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Jill Newhouse Gallery and Aralia Press
invite you to t he launch of


The Living and the Dead


Poetry by Mario Luzi\n

Translated by Dana Gioia
Illustrations by Fulvio Testa

\n< p>Mr. Gioia and Mr. Testa will be on hand to sign copies of the book.


An exhibition of Master Drawings will be on view.

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Moussa Kone


Moussa Kone will discuss his project Places to Recall\, which expands on his interest in the stage as much as drawing and exhibitions. Kone will speak about this series of drawings and objects that deal with the relationship between art and its audience.\n

Karen Elaine Spencer


Karen Elaine Spencer will share how her current project hey! mike engenders productive failure within the context of the artist being guest in a country not her own. She will explo re how the artist residency "performs" the artist\, how failure opens into art\, and how words betray the speaker.

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