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A Jackson Pollock like style in Beer and Faeces!

                     To be read after "Steve-O had a tube up his butt there" for continuity in- 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!

We're all fixated at this act of pure stupidity down below as i take a load off my feet to roll a nice bit of this Charlie Sheen bud up into an epic spliff. We continue to watch as the crowd begins to build around Steve-O as he's almost "downed" if that's the correct word for what i'm seeing this fruitcake act out in front of our very eyes, there must be sixty?.......eighty.?..... fu*k, there must be atleast eighty people NOT including us in this "beer slammer" too remember!

There,......... he just finished getting what i would guesstimate to be atleast two litres of beer forced by gravity up his "date"- What a fu*king MORON"! What sort of KNUCKLE-HEAD does such things?Taking a closer look at Steve-O..... he's really not looking too crash hot after this little experiment of a beer colonic, and in such obvious discomfort as you clearly would be if you had done this thing yourself at home which i DON'T recommend unless YOU ARE Steve-O! Everyone's REALLY beginning to laugh  really loudly at this modern day "Jester" for lack of a better word, and Steve-O really plays his part well!

He stood up and REALLY looks in a bad way, he actually didn't stand up straight or pull his pants up either, and so this blokes bent over ass out and co*k and balls out aswell as the lights flash and video phones record. What does he decide to do................... well Steve-O, the bright bloke he is suddenly begins to run after someone who was not known to any of the three of us around a function table until he'd(Steve-O) trapped the other bloke by the marquee canvas sides and the table, Steve-O quickly turned, bent over and dropped his pants and like a "rectal Howitzer" began to expel from his anus probably half of what he "swallowed" moment's prior in a matter of maybe two seconds at the very most........ and hitting the guy almost entirely from the waist up - including HIS FACE!

UN-BEFU*K'INLIEVABLE, aswell as leaving a "Jackson Pollock" like style of beer and faeces painting on the marquee canvas, except for where the dude was standing, it was.......... amazingly gross, just leaving a clean white silhouette of his presence around this brown discoloring,..well sh*t! I'll remember that, or more like will be unable to forget it as will the girls and anyone who witnessed this for i'd imagine a very long time, why he did that who the fu*k would's Steve-O, he'd be dumber than a forty pound sh*thammer!

 We're so grossed-out we completely get up and shift to the other side of the walk and i can tell you the Charlie Sheen has done it's job again, it REALLY DID give us a quick lift and really helped "kick back in" the MDMA bigtime, this was really good sh*t, compared to everything i'd ever had in the past i would've already peaked-out by now, but this was different, this was a "creeper" drug, it lured you in by making you think it wasn't strong when in fact it was really strong and can fu*k you up BIGTIME, i know the reality about this sh*t from experience!

This is the main problem with "creeper", with some people who don't know any better, they take it, wait twenty minutes and don't feel anything so they decide to TAKE ANOTHER even before the first one's had a chance to dissolve and circulate through their bodies and brain, and it's not until another twenty minutes or so later they feel the effects from the FIRST pill and it NOT being a DUD,..... when the second pill hits home man these kids minds are fully fu*k'in blown and it sure as fu*k wouldn't be fun or enjoyable i can assure you on that!


Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/1/12 | tags: James DeWeaver a jackson pollock like style in beer and faeces #charliesheen australian generation x artist charlie sheen

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