One of the founders of Conceptual art\, Joseph Kosuth is bes t known for his pioneering text-based works. Like a number of Conceptual ar tists\, Kosuth has written many theoretical treatises on art. His seminal 1 969 essay “Art after Philosophy” is a primer to understanding Conceptualism and sets forth its core premise: that art as an idea is more important tha n its physical reality.

Over nearly four decades Kosuth has expl ored the relationships of art\, language\, and philosophy\, using a wide ra nge of media. 'À Propos (Réflecteur de Réflecteur) #58' was origin ally one component in a monumental\, labyrinthine installation consisting o f eighty-six quotations from dozens of philosophers\, fabricated in vinyl l etters on glass\, backlit in neon. The quotations\, affixed to the walls in vertical and horizontal patterns\, do not add up to a single worldview but rather form a multiplicity of intellectual voices played out in an intrica te intellectual game. The phrase in this piece is taken from the social ant hropologist Claude Levi-Strauss and refers back to Karl Marx and Sigmund Fr eud. 'À Propos' thus evokes the way philosophy is built on argumen ts by and with earlier thinkers.

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