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Extracting a Rainbow of Color from Invasive Plants  
6/8/16 Posted 6/8/16

Hyperallergic by Seph Rodney on June 7, 2016 Every once in a while I see a show that makes me feel good, even hopeful about this overheated, self-aggrandizing, status-obsessed art scene in New York. Chroma Botanica: Ellie Irons & Linda Stillman was such an exhibition for me. It’s charming and inquisitive, imaginative and investigatory. It takes plant life both as an object of scientific investigation, and as an aesthetic jumping-off point. I mean, we have been told that there are two ant... [more]

Roses & Nature by Aase Birkhaug  
4/11/16 Posted 4/11/16

Artist & Painter - Aase Birkhaug Believing that surroundings can influence one` s health and mind, Painter and Physiotherapist Aase Birkhaug has combined her two passions by painting roses for a soothing effect. Having fallen in love with flowers, nature and painting from early age, it was only natural to merge these factors together at some point, and by combining the aesthetic beauty of botany with her skills as a painter. It is documented that colors have an effect on the sensory system, and... [more]

Flowers of innocence  
5/21/15 Posted 5/21/15

FLOWERS OF INNOCENCE Why is it that so important, it is at the same time so trivial? Why to paint flowers, then we condemn ourselves to be called tandeto artists, decorative and superficial "the transformers' reality? Why do not we have another, as a universal symbol of beauty? Why, then, when we look at growing flowers in macro-scale, eg. The whole top of tulips and gardenia, feel the emotion and joy? Why, then, when we grow flowers in a pot, on a piece of cotton wool, experiencing betrayal, a... [more]

Nothing like the real thing  
3/7/15 Posted 3/7/15

At least I can say I am in the stream. As careers go, "they" want you to have consistent showings. This adds credibility to your portfolio. It also insures that the flavor you are selling is something other people have already tried. So I am thankful, gratefull for these opportunities. Though I confess, I always am at a loss at these affairs. Again it is like speed dateing, What are you supposed to say? I should think of a script or just talk about each piece like it is one of my chi... [more]

Digital Ice Cream  
2/7/15 Posted 2/7/15

Sometimes selling art is like selling a new flavor of ice cream. In general people like ice cream and will gravitate to the standards. Vanilla and Chocolate,Chocolate chip these are the basics like the still lifes and landscapes of art. The flavor is sweet and reliably good. It is also easy to discern a good chocolate from a bad, just like a good still life is clearly identifiable verses an unsighlty or poorly excecuted one. As a classically trained Artist, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the... [more]

8/30/14 Posted 8/30/14

[origninally printed for the exhibition The Stench of Rotting Flowers at La Esqina Gallery in Kansas City, MO. April- June 2014] Goddess who delights in the ruin of the rose,
 Prolong the night! Renée Vivien, born Pauline Tarn to English and American parents, was a British poet who wrote exclusively in French. She moved to Paris at age twenty-one, published more than thirty volumes of poetry and prose under various names and died at the age of thirty-two, of a slow suicide by way of alc... [more]

Mapplethorpe: Very Eighties   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Robert Mapplethorpe at Grand Palais March 26th, 2014 - July 13th, 2014
Posted 4/21/14

At a certain point as I was walking around the Mapplethorpe exhibition I thought, “You know something? I really don’t like Robert Mapplethorpe.” This was during the first half of the show where most of the work was in his "nude portraiture" mode. I mean, I can appreciate the formality of it all—the lines and triangles, neat, original compositions, the sculptural references. But there’s just something in the gelatin-silver-shininess of it; it all seems too slick, t... [more]

A lingering beauty: the impeccable marks of Rex Ray   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Rex Ray at Gallery 16 April 4th, 2014 - May 17th, 2014
Posted 4/21/14

I lingered in front of Rex Ray’s Prednisporata (2013). Polychromatic shapes shimmer against a black sky. A firework-like flower bursts above that skyline of plump perfume bottles. Simultaneously hard-edged and fluid, the layers of colorful forms luminesce from the canvas, awaiting adoration, unflinching. I’m mesmerized more by the detail than the subject. Each filigree and wash of color hand-painted, each curving form cut out by hand. I move in very close to notice all the circular shreds of... [more]

9/23/12 Posted 9/23/12

Vincent van Gogh He certainly did didn't he? I've recently rediscovered a book on Van Gogh and have enjoyed revisiting his life and his work. His paintings certainly did reflect his unabated passion. Almost frenzied brush strokes, intense colour and deep impasto as if he was trying to press the paint right into the soul of the viewer.   I'm also passionate about my work as a Professional Artist, I love colour and impasto but frenzy is not for me. When I paint a deep sense of calm takes ove... [more]

9/1/10 Posted 9/1/10

Click the link below to view my art video! [more]

"Florette" Bethany Vanderputten's 2011 Calendar Coming this Fall!  
8/6/10 Posted 8/6/10

August 6, 2010“Florette”Bethany Vanderputten's 2011 Calendar Coming this Fall! SAN FRANCISCO -- New paintings by Canadian artist and illustrator Bethany Vanderputten will be released in her 2011 Calendar "Florette". Featuring sixteen full color floral paintings reproduced at their original size this calendar will be 7"x10" and wire-bound. Every month will feature a new 6"x6" painting accompanied by a short scripture Bethany has chosen to complement each painting. "Florette" will be available this F... [more]

7/10/10 Posted 7/10/10

                                   Right Insticts It is essential we realize that our response to art depends on a great deal of touch memory and that this information comes to us through our eyes. Added to this is the principle of gravity which gives us a sense of balance and cohesion. We are quick to recognize anything that is top- heavy, lop- sided or in any way unbalanced or incoherent. Finally we are governed by rhythm: the regular rhythm of the human- beats, of breathing, of succeeding days and... [more]

Reader's Anthem: An illuminated manuscript for readers.  
6/29/10 Posted 6/29/10

The Phoenix rises from the ashes. Check out the latest offering from the Rayanda Arts studio: "Read all about it!" proclaimers of the word would shout. They're gone now, but we still read. Why? Here's an answer in the colorful tradition of illuminated manuscripts. Reader's Anthem [more]

Charmingwall 6x6 Project in NYC  
4/4/10 Posted 4/4/10

April is my month to exhibit my “Flower Power’” 6 x 6 inch mini-painting at Charmingwall, a unique gallery of simply miniature art.   The art gallery is located at 191 West 4th Street, New York, NY.  All the work is original and six inches square.  Imagine!  Most of the art is for sale and will remain so after the April exhibit on the online gallery.  See http://www.6× “Flower Power” was inspired by my memories of the 1960’s.  I, of course, was a mere infant at the time….. not!  But... [more]

Synchronized Chaos Published My Flower Paintings  
2/26/10 Posted 2/26/10

Synchronized Chaos, a cutural webzine just published a series of my paintings. Below is the list of the work and the links to the images on my web site ( )   1. Red Flowers, Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20", 2010 2. Flowers in Blue Vase, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 18", 20003. Flowers in Blue Vase, II, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 18", 2000 4. Winter Flowers, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 18", 2008 5. Gladioli, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 18", 1996 6. Lotus, Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20", 1997 ... [more]

Eduardo Recife & Kareem Rizk collaboration  
10/26/09 Posted 10/26/09


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