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Noho Gallery - M55 Art (Noho - M55)

Jan, 2015 Life Undressed
Emily Stedman
Jan, 2015 Riddles on the Rocks
Leon Yost
Dec, 2014 Upcycled
Elaine Forrest
Nov, 2014 FLOWERS: a Gossamer’s Glimpse
John Beardman
Nov, 2014 Painters Who Sculpt, Sculptors Who Paint
David Boyajian, Boris Minkovskij, Richard Pitts, Peter Reginato, Robert Schecter
Oct, 2014 Basement Series
Virginia Pierrepont
Sep, 2014 Again Again
Alexis Kuhr
Sep, 2014 Abstract Acrylic Paintings
Zarvin Swerbilov
Aug, 2014 Undressed & Not 3rd invitational members’ show
Aug, 2014 The Nude As Muse
Life Drawing Workshop Participants
Jul, 2014 Forging Forces
M55 Art Gallery
Jul, 2014 Mixing Media
Noho-M55 artists
Jun, 2014 Live Fax Drawings of Bridges
Yosuke Ito
May, 2014 Nature’s Melody
Joyce Silver
Apr, 2014 Falling Blocks
Martine Villandre
Apr, 2014 Kites & Darts
Annette Morriss
Mar, 2014 Thinking Occurrences
Alfred Martinez
Feb, 2014 Painting Plus
Judy Russell
Jan, 2014 Interaction
Daniele M. Marin
Dec, 2013 Artists Choice
Dec, 2013 REVERIE
Nov, 2013 The Spirit of Japan
Genichi Watanabe
Oct, 2013 White Papers: The Philosophy of White
Jeanne Lyons Butler
Oct, 2013 Sittings
Dino Pazzanese
Sep, 2013 Opened Doors
Ines Fagalde
Aug, 2013 Who's Who
A survey exhibition of 38 Noho–M55
Jul, 2013 Story of Sandy
Anowar Hossain
Jun, 2013 Eden Today
Ed Rath
May, 2013 The Pathology of Rust
Malka Inbal
Apr, 2013 Moscow - New York - Barcelona
Ludmila Aristova
Apr, 2013 Birds & Dogs
Irving Barrett
Mar, 2013 Vicissitudes: Dark & Light
Arlene Baker
Feb, 2013 Felted Fields
Erma Martin Yost
Jan, 2013 Paintings & Drawings 2009-2012
Corliss Cavalieri
Dec, 2012 M55 Artists: Moments of Being
John Beardman, Karen Gentile, Anowar Hossain, Yosuke Ito, Deborah Kriger, Alexis Kuhr, Alfred Martinez, Eileen Mislove, Annette Morriss, Virginia Pierrepont, Richard Pitts, Ed Rath, Nicolette Reim, Judy Russell, Joyce Silver, Emily Stedman
Nov, 2012 Magical Landscapes
Dag Hol
Oct, 2012 2012: All New Work
Bruce Laird
Oct, 2012 Still
Joy Saville
Sep, 2012 The Figure
Jessica Fromm
Aug, 2012 Paint + Fiber
Ines Fagalde, Pat Feeney Murrell, Sheila Hecht, Kim Heinlein, Marilyn Henrion, Bruce Laird, Daniele Marin, Dino Pazzanese, Tina Rohrer, Joy Saville, Martine Villandre
Jul, 2012 Japanese Artists 60
Jul, 2012 From Brussels With Passion
Alberte Lemmens
Jun, 2012 Hallelujah
Zarvin Swerbilov
May, 2012 New romantic Landscapes
Jeff Woodger
May, 2012 Split Second Decisions
Sheila Hecht
Apr, 2012 Complexity
Marilyn Henrion
Mar, 2012 Embodied
Pat Feeney Murrell
Feb, 2012 Ten
Jan, 2012 Ground Line
Daniele Marin
Dec, 2011 Be My Guest
Ludmila Aristova, Michele Bonelli, Jeanne Lyons Butler, Larry Dobens, Gary Engle, Ines Fagalde, Jessica Fromm, Sheila Hecht, Kim Heinlein, Edward Henrion, Marilyn Henrion, Malka Inbal, Laurence Jeannest, Daniele Kelly, Rachelle Krieger, Bruce Laird, Marla Lipkin, Patricia Malarcher, Sandra K. Meagher, Tina Rohrer, Joan Schulze, Martine Villandre, Carol Westfall, Joy Whalen, Willy, Erma Martin Yost, Anthea Zito
Nov, 2011 The Best of ASCA, 2011
American Society of Contemporary Artists
Nov, 2011 Labyrinth as Puzzle
Jiwan Joo
Oct, 2011 Awash In Blue and Green
Tina Rohrer
Sep, 2011 From White to Gray- Photographs
Malka Inbal
Aug, 2011 Art Cuestion
Enrique CastaÒer, Antonio Varas de la Rosa, Araceli Fernande, Peter Gatzi, Clara Gracia, Ilse Maria Klar, Isabel Llor, Carlos MarcÛn, Quique Marzal, Consuelo Mencheta, Cati Munar, Carmen Palenzuela
Aug, 2011 6 In The City
Jeanne Lyons Butler, Jenne Lyons Butler, Gary Engle, Kim Heinlein, Ji-Wan Joo, Jiwan Joo, Alison CS Lewis, Allison CS Lewis, Martine Villandre
Jul, 2011 Black Dog
Dino Pazzanese
Jun, 2011 Dawn of a New Age
Schaller Romain
May, 2011 The Sea Calls To Me
Marla Lipkin
Apr, 2011 Altered Spaces
Arlene Baker
Mar, 2011 New Year / New Work
Bruce Laird
Feb, 2011 scale, shape, positioning
stephen cimini
Jan, 2011 Drawing
Jessica Fromm
Dec, 2010 Noho Gallery 6th Annual Auction
Ludmila Aristova, Augusto Bordelois, Pat Feeney Murrell, Jessica Fromm, Sheila Hecht, Marilyn Henrion, Malka Inbal, Ji-Wan Joo, Anne Kolin, Bruce Laird, Allison CS Lewis, Marla Lipkin, Daniele Marin, Tina Rohrer, Martine Villandre, Erma Martin Yost, Leon Yost
Nov, 2010 Illuminations
Ludmila Aristova
Nov, 2010 Soft City
Marilyn Henrion
Anne Kolin
Sep, 2010 Branded
von Schmidt
Jul, 2010 TWELVE
Ludmila Aristova, Arlene Baker, Augusto Bordelois, Pat Feeney-Murrell, Jessica Fromm, Sheila Hecht, Marilyn Henrion, Malka Inbal, Anne Kolin, Bruce Laird, Tina Rohrer, von Schmidt
Jun, 2010 Cut-Throat Escape
Allison CS Lewis
May, 2010 Blue Studio
Stephanie Rauschenbusch
Apr, 2010 Wild Life
Irving Barrett
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Short-cuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Short-cuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Short-cuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Short-cuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Short-cuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Short-cuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Short-cuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Shortcuts
Sheila Hecht
Mar, 2010 Primary Spirit, No Shortcuts
Sheila Hecht
Oct, 2009 Pastels and Photographs
Nancy Staub Laughlin
Jul, 2009 4 VISIONS
Ludmilla Aristova, stephen cimini, Malka Inbal, Marla Lipkin
Feb, 2009 Out West and Outback
Leon Yost
Jan, 2009 BAMIYAN-From Silk to Lava
von Schmidt
Dec, 2008 Winter Benefit Auction
Noho Artists
Oct, 2008 Karateka
Siena Porta
Sep, 2008 NOISE
Marilyn Henrion
Sep, 2008 Interpreting Space
Arlene Baker
Jun, 2007 After Pieter Claesz’s Still Life with Turtle
Stephanie Rauschnbush
Apr, 2007 body: heaven, hell, humanity
Pat Feeney Murrell
Apr, 2007 From Andalucia to Auvillar: New Paintings
Lynne Friedman
Mar, 2007 Confounding Expectations
Jessica Fromm
Feb, 2007 Color Squared
Tina Rohrer
Jan, 2007 Pastels and Photographs
Nancy Staub Laughlin

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