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The Six most controlling and manipulating Corporations in America are, in no particular order number, General Electric, News Corporation, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

The 2010 revenue for these six Corporations was $US275.9 Billion.

$US36 billion more than Finlands GDP.

Enough to buy EVERY NFL team 12 times.

5 times the Government bailout of General Motors.

The big bad six box office sales hit $US7 billion in 2010, that's 2 x the total box office of the next 140 studios!

News Corporation owns the top selling newspapers on 3 continents, Nth.America, Western Europe and Australia, which is one of the main reasons i've never been in any newspapers here.

The Comcast NBC merger guarantee's control of 1 in every 5 hours of television, and the monopoly of 11 US markets, like New York City and Chicago.

This one really bothered me, and i don't know if it was like that when i lived there, it probably did, that's why i never heard of bands or music made by groups like The Dead Kennedy's, or Henry Rollins when he was younger, i really would of dug that, but this music was censored out by someone i guess, but check this, 80% of Radio stations in America have matching playlists, that's right, can you freak'in believe it, what crooks, just continuously making money playing their Corporate backed bands, like Simon and Garfunkel, ick, but their song Mrs.Robinson has aired an astounding 6 million times, that's equivalent to the song being played continuously for 32 years!

Jay-Z is one of these Corporate stooges, so's Kanye the Clown, all of whom i can't stand, these nit-wits are so blissfully unaware of what they are contributing to and the damage that they do to the culture as a whole,and their own people,always talking about brutalising and degrading members of the opposite sex, what kind of modelling is this for impressionable youths.These two are caught up in their own fleeting youth, and  limited musical talent.

These evil six Corporations in 2010, were so skillful in their tax manipulation, avoided paying $US875 million in US taxes, which would be enough money if paid, to double the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Budget, or fund NPR,National Public Radio for the next forty years!

So in the end, 232 media executives control the information diet of 300 million Americans, is this what Americans really want!

In 1983, there were fifty media organisations in America, today only six, able to concentrate and control ANY message they want over their self perceived enemies like the OWS crew.

American Corporations ALWAYS need to have an enemy to rail against and focus fear and paranoia through the populos.

It will not work though!

This is one of the main reasons these Corporations are attempting to control the Internet, they never will, for obvious reasons to those in the know!

A big shout out to you all 0(;-}/>

Stay cool,

                                Res Ipsa Loquitor

Posted by James DeWeaver on 6/15/12 | tags: CBS time warner Viacom disney news corporation General Electric

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