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20120322234007-westcoastartassemblagepc2 The Art Assemblage Traditions carried forward  
Chris Bales, Spencer Brewer, Hans Bruhner, Leslie Caldera, Victoria Roberts, Susan Spencer, Michael Wilson at The Beat Art Gallery May 1st, 2012 - May 31st, 2012
Posted 4/13/12

West Coast Art Assemblage Show, May 1-31 Ukiah, CA As the art form of assemblage continues to captivate viewers and allure perspective designers, the discussion of art and meaning is alive and well under this seemingly random collection of parts and objects. During the month of May, seven influential artists, both established and newly discovered, will be represented at Ukiah’s innovative and alluring Beat Gallery on Perkins Street. This collection of recent works by Chris Bales, Spen... [more]

Michele Theberge: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
1/27/12 Posted 1/27/12

(Image: Michele Theberge, Sea of Connections, 2009, acrylic on aluminum, 78” x 137” 198 cm x 348 cm; © Michele Theberge) Michele Theberge With my art, I aspire to offer a sense of spaciousness, an opening, an invitation to contemplate the nature of life and explore what underlies the material world. My paintings and drawings feature figures, parts of figures, everyday objects, mysterious blobs, repetitive shapes and patterns. The images may be inspired by music, nature, the body, meditation. I use these images to... [more]

20111110182337-mcdonalds To show or not to show  
Ernest Doty at Sticks + Stones Gallery December 2nd, 2011 - December 2nd, 2011
Posted 1/13/12

Though the recent showing of Ernest Doty seemed to correlate with the end of the occupy movement here in Oakland, I, like my fellow art patrons, was kind of hoping that Doty's art would stand on it's own-without the need to justify the art with the movement. It seemed, however, that because Doty was so involved and distracted with the movement that it inhibited the material he showed. That is not to say that the pieces he selected were half-assed, they were simply lacking: lacking in the quantity... [more]

Erik Otto: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
10/20/11 Posted 10/20/11

(Image: Erik Otto, Parallel Universe 1 & 2, house paint, spray paint, pencil and collage on recycled wood, 48 x 48 in., 2011; © Erik Otto) Erik Otto (b. SF Bay Area) Working to find peace in an existence that seems so upside down, I capture and present emotional moments, in hopes to connect with and relate to viewers who feel a similar struggle. My latest work is an observation of the human experience, continually informed by the pressures and demands of the outside world. Recurring themes of seasons of... [more]

20110327083435-morethingschange_aurbach Parable through parabola: other sides of postmodern design  
at SFMOMA - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art February 25th, 2011 - July 24th, 2011
Posted 10/7/11

An explanatory placard before the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s “ParaDesign” exhibition, penned by curator Henry Urbach, decodes “para” using the terms “beyond” and “abnormal” to describe pieces which fall outside the scope of conventional design.  But while Urbach alludes to the prefix’s multiple significations, he does not name them: alternate meanings include “at or to one side of, beside, side by side.” These are arguably more relevant interpretations, as “ParaDesign” functions as a... [more]

Key Venue Artist: Robert Moya  
9/27/11 Posted 9/27/11

(Image: Robert Moya, Small, 6 x 6, glue and acrylic craft paint on panel, 2010; © Robert Moya) Robert Moya I view my paintings as two-dimensional, topographical readings of three-dimensional surfaces rendered with a handmade aesthetic. I work within a limited system with specific rules. I consistently rely on one process, one orientation, and one modular shape. My painting materials are reduced to glue, pre-mixed craft paint, and food coloring, as well as dried and colored glue remnants taken f... [more]

20110110100120-dsc_8862_ Island Arts: Feng Jin at the Alameda Museum  
Feng Jin at Alameda Museum March 5th, 2011 - March 30th, 2011
Posted 5/15/11

Submitted by Michael Singman-Aste on 1, March 17, 2011 Feng Jin with Romancing the Metal, 2011. Copper and wood boards.* By Michael Singman-Aste Having studied Japanese for two years at the University at California, Berkeley, there was a time when I knew several hundred Chinese characters. I know I’m rusty, but I can’t make heads or tails of Feng Jin’s characters. That’s just fine. Although inspired by Chinese calligraphy, his work is not in fact a reproduction of Chinese verse in metal. Jin say... [more]

Elizabeth Mooney: On Our San Francisco Watchlist  
1/21/11 Posted 1/21/11

(Image: Elizabeth Mooney , Over There, 2010 acrylic on wood panel 36 x 36 inches; Elizabeth Mooney) Elizabeth Mooney is a painter, sculptor and installation artist whose work explores our lessening physical contact with nature in tandem with the increasing pace at which we experience the natural world. Using a combination of painting, performance and kinetic sculpture, Mooney's work considers the speed at which landscape is experienced as well as the optical instruments (the Claude glass,... [more]

20100919172024-runt John Yoyogi Fortes @ Jack Fischer  
John Yoyogi Fortes at Jack Fischer Gallery October 28th, 2010 - December 4th, 2010
Posted 11/28/10

Review taken from John Yoyogi Fortes @ Jack Fischer Posted on 16 November 2010 
Tags: David M. Roth, Jack Fischer Gallery, John Yoyogi Fortes "Runt", 2010, mixed media on canvas, 120" x 84" (diptych) John Yoyogi Fortes isn’t a street artist but he paints like one – one who’s especially well-versed in American and European Expressionism.  His specialty is the urban fever dream, a realm in which subcons... [more]

EAST BAY OPEN STUDIOS 2010: Jane Norling  
6/3/10 Posted 6/3/10

(Source: Jane Norling website. Found on During the first two weekends in June, June 5-6 and June 12-13, and throughout the year by appointment, East Bay Open Studios connects the public with over 400 artists in 14 cities in the East Bay. Since 1979, this event remains the largest art event in the region and draws an annual audience over 50,000! Please join Jane first two weekends in June for Open Studios and the launch of her new series of painti... [more]

Image_large_1070 My Favorites  
at de Young Museum October 17th, 2009 - January 17th, 2010
Posted 3/4/10

My Favorite Works at De Young Museum, San Francisco Today, I visited De Young Museum in San Francisco for the King Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of Pharaohs exhibit. It was a fantastic show, despite the fact that the most spectacular beautifully inlaid gold mask of the young king, who died at the age of 19, was not included in the current exhibit of these artifacts. Some old timers had the luck of viewing it when the show came to San Francisco decades ago. I cannot say that I was cheated out of somethi... [more]

Sherrymiller9075web love the art there!  
Mari Aaronsouth, Chris Adessa, Susan Aulik, Raquel Baldocchi, Jack Beck, Deborah Bertola, Judy Calder, Emily Dvorin, Stephen Ehret, Mirian Ellingson, Frances Galli, Elaine Gentile, Rhoda Grossman, The Artist Hines, carol Jacobsen, Susan Jansen, Gloria Johnson, Christine Kelly, John Kunzweiler, Linda Larsen, Laura Lengyel, Ellen Levine-Dodd, Sherry Miller, Cindy Miracle, Cheryl Rabin, Dani Roach, Sandra Schoenberg, Fine Art Services, Gail Sterling at ICB Artists September 5th, 2009 - September 7th, 2009
Posted 8/5/09

I have meet some of these artists at a previous event, what a super experience! Lots of good art to see and friendly artists to meet! Some of the artists even give lessons! [more]

Swordofdamocles John Yoyogi Fortes at SFMOMA Caffé Museo by Melissa Wyss  
John Yoyogi Fortes at Caffé Museo at SFMOMA May 21st, 2009 - June 30th, 2009
Posted 6/25/09

Gestural, textured and asymmetrical, John Yoyogi Fortes' show at the SFMOMA Caffé Museo is a punk rock alternative to the American modernist legends Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams currently showing upstairs.  While O'Keeffe's and Adams' work reflects the beauty of the outside world, Fortes' psychological landscapes strive to illustrate complexity of the self.  His canvases are layered with impulsive colors, patterns and shapes which accumulate to both expose and conceal.  Collaged images, often hu... [more]

P1080826 LOVE IT  
at Kala Art Institute June 25th, 2009 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Posted 6/4/09

Kala hosts the best events! There is always a great mix of professionals and arts. Great wine! Great Music! Great Art! Great people! [more]

Randall The Sublime and The Struggling Artist  
Randall Stoltzfus at Limn Art Gallery April 18th, 2009 - May 30th, 2009
Posted 5/16/09

  The Sublime and the Struggling Artist Randall Stoltzfus @ LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, Spring 2009         Art objects reflect society.  They are time capsules, spacial beings, they are what they are:handmade relics celebrating  existence according to a cult heroic tradition, a set of rules and directions according to the history of great works made before it.  Exhibitions celebrate the joy in each new work's break from the rules and repetition of the past and the discovery of new direction... [more]

Rik "Drawn Out" at Limn Gallery  
Rik Ritchey at Limn Art Gallery April 18th, 2009 - May 30th, 2009
Posted 4/21/09

(Author's note: This is an excerpt from a slightly longer post on my blog, Arteaser)   I made my first visit to Limn Gallery, which is tucked away behind the Limn furniture store on Townsend. One of the two galleries was featuring local artist, Rik Ritchey (below left with a friend and collector), who had a series of mixed-media paintings on polyurethane foam: I enjoyed how the applied acrylic and ink created stunning organic shapes: A closer look revealed embedded items, such as candles, and stitching.  ... [more]

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