FEMALENERGY 3 is the third grouping of female artists at Woo dward Gallery in almost two decades\, harnessing the spiritual energy\, int uition and prominent creative insight specific only to women in the arts. E ach work carries a special feminine message from the artist to her viewer.< /p>\n

Femalenergy sets aside stereotypes and celebrates the nature of wom en through form\, color\, and temperament. The exhibition emotes a cultural \, unified power specific to the gender.


This group of artists come from all over the country at different stages in their careers. Each produ ces exceptional art in a variety of mediums. The featured artists are: Susa n Breen\, Deborah Claxton\, Vicki DaSilva\, Natalie Edgar\, Sabina Forbes I I\, Phyllis Gay Palmer\, Sybil Gibson\, Sonne Hernandez\, Elisa Jensen\, Lu isa Mesa\, Edie Nadelhaft\,Klari Reis\, Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk\, Cristina V ergano\, and Lucy Wilner.

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