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20130404163553-p1080544 Watchlist Artist: Marie Denis  
Marie Denis at Galerie Alberta Pane 4/4/13 Posted 4/4/13

For "Lucy", her third solo show at Alberta Pane Gallery, Marie Denis has chosen to present new large format sculptures. But who is Lucy? Our ancestor, of course, that Australopithecus afarensis, the first woman, the first lady... On this occasion the gallery will turn into a place of birth, of origins, of a beginning. It is also a metaphor for an impossible acquaintance, for the difficulty - impossibility even? - to transfer any knowledge of reality. A reality transformed into knowledge, on whi... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Labor Robert  
4/24/12 Posted 4/24/12

Labor Robert, Composition digital média photo on plexi, 2012,  Digital Photo, 60 X 45 X 2 Centimeters; © Labor Robert Labor Robert (b. 1937, St Denis Reunion Island, France) Forty years of creativity, thoughts about art, through paintings and sculptures, teacher of visual art, Labor Robert qualified from Claude Bernard in Paris. He began painting at 17 years old .  Born on13th May,  1937, in St. Denis, on the Reunion island, he came to France in1959 and after studying mathematics, he fell in... [more]

Franck Scurti: On Our Paris Watchlist  
3/8/12 Posted 3/8/12

(Image: Franck Scurti, Pharmacie & Tomato Crash, 2011, Cannette écrasée et rouillée, verre feuilleté coloré, 20x20cm; © © ADAGP, courtesy the artist & galerie Michel Rein, Paris) Franck Scurti (b. 1965, Lyon) Franck Scurti entered the contemporary art scene in the early 1990s. He quickly gained a reputation as one of the most prolific artists of his generation. His diverse works, which seem to lack a unified style, represent a constantly new confrontation with our time and its problems: geopol... [more]

Matthieu Laurette: On Our Paris Watchlist  
1/14/12 Posted 1/14/12

(Image: Matthieu Laurette, Opportunities: Lets Make Lots of Money, 2005-present, DIY instruction piece and signed certificate, 21 x 29.7 cm / 8.27 x 11.69 inches (certificate) and Variable dimensions, ed. 3 + II A.P.; © Gaudel de Stampa) Matthieu Laurette (b. 1970, Villeneuve St Georges, France) Matthieu Laurette uses various strategies to explore the relationships between conceptual art, Pop art, Institutional Critique, economics and contemporary society. His best known works are Apparitions (19... [more]

Bettina Samson: On Our Paris Watchlist  
12/6/11 Posted 12/6/11

(Image: Bettina Samson, Levitation, 2011, Bakelite, photographic print, inox, aluminium; © Nettie Horn) Bettina Samson (b. 1978, Paris) The presence of enigmatic elements and occult phenomenons are recurring characteristics in Samson's work and the artist unrestrainedly investigates cosmological themes through fields of a scientific and religious nature. The unorthodox spinning-top entitled Levitation incarnates this communion between diverse entities and dimensions. Using the cone of a plan... [more]

Carole Benzaken: On Our Paris Watchlist  
11/24/11 Posted 11/24/11

(Image: Carole Benzaken, Zem 2, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 300 cm; © Carole Benzaken) Carole Benzaken (b. 1964, Grenoble, France) Carole Benzaken’s work draws both on a set of images from the press and the media and from personal films and photographs. Working from within the depths of painting as well as on the surface of the digital medium, the artist succeeds in staging a multitude of scenes which work simultaneously from within and without, digging into depths and scratching the surface, scannin... [more]

Group Show: Until It Makes Sense (15th Oct. - 11th Dec. 2011)  
10/13/11 Posted 10/13/11

(Excerpt from 'Until It Makes Sense' posted on Kadist. Found on A group show curated by Jean-Marc PREVOST. The exhibition gathers an ensemble of works from the Kadist collection which remain open to suspensions and to shifts in meaning. Each of them reports abstract or physical transformations bound to a temporal process. These artists rethink aesthetic questions, while extended their field to non-artistic methodologies, and define their practice in a social, political and philosophical context.   ... [more]

Guillaume Leblon: On Our Paris Watchlist  
9/30/11 Posted 9/30/11

(Image: Guillaume Leblon,view from the show "Facing the dry dirt" at the Poorfarm experiment foundation; © Guillaume Leblon) Guillaume Leblon (b.1971, Lille, France) Guillaume Leblon makes installations, objects, photographs or films that transform the function and perception of space. Through simple interventions, he establishes an emotional relation with interior spaces and the domestic environment, creating feelings of uneasiness and imperceptible tension in the viewer. Reflections around dua... [more]

Watchlist: Valérie Belin  
9/23/11 Posted 9/23/11

(Image: © Valérie Belin) Valérie Belin (b. 1964, Boulogne-Billancourt, France) French photographer Valerie Belin has photographed body builders, potato-chip bags and car wrecks. In her latest series Black Eyed Susan, she turns her lens on a dreamy montage of women who embody the ideal post-war female, interlaid with sharp images of flowers. To get the interlay of female and flower right, Belin first cast models who could pull off a particular look–a plastic beauty coupled with Grace Kelly glamo... [more]

Jean-Marc Bustamente: On Our Paris Watchlist  
7/29/11 Posted 7/29/11

(Image: Jean-Marc Bustamente, Landau, 2010, Ink on Plexiglass, 150 x 150 cm; © Timothy Taylor Gallery) Jean-Marc Bustamente (b. 1952, Toulouse, France) Jean-Marc Bustamante is one of France’s senior artists and a major figure in the international art world. He has exhibited in major institutions all over the world, and presented work in numerous biennials and festivals, including representing France in the Venice Biennale in 2003. His clear, direct vision manifests itself in an almost bewilderi... [more]

Didier Courbot: On Our Paris Watchlist  
4/25/11 Posted 4/25/11

(Image: Didier Courbot, Composer dans le but de rendre quelqu'un heureux, 2011,  Fleurs offertes aux visiteurs, dimensions variables;  © Didier Courbot / Maison populaire de Montreuil) Didier Courbot (b. 1967, Hazebrouck, France) Working with a range of media – sculpture, video, photography – Courbot documents the urban environment with an extraordinary sensitivity. His recreations of specific elements and his subtle interventions draw attention to the forgotten and discarded. Didier Co... [more]

Tania Mouraud: On Our Paris Watchlist  
3/26/11 Posted 3/26/11

(Image: Tania Mouraud, A permanent installation at the BPI Centre Pompidou; © Philadelphia Art Alliance blog) Tania Mouraud (b. 1942, Paris, France) Tania Mouraud is a leader in contemporary French Art. The autodidact began as a painter in the early 60s, commenting on the elusive nature of language through color and abstract shapes; since then her work has expanded into many mediums including printmaking, sound installations and photography. Her work consistently challenges viewers with a c... [more]

20110204013749-008__2 Galerie Métanoïa  
Hajime Goto, Masayuki Kai, Takao Kawabe, Yachiyo Sako at Galerie Métanöia February 11th, 2011 - February 26th, 2011
Posted 2/13/11

Japan Works Exposition des 5 artistes Japonais Goto Hajime, Kawabe Takao, Kai Masayuki, Michiko Horie, Yachiyo Sako Le 10 au 26 Février 2011 Le vernissage Le vendredi 11 Février à partir de 18h-21h Galerie Métanoïa 56 rue Quincampoix 75004 Paris [more]

Giuseppe Penone: On Our Paris Watchlist  
1/12/11 Posted 1/12/11

(Image:Giuseppe Penone, Trappole di Luce (Light traps), 1995, plasticized photograph, cast glass, 30 x 50 x 70 cm;© Frith Street Gallery) The central theme of Giuseppe Penone’s work is an exploration of the relationship between man and nature. Born in 1947, he grew up in Garessio, a rural community south of Turin, and his empathy with nature stems from this experience. For Penone, nature represents the great memory, the ever-present model of the processes of change and growth that shape... [more]

Exhibition by Takashi Murakami in the Château de Versailles (14 sep-12 dec)  
9/17/10 Posted 9/17/10

(Excerpt from 'Murakami Versailles' posted on Château de Versailles website. Found on Loose yourself in Takashi Murakami's wonderland. “For a Japanese like me, the Château de Versailles is one of the greatest symbols of Western history. It is the emblem of an ambition for elegance, sophistication and art that most of us can only dream of. Of course, we are aware that the spark that set fire to the powder... [more]

More on Edward's Early Creations  
5/30/10 Posted 5/30/10

(Excerpt from 'Sean Edwards' by Coline Milliard posted on ICA website. Found on How Snooker and the daily edition of "The Sun" influence the artist's practice. Often using remnants of previous activities as base material – found or borrowed objects, bits of other works or studio knickknacks – Sean Edwards (born Cardiff, 1980, lives in Abergavenny) investigates the sculptural potential of the everyday. For his recent solo show at Moot,... [more]

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