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20140309204741-2schuff-wachet_auf_loris_dream_copy Lights out for LIGHT BREAKS  
Kamila Najbrtova, Michele Schuff, Silvia Sinha at November 16-17, 2013 Atelier Davidseck, Davidbodenstrasse 25, Basel Switzerland November 16th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 7/4/14

The lights went out for LIGHT BREAKS on Sunday night at Project Art Lounge’s first international exhibition. But as Silvia Sinha, Michele Schuff and Kamila Najbrtová return to work in their studios at home, the positive feedback in Basel continues to pour in. With visitors likening their works to James Turrell and Dan Flavin, these three artists clearly set Atelier Davidseck aglow with their own interpretations of light filled spaces. In two days, nearly 100 visitors engaged the artists in an intense dialogue, e... [more]

Paris Photo Fair (15-18 Nov. 2012)  
11/4/12 Posted 11/4/12

(Excerpt from 'Paris Photo Platform' posted on Paris Photo . Found on 16th edition of Paris Photo at the Grand Palais — the best of 19th century, modern and contemporary photography in the heart of Paris. 15 - 18 NOV. 2012 This unique panorama comes again with an ambitious programming with the exhibitions "Recent Acquisitions", "Private Collection" and "Open Book" as well as official partners' exhibitions & associated events. The Fair is also punctuated by book s... [more]

20120410121218-17--4812 Unconvincing Conceptual Approach  
Guido Albi Marini at Maison Européenne de la Photographie April 4th, 2012 - June 17th, 2012
Posted 4/29/12

The photos aren't a disaster like some of the other work that shows up in this museum but I must say the artist's statement is totally incoherent and seems to have little to do with the work being show.  I would say that the work looks a bit weak with the low resolution digital images but in spite of that there is a certain aesthetic interest in the work.  Only it seems the artist is actually pushing more for a conceptual statement--which is so confused in relation to the text that I really don't kn... [more]

20120401021108-11--33112 One of the best Photo shows in Paris this year!  
Paolo Pellegrin at Maison Européenne de la Photographie April 4th, 2012 - June 17th, 2012
Posted 4/29/12

What a relief after so many disappointments at the MEP to see a show of such a strong artist.  Pellegrin is the real thing.  If you're in Paris before June 17, be sure to make a point to visit the MEP in the Marais.  A thorough investigation of this Magnum photographer who continues to win journalism prizes left and right--and all merited.  Whether he works with film or switches to digital, the work is equally strong in his mastery of the graphic and compositional elements as well as his wonderful se... [more]

Mathieu Pernot: On Our Paris Watchlist  
10/28/11 Posted 10/28/11

(Image: Mathieu Pernot, The Jungle, 2009 / 2010, colour photograph, 130 x 180cm; © Mathieu Pernot) Mathieu Pernot (b. 1970, Fréjus,France) The Jungle is the name given to a forest in Calais, which has become a home for migrants hoping to make the clandestine crossing to England. I photographed the natural landscape and the stigmata left by the migrant's occupation of it, a landscape marked by history. The sleeping bags, clothes and temporary shelters were gradually overgrown with vegetati... [more]

Watchlist: Valérie Belin  
9/23/11 Posted 9/23/11

(Image: © Valérie Belin) Valérie Belin (b. 1964, Boulogne-Billancourt, France) French photographer Valerie Belin has photographed body builders, potato-chip bags and car wrecks. In her latest series Black Eyed Susan, she turns her lens on a dreamy montage of women who embody the ideal post-war female, interlaid with sharp images of flowers. To get the interlay of female and flower right, Belin first cast models who could pull off a particular look–a plastic beauty coupled with Grace Kelly glamo... [more]

Jean-Marc Bustamente: On Our Paris Watchlist  
7/29/11 Posted 7/29/11

(Image: Jean-Marc Bustamente, Landau, 2010, Ink on Plexiglass, 150 x 150 cm; © Timothy Taylor Gallery) Jean-Marc Bustamente (b. 1952, Toulouse, France) Jean-Marc Bustamante is one of France’s senior artists and a major figure in the international art world. He has exhibited in major institutions all over the world, and presented work in numerous biennials and festivals, including representing France in the Venice Biennale in 2003. His clear, direct vision manifests itself in an almost bewilde... [more]

20110714074906-john_conley_imminence_bd IMMINENCE / John Conley  
JOHN CONLEY at Speos Galerie May 18th, 2011 - May 23rd, 2011
Posted 7/14/11

These images, created within the more-or-less defined constraints of fashion photography, posses a latent energy which evokes potential, imminence, a sense that something is about to happen. Hope, anticipation, impatience or dread … No human experience contains more kinetic promise than the moment of stillness which preceeds transformation. These instants, and the expressions which accompany them, are more interesting and beautiful to me than any physical attribute could ever aspire to be. Still ph... [more]

François-Xavier Courrèges: On Our Paris Watchlist  
6/4/11 Posted 6/4/11

(Image: François-Xavier Courrèges, LE SENTIMENT D'AVENTURE, 2011, HD Video, Duration 41 Min. Music By That Summer; © François-Xavier Courrèges) François-Xavier Courrèges (b. 1974, Paris, France) It’s the simplicity of the means used by François-Xavier Courrèges that is strongly characteristic of his work. Videos, photographs, drawings find an accuracy in almost nothing. By evoking feelings (without any pathos but levity), time that passes, brittleness, degradation, disappearance of the livin... [more]

Valérie Belin: On Our Paris Watchlist  
5/27/11 Posted 5/27/11

(Image: Valérie Belin, Black Eyed Susan, 2010; © Valérie Belin) Valérie Belin (b. 1964, Boulogne-Billancourt, France) French photographer Valerie Belin has photographed body builders, potato-chip bags and car wrecks. In her latest series Black Eyed Susan, she turns her lens on a dreamy montage of women who embody the ideal post-war female, interlaid with sharp images of flowers. To get the interlay of female and flower right, Belin first cast models who could pull off a particular look–a pla... [more]

Tania Mouraud: On Our Paris Watchlist  
3/26/11 Posted 3/26/11

(Image: Tania Mouraud, A permanent installation at the BPI Centre Pompidou; © Philadelphia Art Alliance blog) Tania Mouraud (b. 1942, Paris, France) Tania Mouraud is a leader in contemporary French Art. The autodidact began as a painter in the early 60s, commenting on the elusive nature of language through color and abstract shapes; since then her work has expanded into many mediums including printmaking, sound installations and photography. Her work consistently challenges viewers with... [more]

Bettina Rheims: On Our Paris Watchlist  
3/15/11 Posted 3/15/11

(Image: Bettina Rheims, Daria Werbowy; © Bettina Rheims) Bettina Rheims (b. Paris, France) It all began in 1978, when Bettina Rheims met and began photographing strippers. The resulting series, her first, was soon being seen in exhibitions. It marked the beginning of a long career. Bettina Rheims now devoted herself wholly to photography, inspired by her passion for art and female portraiture.She has since become one of France’s most internationally acclaimed contemporary practitioners.... [more]

Giuseppe Penone: On Our Paris Watchlist  
1/12/11 Posted 1/12/11

(Image:Giuseppe Penone, Trappole di Luce (Light traps), 1995, plasticized photograph, cast glass, 30 x 50 x 70 cm;© Frith Street Gallery) The central theme of Giuseppe Penone’s work is an exploration of the relationship between man and nature. Born in 1947, he grew up in Garessio, a rural community south of Turin, and his empathy with nature stems from this experience. For Penone, nature represents the great memory, the ever-present model of the processes of change and growth that shape... [more]

One of a kind art 'stock exchange'  
1/6/11 Posted 1/6/11

(Excerpt from 'Paris entrepreneur to launch art 'stock exchange'' posted by Angelique Chrisafis on, Dec.2010. Found on Pierre Naquin's firm will offer investors shares in major modern art works in a move that has horrified some critics. Culture-lovers who cannot afford to hang a modern master on their wall will soon be able to buy shares in art works as the first art stock exchange prepa... [more]

Koonsheart Contemporary art Paris : The culture rock  
Jeff Koons at Chateau de Versailles September 10th, 2008 - January 4th, 2009
Posted 10/8/08

Nutella rock by jaspert Rock art Paris Balloon dog after Jeff Koons by jaspert Art Paris  Medusa after Caravaggio by jaspert Contemporary art rock Paris CHANEL history COPY famous mondrian sand SYMBOL dior magritte crocodile pompeii installation dali HERMES stella drummer irritating roman 2011 wood granite richter van gogh hirst COBBLESTONE EYE environment VUITTON advert danger cat jasper johns sun king utrillo toy painting christo nude find shell CARTIER PARIS lewitt rock-art demouy basquiat famous flag picasso mona lisa absinthe jaws concept... [more]

Flying down to Earth: 18 SEP - 19 DEC  
9/14/10 Posted 9/14/10

(Excerpt from 'Flying down to Earth / S’envoler les pieds sur terre' posted on Frac Lorraine website. Found on Curated by Guerrero - Project winner of the Marco / Frac Lorraine award for young curators 2009. « Featuring a broad range of international artists and film directors, the exhibition investigates the complex connections between societies and religiosity in relation to institutions, politics, popular culture and collectiv... [more]

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