply? How do I find out about them?

How do I email other artists on ArtSlant?

How do I remove my email from my ArtSlant Profile?

What if someone is bothering me?

What if I get spam from someone through my ArtSlant Profile?

Scams involving art purchases.

How do I unsubscribe from ArtSlant emails?


What is My Lists?  How do I make my own?

How do I find my previous My Lists?

What is My History?  How do I find my My History?


Help!  How do I get in touch with the support team at ArtSlant?


How do I apply, what do I need to submit?

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