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20140905141722-2 The Donut and the (ass)hole  
Mungo Thomson at Kadist Art Foundation September 17th, 2014 - November 1st, 2014
Posted 9/18/14

Mungo Thompson fancies himself clever. He thinks that public affirmations of private struggle are curious, and can’t wrap his pretty little middle class head around the idea that they might be empowering. He likes Bruce Nauman’s neon spiral form… he likes the idea that it takes up a commercial vehicle to advertise non-commodity slogan. He thought it would be cute to rifle through self-help books and AA 12-step guides, pick out phrases, and pay somebody to fabricate neon spiral aff... [more]

20130730205757-header The Dream Vortex: a hand-crafted technological drawing  
Meredith Tromble at Studio 110 Projects: An Experimental Art Space July 17th, 2013 - July 24th, 2013
Posted 7/30/13

Dream Vortex Visualization, mixed media on paper, 9 x 12 inches, 2012. (image courtesy of Studio 110 Projects) Imagine… You stand at the center of a vortex. Images swirl around and around, familiar shapes beginning to take form. A solitary buffalo whirls past followed by a group of football players, a humanoid monster stomping on an unsuspecting male figure, another figure appears to be talking to huge flowers. The images appear to be hand drawn, but three-dimensional simultaneously. Y... [more]

20121218141730-homeposter-terracotta2 Memory Making: The First Emperor's Legacy at the Asian Art Museum  
at Asian Art Museum February 22nd, 2013 - May 27th, 2013
Posted 5/10/13

China's Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor's Legacy at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco  photo by Gregg Chadwick  "I, Sovereign, am the First Emperor; my descendants will call themselves the Second Generation, the Third Generation, and will go on forever after." - The First Emperor, Qin Shihuang (259-210 BCE)    quoted by the historian Sima Qian (145-90 BCE)China's Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor's Legacy currently on view at the Asian Art Museum i... [more]

20130430103000-othesleepingshow5 containment and escape  
Alice Channer, Aaron Flint Jamison, Anicka Yi at Altman Siegel Gallery April 18th, 2013 - June 1st, 2013
Posted 4/23/13

O the sleeping bag contains the body but not the dreaming head on show at the Altman Siegel Gallery from April 18th to June 1st, features work by three artists; Alice Channer, Aaron Flint Jamison and Anicke Yi. The title is taken from a poem by Matthea Harvey, a dark meditation on containment, or it’s failure. This is the theme that unites the three artists, whose work at first seems unconnected in medium and subject. Alice Channer’s Body Fluids is the first to confront me as I enter the gallery- a large digital print that is draped over a steel bar hung near... [more]

20130313115348-wr-s13-04 Watchlist Artist: Will Rogan  
Will Rogan at Altman Siegel Gallery 3/13/13 Posted 3/13/13

Altman Siegel is pleased to present Blanking Out, the second exhibition at the gallery for Will Rogan. This exhibition will include new photographs, drawings and sculptures by the San Francisco based artist. Will Rogan’s practice reflects the poignant, ironic, disastrous and beautiful in the urban and domestic landscapes around him. Rogan uses this material for artistic interventions, which often highlight the profound and analytical in everyday life. Taking a playful stance on mundane situations... [more]

2012 William H. Johnson Prize (deadline: Sept. 28, 2012)  
8/24/12 Posted 8/24/12

(Excerpt from 'The 2012 William H. Johnson Prize' posted on The William H. Johnson Foundation for the Arts. Found on Applications for the 2012 William H. Johnson Prize are now available online with a September 28, 2012 due date for all applications The William H. Johnson Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that seeks to encourage African American artists early in their careers by offering financial grants. The Johnson... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Virginia T Coleman  
5/14/12 Posted 5/14/12

(Image: Virginia T Coleman, Linear Facade, 2012, Steel (SMAW, MIG) Enamel Spray, Oil Paint, 19" x 12" x 3; © Virginia T Coleman) Virginia T Coleman (b. 1979, Colorado) My work continually evolves into new spectrums of thought but what remains is my curiosity about the nature of the built environment and the complexity of the human condition. I constantly grapple with how to visually relay this curiosity. In the last two years I have been experimenting directly with steel. Steel is very sedu... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Alexis Arnold  
5/7/12 Posted 5/7/12

(Image: Alexis Arnold, San Francisco Magazine, magazine, Borax crystals, 7'' x 5'' x 3'', 2011; © Alexis Arnold) Alexis Arnold (b. Los Angeles, CA) I am a sculptor and installation artist interested in the visual displays of decay and growth, as well as time and history as physical entities. Objects, whether undisturbed for long periods, in frequent use, or victims fallen to incidents such as fire or flood, have their own life cycles of accumulation and decomposition. I create these chan... [more]

Seth Koen: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
3/5/12 Posted 3/5/12

(Image: Seth Koen, Medusa, 2010, Wood, 5 w x 7.75 d x 63.5 h in., Arachne, 2010, Wood and thread, 6 w x 6 d x 69 h in.; © Gregory Lind Gallery) Seth Koen (b. 1971, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire) I try to approach my work from the most basic level I can, recalling grade school art classes and backyard experiments, where we used glue, string, paper, rocks and whittled twigs to make interesting things. I have had some years of schooling and living since then that inform what I find interesting now.... [more]

Watchlist Artist: Matt Gil  
1/30/12 Posted 1/30/12

(Image: Matt Gil, Pot Luck 2.0, 13.5" x 7" x 5.25", aluminium & paint, 2011; © Marx & Zavattero) Matt Gil (b. 1956, San Jose, USA) I draw constantly: sitting at breakfast, always at night, sometimes in front of the TV or just killing time. When the drawings are not pleasing to me, I don’t worry about it. Sometimes things don’t happen the easy way but I just keep drawing and after all these years, eventually something occurs. I take from my sketchbooks what calls to me and says "make me". The... [more]

20110110100120-dsc_8862_ Island Arts: Feng Jin at the Alameda Museum  
Feng Jin at Alameda Museum March 5th, 2011 - March 30th, 2011
Posted 5/15/11

Submitted by Michael Singman-Aste on 1, March 17, 2011 Feng Jin with Romancing the Metal, 2011. Copper and wood boards.* By Michael Singman-Aste Having studied Japanese for two years at the University at California, Berkeley, there was a time when I knew several hundred Chinese characters. I know I’m rusty, but I can’t make heads or tails of Feng Jin’s characters. That’s just fine. Although inspired by Chinese calligraphy, his work is not in fact a reproduction of Chinese verse in metal. Jin s... [more]

20100817113141-may3 Ending Saturday, quiet subversion: Victoria May at Don Soker  
Victoria May at Don Soker Contemporary Art August 17th, 2010 - September 25th, 2010
Posted 9/22/10

NOTE: This review was first printed yesterday on my blog at The 14th floor windows on three sides of the huge, nearly achromatic Don Soker Contemporary Art bring the fog-licked architecture of San Francisco into the gallery space. The space itself is so enchantingly full of itself that at first it seems otherwise empty, though the art of Victoria May hugs the walls, as if camouflaged, or occupies the vast open floor with whispery transparency. Hers is a quiet subversio... [more]

20100831233832-40777_150326448312012_100000039721457_487933_3543016_n Pablo Cristi and Josué Rojas: explorers and satirists of modern life.  
Pablo Cristi, Josué Rojas at Galeria de la Raza August 7th, 2010 - August 28th, 2010
Posted 9/1/10

Pablo Cristi’s and Josué Rojas’ Incidents of Travel in Chucolandia & Xingatumá Galeria de la Raza-Studio 24, San Francisco 8/7/2010-8/28/10 curated by Raquel de Anda Entering into the Incidents of Travel in Chucolandia & Xingatumá exhibition is an amazing trip that connects the past with the future as seen through the lens of two contemporary explorers of today’s culture that presents the viewer a glimpse of the Latino characterization in the modern world. Artists Pablo Cristi’s and Josué... [more]

High-Tech in the Valley  
8/26/10 Posted 8/26/10

Home to to such household names such as Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay, Adobe and Yahoo, Silicon Valley is considered to be the hub of high-tech innovation and development. With San Jose being the Valley’s self proclaimed capital the city’s major art institution, the San Jose Museum of Art, has mounted the first museum survey of the work of the high-tech, New York sculptor Leo Villareal. Responding to the innovations of the 21st-century using computer code and new technology as his medium for abst... [more]

Entwined-by-nature-falkirk Entwined by Nature  
Susan Bercu, Cynthia Jensen, Christine Walker at Falkirk Cultural Center June 11th, 2010 - August 13th, 2010
Posted 6/30/10

Sculptors Susan Bercu and Cynthia Jensen rely on nature’s substance — inspirational and actual — in their exhibit at Falkirk Cultural Center. In the interest of transparency, I am a painter and the third artist in this three-person exhibit. But in this review, I take privilege to describe the work of my exhibit companions and long-time friends, whose work I admire and learn from continually. Susan Bercu transforms driftwood into narrative visions entitled “The Ventriloquist’s Notebook” or “Subatomic Cha Cha.” Her imp... [more]

Tpoint_01 Artifacts discovered go on display March 10  
d'Arci Bruno, Pons Maar, Marc Ribaud at K Gallery @ Rhythmix Cultural Works March 10th, 2010 - April 2nd, 2010
Posted 3/3/10

Written by ERICJ.KOS    Published: THURSDAY, 25 FEBRUARY 2010 Alameda resident and famed wealthy industrialist Mr. Tommy recently pooled his resources with fellow eccentrics and explorers d'Arci Bruno and Marc Ribaud to reach beyond the "Civilized Pale" and discover what lies out of conceivable reach for many Alamedans. Indeed, the indomitable Mr. Tommy made his fortune in the distilling, tobacco, vanilla and film industries, amassing the unbelievable wealth required to organize an expediti... [more]

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