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Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: konrad – No(s) Drawings

School Gallery    3rd arrondissement
322 rue Saint Martin
75003 Paris, France
01 42 71 78 20
May 12th - June 4th
added 2 days ago

A l’occasion du group Show No(s) Drawings vous aurez le plaisir de rencontrer konrad qui a rejoint la Team School Gallery ce printemps. Des barbes de cent jours, des tifs en désordre, des rides qui dessinent des valons, des montagnes, des crevasses : les portraits géants de konrad sont des paysages et des errances, les visages de ceux qui n’ont plus rien ou de vieux sage...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: Quelques Manuscrits Trouvés Dans Une Cervelle …

Martine Aboucaya    10th arrondissement
5 rue Sainte-Anastase
75003 Paris, France
331 4276 9275
May 12th - June 22nd
added 2 days ago

Opening: May 12th   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Clémence van Lunen: About Bricks and Flowers

Galerie Polaris    3rd arrondissement
15, rue des Arquebusiers
75003 Paris, France
+33 (0)1 42 72 21 279
May 3rd - June 4th
added 2 days ago

Opening: May 3rd   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Anne-Sophie Cochevelou: Obsolescence Déprogrammée

Galerie Isabelle Gounod    3rd arrondissement
13, rue Chapon
75003 Paris, France
+33(0)1 48 04 04 80
April 30th - May 28th
added 2 days ago

La galerie Isabelle Gounod a le plaisir de présenter la première exposition d’Anne-Sophie Cochevelou. Artiste française établie à Londres, Anne-Sophie Cochevelou propose dans « Obsolescence déprogrammée » une réflexion sur la réappropriation culturelle par un maximalisme foisonnant qui lui est cher, célébrant a...   [more]

Opening: April 30th   4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Francesca Woodman: On Being an Angel

Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson    14th arrondissement
2, impasse Lebouis
75014 Paris, France
+33 01 56 80 27 00
May 11th - July 31st
added 2 days ago

The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson is pleased to be presenting the dazzling work of American photographer Francesca Woodman (1958–1981). Rooted in constant exploration of herself and the medium, Woodman’s insightful, deeply intimate approach turned her photography into a second skin. In her images she made almost exclusive use of her own body: It’s a matter of convenience, sh...   [more]

Opening: May 10th   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Lobna al Ameen: Solo Exhibition

Europia Galerie    7th arrondissement
15 Ave de Ségur
75007 Paris, France
+33 1 45512607
May 3rd - June 3rd
added 2 days ago

Opening: May 3rd   6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Dado: Mémoire épidermique

Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger - Espace Saint-Germain    6th arrondissement
53, rue de Seine
75006 Paris, France
+33 1 42 72 60 42
May 12th - June 18th
added 6 days ago

This exhibition presents a selection of paintings, collages, drawings and prints by Dado from the 1970s, a period during which he was represented by the gallery. It coincides with the publication of a collection of interviews of the artists on May 16, 2016, entitled Peindre Debout, and published by L’Atelier contemporain (François-Marie Deyrolles). Fully illustrated, the book brings together f...   [more]

Opening: May 12th   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: Question de Peinture: From the 40s until today

Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger - Espace Saint-Germain    6th arrondissement
53, rue de Seine
75006 Paris, France
+33 1 42 72 60 42
February 13th - April 30th
added 6 days ago

The exhibition About Painting, which takes place in the gallery’s two Parisian spaces, presents different approaches to paintings through works by artists the gallery has shown from the 1940s until today. Some of these artists have important exhibitions in 2016 such as Jean Dubuffet at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Gérard Fromanger at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Maria Helena Vieira d...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Martin Dammann: Schuld (“Guiltiness”)

In Situ / Fabienne Leclerc    3rd arrondissement
19 Rue Michel Le Comte
75003 Paris, France
+33 (0)
April 14th - May 22nd
added 7 days ago

Schuld (“Guiltiness”) is the third exhibition, at the In Situ – Fabienne Leclerc gallery, by Martin Dammann. This Berlin-based artist, born there in 1965, is presenting original or recent works: watercolors on Masonite and paper and photographic installations.For 20 years, Martin Dammann has gleaned photos of the two world wars taken by German, French, English and American soldie...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Carré Rive Gauche: Femme(s)

Hélène Bailly Gallery - Quai Voltaire    10th arrondissement
25 quai Voltaire
75007 Paris, France
+33 1 42 60 36 47
May 31st - June 4th
added 7 days ago

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Jill Mulleady: This is not a love song

Gaudel de Stampa    6th arrondissement
49, Quai des Grands Augustins
75006 Paris, France
+33 1 40 21 37 38
April 14th - June 8th
added 7 days ago

If the whole human race were to degenerate, to become perverted, Sade’s goal would be reached, and there would no longer be any necessity for monsters or sadism. – Pierre Klossowski (1) Why were postpunks so afraid of intimacy? The oozing, unfathomable depth of the insatiable, sucking wound; the power ofemotional (especially filial) fervor to impose a bourgeois system of...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Jean-Pierre Raynaud: Vanités

Galerie Piece Unique    6th arrondissement
4 rue Jacques Callot
75006 Paris, France
+33 14 326 5458
April 14th - May 28th
added 7 days ago

Jean-Pierre Raynaud was born in 1939 in Courbevoie. His artistic career starts in 1964 in Paris at the Salon de la Jeune Sculpture. Since then his artworks have been exhibited in several important galleries and institutions The artwork that marks the beginning of his career is his house in La Celle Saint-Cloud built in 1969. Entirely covered with white tiles, he will live there for 24 years before de...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Heinz Mack: Solo Exhibition

Galerie Perrotin - Turenne    3rd arrondissement
76, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris, France
+33 (1) 42 16 79 79
April 23rd - June 4th
added 8 days ago

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Mohamed Ben Slama: Lights

Galerie Patricia Dorfmann    4th arrondissement
61, rue de la Verrerie
75004 Paris, France
+33 (0)
April 16th - May 21st
added 8 days ago

La Galerie Patricia Dorfmann a le plaisir de présenter la première exposition personnelle de Mohamed Ben Slama. « Ne me demandez pas qui je suis et ne me dites pas de rester le même : c'est une morale d'état civil ; elle régit nos papiers. Qu'elle nous laisse libres quand il s'agit d'écrire » Michel Foucault. Mohamed Ben Slama a réalisé...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Samuel Accoceberry, Stéphane Ducatteau, Marcus Egli, Jorge Enrique, Rune Guneriussen, Jonathan Huxley, Alain Le Boucher, Christian Renonciat: Remix

Galerie Olivier Waltman    6th arrondissement
74 rue Mazarine
75006 Paris, France
+33 1 43 54 76 14
April 23rd - May 29th
added 8 days ago

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