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What's happened to the 99% ?

What's happened to the 99% i ask?


The video i put up on YouTube titled "Charles Koch, your evil incarnated" has less than two hundred views in five months? W.T.F. (WHAT THE FU*K)!

And no-one except two people commenting, WTF!

I'm pissed off with this, I didn't expect it to go viral, but where the fu*k are people who give two sh*ts, the so-called 99%, that's one way of proving people are as i always say apathetic as all hell!

For example, i joined the OccupyEverywhere group on LinkedIn, posted that i had done this video Charles Koch, your evil incarnated etc, a less than two minute video about the Evil Texan billionaire Koch Brothers, and out of the 3,863 or so members who could of read this post, NONE OF THEM bothered to watch or support this in anyway, so i left a post calling them ALL a pack of arseholes for their complete lack of support for a fellow OccupyEverywhere member. I'll never ever go back to this PATHETIC group of self centered fu*kheads!

Don't 99%ers have ANY idea who Charles Koch is and what he personally is doing to the American way of life?

This video needs to get tens of thousands of views to do ANYTHING!

If you read this, or read my blogs regularly, please go to the link, and spend less than two minutes of your life learning something about these Evil Koch brothers, give it a thumbs up, and then pass it on to a friend who you might think gives a sh*t, do something for fu*k sake, I don't do this for anything other than to promote public awareness of these two "climate science denial kingpins"!

Don't do it, Don't come back! I'm not here to entertain or inform you as you probably don't have enough brains to blow your nose!

I think like many other "fads", the movement we all came to know as the "Occupy Movement" can be said to have been crushed out of existence forever by the 1%!

Any sub-cultural movement in my personal opinion is doomed once the "Mainstream" dominant culture discovers then exploits then destroys it,..... it takes it up like a giant Hoover, makes a "brand" out of it, sells it onto the general public,i.e. gullible or young enough to think this must be the next "new" thing.With my generation it was "GRUNGE"!

The Corporations and their cool-head logicians are the true cultural sodomites here, the  great "void of creativity" are these Corporations, they dumb everything down to get to the lowest common denominator, then "on sell" to the Public morons they've produced over the last thirty years around the globe!

 The six Corporations that run America through Media manipulation are NewsCorp, Disney, Viacom, CBS, Timewarner, and General Electric.

Two hundred and thirty two media Executives, (NOT creatives) control the information diet for three hundred plus Americans!

The BIG six took in seven billion dollars ($US7,000,000,000)  in Box Office sales in 2010. Twice the Box office takings for the next one hundred and forty Studio's

Total revenue for these six Corporations in 2010, US$275.9 Billion! ($US275,900,000,000)!

Did you know that 80% of radio stations "playlists" across America match! WHY?

Combined value in tax dollars avoided paying in 2010 by these six Corporations, $US875,000,000, enough to double FEMA budget in America!

Hippies were a commercialized "fad", helped by and promoted by people like music promoter Bill Graham in San Francisco, and others, mainly people who had something to gain commercially through this social construct called "Hippies", and of course the drugs which ALWAYS seemed to go hand in hand with ANYONE and everyone which was a bunch of bunk'em, NOT ALL HIPPIES TOOK OR EVEN TRIED DRUGS, these people just wanted to live alternative to what they saw as un-sustainable and refused to conform to ideals they didn't agree with, as they are entitled to do as free citizens in a Democracy! 

 History shows us that this was a "movement" of no real impact upon the Dominant religious right winged war-like peace hating culture America has been throughout it's entire history, just look at what they did to the Native people's and their entire way of life, a way of life if the the early settlers had adopted and not destoyed, would of seen an entirely different world we live in today i have no doubt!

Just look at their(American Government) need to create and use weapons that kill millions of "innocent" people in the blink of an eye, and then call the Generals and soldiers Hero's, building in their names monuments to remember these "great men",.......makes me want to vomit!

 Love, Peace and Happiness all looked great on celluloid and for forty plus years of royalties from assorted re-use of media's of the day, film, music etc. for their "Corporate owners" up to this very day.

I guess for future marginalizing of an entire group of people with different ideals from life and living that was "different" and un-acceptable on a grander scale at the time, and a way of life incompatible with the Corporations, they want to own a piece of eveyone.

 No lasting meaning translated into the "Mainstream" culture, even the American War in Vietnam would continue for another five years or so after Woodstock!

To be cont. .............................................maybe!

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/7/12 | tags: what happened to the 99% charles koch OCCUPY MOVEMENT hippies San Francisco

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