Showcasing objects that adhere to the traditional view of de sign as a tool for problem-solving\, Born out of Necessity offers cl ose examination of the problems themselves—whether urgent\, foreseen\, or i magined. From objects that respond to pressing needs in developing countrie s to new solutions that are tailored to the urban environment\, the exhibit ion examines how design intervenes across a range of experiences\, includin g medical emergencies and natural disasters. Other objects demonstrate how products created to address specific challenges for people with disabilitie s can provide solutions that improve everyone’s life. Drawing on the narrat ive power of design\, Born out of Necessity addresses a host of comp lex cultural developments\, such as the need to incorporate environmental r esponsibility in everyday life\, our attempts to marry ancient religious be liefs with contemporary mores\, and the desire to anticipate and prevent te chnological and ecological quagmires.

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