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20131012205606-seanpaul2 Everything in Its Absence   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Sean Paul at Campoli Presti-Paris October 5th, 2013 - October 19th, 2013
Posted 10/11/13

Though it has proved its mettle in disposable boat construction and DIY prom couture, the most interesting functions of tape are metaphysical. Gangly schoolchildren and polished movie actresses alike take their positions in front of a camera according to bold silver or yellow strips laid out on the floor. Toes on the line, please. Chin up. Now don’t move from that spot. Art Directors and household decorators with low-levels of anal retentiveness plan out their above-sofa picture compositions wi... [more]

20130924133004-es_678 Performance in Sculpture   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Erik Samakh at Musée Rodin May 18th, 2013 - September 29th, 2013
Posted 9/24/13

As part of its contemporary art programme this year, Musée Rodin invited Erik Samakh to hold a solo exhibition in the museum garden. Describing himself as a “hunter-gatherer” of images and sounds, Samakh always aims to create a unique experience for the audience; for this show, the artist has created a sound installation in the rose gardens surrounding The Thinker and The Three Shades, and an installation of ten natural stone blocks placed throughout the rest of the garden. T... [more]

20130923210812-workin_in_progress_second_stairwell___nibor_reiluos ArtSlant STREET: In the Entrails of the Secret Palais   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Dem189, LEK, Sowat at Palais de Tokyo July 12th, 2012 - January 1st
Posted 9/23/13

If we can blame contemporary art exhibitions for being inaccessible to the general public because of their conceptualism, it is also true that urban art exhibitions often tend to focus on aesthetics only. Indeed, some of them are not much more than a static alignment of canvases whose main purpose is simple retinal seduction. However, spontaneity, with all the ingenuity it implies, remains an essential feature of this art born in the street. So how can the urban artist benefit from this spontaneit... [more]

20130903181920-ev06 Digital Disappointment   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
GRÉGORY CHATONSKY, DuroSport Electronics, Benjamin Gaulon aka Recyclism, Jonathan Puckey (Moniker), Do it yourself book scanner (Daniel Reetz), Julian Oliver et Danja Vasiliev at Jeu de Paume October 23rd, 2012 - March 11th
Posted 9/3/13

I guess the title kind of gives it away? But you know, you've got to have expectations to be disappointed and here's the problem: when you put together the two words 'online' and 'exhibition' you can imagine wandering through this vast and surprising digital world where new and previously unimagined forms of artistic stimulation are assailing your senses from every quarter; or you can see the two antithetical things, an exhibition being that immersive, fully realised, interactive, texturally correlat... [more]

20130813125658-30922_1335823318_382_30922 Proximity to Tourists: 59 Rivoli   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 8/13/13

59 Rivoli- Squart Collective[1]59 Rue de RivoliParisOngoing Number 59 Rivoli was abandoned for fifteen years before it was squatted by a group of artists in 1999. After a couple of years of wrangling and campaigning the building was bought by the municipal government of Paris[2], renovated to make it safe, and passed over to the collective, who had now formalised their existence under the name '59 Rivoli'. I visited it as it seems to be an example of the kind of progressive attitude to suppo... [more]

20130729214836-bertstern_marilynmonroe_pearlmouth No Temple BS   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Bert Stern at La Galerie de l'Instant July 11th, 2013 - September 25th, 2013
Posted 7/23/13

This is a terrible show and I loved it. By any of the criteria by which most of the galleries I normally visit judge themselves it was, what, I don't know what to say, a joke? A disaster? A farce? As appears to be my normal approach I'm going to talk about two things, the gallery first, then I'll get on to the artist… The gallery was a mess! There was Bert Stern's work on the walls, with one or two other random photos thrown in, as well as lots of other pictures from other photographe... [more]

20130709081203-schabahzi_shirana__komposition-46-2012_ A very very big show in a relatively small room   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Lewis Baltz, Uta Barth, Lothar Baumgarten, Walead Beshty, Lucas Blalock, Mark Borthwick, Josh Brand, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Talia Chetrit, Anne Collier, Sarah Conaway, Luc Delahaye, Thomas Demand, Liz Deschenes, Rineke Dijkstra, Saul Fletcher, Lee Friedlander, Amy Granat, John Houck, Barbara Kasten, Annette Kelm, Josh Kolbo, Luisa Lambri, Elad Lassry, Leigh Ledare, Tim Lee, Jochen Lempert, Hanna Liden, Armin Linke, Sharon Lockhart, Jean-Luc Moulène, Catherine Opie, Eileen Quinlain, Alison Rossiter, Melanie Schiff, Collier Schorr, Bruno Serralongue, Shirana Shahbazi, Erin Shirreff, Stephen Shore, Alec Soth, Thomas Struth, Jeff Wall, James Welling, Chris Wiley at Galerie Marian Goodman - Paris June 28th, 2013 - August 2nd, 2013
Posted 7/9/13

I've become increasingly aware of how people find negative reviews so much more entertaining than positive reviews, and so I'm about to let everyone down. This is a really great show, and an unusual one, and interesting for lots of different reasons; but really one main one. It's also worth saying that the title/name of the exhibition really is fitting for the experience of seeing the show. The big main thing to say is it's a curated show, although Jens Hoffmann prefers the tag 'exhibition maker' t... [more]

20130524165008-untitled Elegantly Constructed Oddities   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Benoît Maire at Cortex Athletico - Paris April 6th, 2013 - May 25th, 2013
Posted 5/24/13

Benoît Maire’s diverse oeuvre, which includes film, performance, writing, installation and painting, is characterized by erudite philosophical and art historical references. Focusing on a series of small sculptures, Maire’s first solo exhibition in Paris presents puzzling, seemingly functional objects in sleek Plexiglas vitrines, on rustic wooden surfaces, and through documentary-style photographs. Ambiguously—or perhaps simultaneously—tools, weapons, and quasi-scientific instruments, these works of... [more]

20130502154101-0745 It's in a gallery but you can't have everything   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Joan Jonas at Galerie Yvon Lambert April 27th, 2013 - May 30th, 2013
Posted 5/2/13

Similarity and difference seems to be the theme of the current exhibition at Yvon Lambert. In one room we have Joan Jonas, presenting a video installation Reanimation II, a reworking of a piece originally shown at dOCUMENTA (13), and in the other we have a wall piece by Lawrence Weiner. The similarities are that both artists are very well respected (although Jonas isn't celebrated quite as much as Weiner), both came to prominence in the sixties and have something like a forty-year body of work, b... [more]

20130417103108-image Tumbling Blocks / Stumbling Blocks   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Victor Costales, Julia Rometti at Jousse Enterprise-Saint Claude April 6th, 2013 - May 18th, 2013
Posted 4/17/13

As is my way, I didn't do any research on Julia Rometti and Victor Costales before I went to see the show. I knew that they'd won a prize at the last edition of ARCO Madrid (the illy SustainArt prize) and I knew they were young and pretty successful. That was it. I'm also a fan of Jousse Entreprise as a gallery; they're definitely one of the most interesting smaller galleries in Paris and they represent a few artists of whom I'm a fan (Superflex, Matthew Derbyshire, and Philippe Meste if you wa... [more]

20130321201955-1-installation Huot’s Hodgepodge Devotional Décor   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Benoit Huot at Galerie Eva Hober February 23rd, 2013 - March 23rd, 2013
Posted 3/21/13

For the past twenty years, Benoit Huot has worked in virtual obscurity in Montivernage, a tiny village in France’s eastern Franche-Comté region. The artist’s first exhibition came just this past fall when, at the age of forty-six, a sampling of his sculpture—fifteen whimsically festooned taxidermied animals—was shown in Paris at La Maison Rouge (collector Antoine de Galbert’s foundation.) Soon after this high-profile debut, Huot was picked up by Galerie Eva Hober, where seven new sculptures are curr... [more]

20130228074855-2177-19 Hypnosis   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Julio Le Parc at Palais de Tokyo February 25th, 2013 - May 13th, 2013
Posted 2/28/13

There's part of this job that involves trying to use words to conjure the experience of an artwork or an exhibition for the reader. From the second I entered this show I realised that with the work of Julio le Parc – no chance. There's no way that I can tell you even a fraction of what the experience of being in this show is like. Not least because just finding your way through the first immersive sculpture – a small fully mirrored room full of tightly packed full length hanging mirrors that are sl... [more]

20130213085138-1-a_unique_boutique Ye Olde Tchotchke Shoppe   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Shana Moulton at Galerie Crèvecoeur January 11th, 2013 - March 3rd, 2013
Posted 2/13/13

Shana Moulton’s first Parisian solo show brings a hearty dose of the California-born, NYC-based artist’s signature new agey kitsch aesthetic to the heady gallery scene in Belleville. Known for campy videos and live performances featuring her alter ego Cynthia—a Sky Mall-reading, Antiques Roadshow-watching hypochondriac who sports patterned muumuus, orthopedic sneakers, and an unflattering bobbed wig—Moulton here presents a video relating Cynthia’s latest escapade accompanied by sculptural “artifac... [more]

20130128115249-chloe_tallot A Negative Review   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
CHLOE TALLOT at Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève January 10th, 2013 - February 9th, 2013
Posted 1/28/13

I really like Suzanne Tarasiève's Loft 19 space. Tucked away on a dead-end street behind Belleville it has the feel of a genuinely alternative art space, something different and away from the rest of the galleries. There's nothing like it in Paris. I always look forward to openings there as you get to see some good art and there's normally an interesting crowd and something nice to drink. This wasn't the case yesterday. ‘Forcément on pense au rouge’ by Chloé Tallot is based around a convers... [more]

20130107164241-utagawahiroshige The Art of Dreaming   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Utagawa Hiroshige at Pinacothèque 1 October 3rd, 2012 - March 17th, 2013
Posted 1/6/13

The International Exhibition of 1867 in Paris was the first time Japanese art had been presented to the French public. This instigated a remarkably fruitful relationship between traditional Japanese landscape etching and the nascent Impressionist movement. Philippe Burty, an art critic at the time, coined the term ‘Japonisme’. This exhibition at the Pinacothèque was ambitiously conceived, for two reasons. Firstly, it presents for the first time in France an extensive exhibition of Utagawa Hiroshig... [more]

20121230145132-untitled Paradise is a state of mind   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Olivier Millagou at Espace d’art Le Moulin November 27th, 2012 - January 20th, 2013
Posted 12/30/12

A former olive oil mill in the south of France in December is not exactly where one would expect to pick up good vibes of the Californian surfer variety, but courtesy of Olivier Millagou’s solo exhibition, Le Moulin is currently oozing beachy mellowness. An avid surfer since childhood, Millagou is known for appropriating nostalgic motifs from American surf culture—from palm trees and rip curls, to long boards and station wagons, to bikini-clad babes and the Beach Boys. Working across a variety of media ov... [more]

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