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20160407161942-drunk_kiss Review - Josephine Taylor : Teenagers are Beautiful  
Josephine Taylor at Catharine Clark Gallery April 23rd - May 28th
Posted 5/22/16

Currently on show at the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco is "Teenager are Beautiful' a completely none ironic title for a rigorous and subtly sensational exhibition by San Francisco based artist Josephine Taylor. Within the gallery is a series of artworks demonstrating the most recent manifestation of a drawing practise that Taylor has devotedly explored since her MA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. In contrast to her previous large scale ink drawings where Taylor would us... [more]

20131023130947-me-invisible_grief__68x84__oil Cheryl Callery / Thekla Hammond at Vessel Gallery  
Cheryl Calleri, Thekla Hammond at Vessel Gallery October 2nd, 2013 - October 26th, 2013
Posted 10/23/13 Author: DeWitt Cheng Curator: Lonnie Lee The mixed-media works of Cheryl Calleri and the oil paintings of Thekla Hammond, together exhibited under the unifying title "Coalesce," complement each other well enough. But the two artists went beyond that level of dialogue and coalesced — or, more prosaically, collaborated — on a joint project, a video installation, "Co-Motion," with music by Armando Mafulo. I... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Elizabeth Ennis  
5/31/13 Posted 5/31/13

(Image: Elizabeth Ennis, Shadows, 11:00 AM, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 14 X 14 Inches; © Elizabeth Ennis)   Elizabeth Ennis (b. New York City) Getting from one place to another, the sense of motion, of being carried along, creates a suspension of time and within that hiatus the awareness of another journey taking place inwardly into memory and reflection. A subway tunnel becomes a dark background on which the play of life and light goes on. My paintings attempt to capture the isolation of people wh... [more]

20121218141730-homeposter-terracotta2 Memory Making: The First Emperor's Legacy at the Asian Art Museum  
at Asian Art Museum February 22nd, 2013 - May 27th, 2013
Posted 5/10/13

China's Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor's Legacy at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco  photo by Gregg Chadwick  "I, Sovereign, am the First Emperor; my descendants will call themselves the Second Generation, the Third Generation, and will go on forever after." - The First Emperor, Qin Shihuang (259-210 BCE)    quoted by the historian Sima Qian (145-90 BCE)China's Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor's Legacy currently on view at the Asian Art Museu... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Matthew Felix Sun  
3/3/13 Posted 3/3/13

(Image: Matthew Felix Sun, Lilies, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 24 inches; © Matthew Felix Sun) Matthew Felix Sun (b. China) "What is art about? More precisely, what are my paintings about? I have struggled with this question ever since I started to paint. Having copied famous artists' work, made many still life and figure studies, and having painted for the simple sensual thrill of presenting beauty or ugliness, I am left with the certainty that art is much broader and deeper than these technical ac... [more]

Salesroom Artist: David Perea  
8/26/12 Posted 8/26/12

(Image: David Perea, Vintage, Maiden of Berlin, photography; © David Perea)   David Perea (b. 1979, Arequipa; Peru / lives in San Francisco, California) David Perea Kihien is a self taught mixed media artist which work has evolved into visionary dimensions that challenge impressions and perceptions about ourselves and our planet. He creates visionary and positive compositions to discover new aesthetic personaes of the self.  

He has published books that are characterized by artful adventu... [more]

MFA Watchlist Artist: Michelle Ramin  
5/30/12 Posted 5/30/12

(Image: Michelle Ramin, Three Aliases, 2011, colored pencil on paper, 22" x 30"; © Michelle Ramin) Michelle Ramin (b. 1982, Williamsport, PA) In my work, I feel compelled to expose the implications of masking - the kind seen in grainy surveillance tapes of bank robberies, in YouTube postings by Wall Street Occupiers, and on the face of a loved one concealing bad news. My graduate school experience culminates in one body of work, consisting of two parts, that addresses this concept. The first is a ser... [more]

20120322234007-westcoastartassemblagepc2 The Art Assemblage Traditions carried forward  
Chris Bales, Spencer Brewer, Hans Bruhner, Leslie Caldera, Victoria Roberts, Susan Spencer, Michael Wilson at The Beat Art Gallery May 1st, 2012 - May 31st, 2012
Posted 4/13/12

West Coast Art Assemblage Show, May 1-31 Ukiah, CA As the art form of assemblage continues to captivate viewers and allure perspective designers, the discussion of art and meaning is alive and well under this seemingly random collection of parts and objects. During the month of May, seven influential artists, both established and newly discovered, will be represented at Ukiah’s innovative and alluring Beat Gallery on Perkins Street. This collection of recent works by Chris Bales, Spen... [more]

John Goodman: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
2/16/12 Posted 2/16/12

(Image: John Goodman, Bowing Figure #1, 2012, 30 x 22, Oil on panel; © John Goodman) John Goodman (b. 1950, San Fernando, CA) John Goodman's paintings are a dichotomy of understated minimalism with reductive use of color that conveys a subtle, but evident sense of smoldering energy.  The artist uses very thick paint that he sculpts, and draws into, as he forms a rich tactile field of painterly surfaces.  His images are consistently figurative, yet in each, there is a strong pull towards abs... [more]

Jeff Blucher: On Our Artist Watchlist  
2/4/12 Posted 2/4/12

(Image: Jeff Blucher, Koi Pond No.1; © Jeff Blucher) Jeff Blucher (b. 1973, Saratoga Springs, NY) Jeff Blucher continues to define his artistic expression through his own balance of calculation and experimentation. He photographs the world around him with intention, creating images that have meaning, beauty, and thought behind them. He is primarily self-taught. His work has been featured in several exhibits, both local and national, including the 2011 Lensbaby Be Seen in DC exhibit. His pi... [more]

Previous Watchlist: Calixto Robles  
11/27/11 Posted 11/27/11

(Image: Calixto Robles, Toro, silk screen, 12x21"; © Calixto Robles) Calixto Robles (b. Oaxaca, Mexico) My work is inspired by the myths, symbols, colors, and ancient traditions of Meso-AmeriCA While in the midst of working these traditional influences arise spontaneously, accidentally, and in the moment. I use natural and supernatural figures such as angels, eagles, jaguars, horses, hearts, and moons. My focus in painting is to create textured complex, and magical realms. I rework the image many... [more]

James Gobel: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
11/3/11 Posted 11/3/11

(Image: James Gobel, It's Not Easy to Let it All Go, But Once in a While it's Good for Your Soul, 35" x 24", felt, yarn, rhinestones, & acrylic on canvas, 2011; © Marx & Zavattero) James Gobel (b. 1972, Portland, Oregon) Aubrey Beardsley seems to be an influence in the work of American artist James Gobel. Gobel's works -usually made as a form of beautifully crafted felt marquetry, sometimes painting- create a camp sensual world that refers to iconography recognizable in most western gay cultures. Yet, there is s... [more]

20110327083435-morethingschange_aurbach Parable through parabola: other sides of postmodern design  
at SFMOMA - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art February 25th, 2011 - July 24th, 2011
Posted 10/7/11

An explanatory placard before the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s “ParaDesign” exhibition, penned by curator Henry Urbach, decodes “para” using the terms “beyond” and “abnormal” to describe pieces which fall outside the scope of conventional design.  But while Urbach alludes to the prefix’s multiple significations, he does not name them: alternate meanings include “at or to one side of, beside, side by side.” These are arguably more relevant interpretations, as “ParaDesign” functions as a... [more]

Watchlist: Eric Zener  
8/17/11 Posted 8/17/11

(Image: Eric Zener, Somersault, 54″ x 66", 2010, oil on canvas; © Eric Zener) Eric Zener (b. 1966, Astoria, Oregon) Inspired by the brute force & subtle beauty of water, Eric Zener’s paintings embody the very essence of California summer life. Not because it’s Cali, but simply because of the feeling each painting gives the observer. It brings out this nostalgia… that even a person who hasn’t felt these experiences could feel. Of course, not all of his works bring out these emotions, but there is something truly... [more]

Chris Lux: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
8/2/11 Posted 8/2/11

(Image: Chris Lux, Study, 2010, gouache on cream paper, 48" x 34 1/2"; © Chris Lux) Chris Lux (b. San Francisco, USA) Chris Lux’s collages and assemblages step outside of the expected and the explicit. His work re-examines the history of cultural output by twisting multiple timelines into a double helix. In each piece, Lux’s relationship to time allows images, ideas, and events to cross-pollinate. Subsequently, the unlikely juxtapositions find a place side by side as if they were never apar... [more]

Eric Zener: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
4/15/11 Posted 4/15/11

(Image: Eric Zener, Group Therapy, 2010, Mixed Media, 29" x 49"; © Eric Zener) Eric Zener (b. 1966, Astoria, Oregon) Inspired by the brute force & subtle beauty of water, Eric Zener’s paintings embody the very essence of California summer life. Not because it’s Cali, but simply because of the feeling each painting gives the observer. It brings out this nostalgia… that even a person who hasn’t felt these experiences could feel. Of course, not all of his works bring out these emotions, but there is something t... [more]

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