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Karen Weiser

Karen Weiser is a mother\, poet\, and doctoral candidate at the CUNY Gr aduate Center\, studying early American literature. Her publications includ e To Light Out (Ugly Duckling Presse\, 2011)\, her first full-length collection\, as well as the following chapbooks: Dear Pierre (Well Greased Press\, 2012)\; Pitching Woo (Cy Press\, 2006)\; and Plac efullness (Ugly Duckling Presse\, 2004). Poems by Weiser have appeared in the Poetry Project Newsletter\, the Chicago Review\, the Brook lyn Rail\, as well as several anthologies. She is also the recipient of a Fund for Poetry award and the Mellon Fellowship through the Center for t he Humanities. She lives in New York City and teaches English courses at Qu eens College.
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